Aug. Sept. Rev.12:1 May 6 May 12,2002 Oct.2005 Feast of Trumpets 2005

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I wish to begin by saying that 1999 was most active in signs and wonders in the heavens. Some dates I wish to point out are the eclipse on Aug.11, 1999, Rosh Hashanah Sept. 12,1999, May 6,2000, May 12,2002, Oct 3,2005 and Oct. 4,2005.

As viewed from Jerusalem on the first feast, the constellation Virgo appeared to be in the birthing position with the new moon ( Lavanah) in the birth canal and the surrounding constellations fulfilled the Sign in Revelation 12:1. The Moon represents the Messiah in Hebrew Astrology. ( Do not confuse this with the Babylonian astrology of fortune telling, they are not at all alike. ) Virgo is poised with her legs in the air, below her head is the Sun "Clothing her ", above her head is The Coma Berniece made up of twelve stars. Due to the precession of the equinoxes this happens every 26,000 years. This fact alone would make this a wonderful sign in heaven.

The Feast of Trumpets this year is also a Sabbath. Had the temple been rebuilt the following sacrifices would have been offered: Morning Sacrifices,Shabbat, New Moon sacrifices, Feast of Trumpets festival sacrifices, Evening Sacrifice. On this day, and this day only is it possible to offer all these sacrifices!It is interesting to note that this is the only feast that no one knows the hour or the day in which it begins. this is due to the fact it begins on the new moon.The new moon is sanctified when two witnesses see the new moon and attest to it before the Sanhedrin in the Temple. since no one knew when the witnesses would come, no one knew when the feast of Trumpets would start.

I first thought that Revelation Chapter 12 was a continuous vision. I am no longer convinced of that. When I first saw the constellation on my " Sky Globe " software, something spoke to my spirit. But, I could not see the fulfillment past verse two. Then I realized that John was shown Two separate visions about the same constellation, Virgo and the New Moon . What is not apparent is the time span between events. I read somewhere that God often uses "pairs" in His universe. Only because we live in this place in history can we discern these events and wonder in awe at the amazing coincidences and what we as humanity are about to experience.

The second date, May,6, is also on a Sabbath, has a new Moon,and in addition there appears in the heavens the Bethlehem Star Alignment ( Jupiter and Saturn ) and the great alignment of the five major planets, Sun and Moon forming the Menorah as the seven lamp stand that stands before the Throne of God. This is also the Hebrew date of Iyar 2.This is the date that the first and second Temple construction started. If my thoughts on this being the day of official announcement of the building of the Third Temple after the crustal shift destroys the dome of the Rock. The Jews would and rightly should see this as a sign from God to begin construction.

On august 11, 1999 there was the last total eclipse of the Sun. The time span between this and the May 6th alignment is approximately nine months or the gestation period of a human fetus,culminating in the Man Child ( Lavanah ) In the night sky Virgo is in the Eastern sky and is now in an almost upright position with Hydra the seven headed dragon next to her. Should the planet experience a crustal shift as some propose, the positions of the constellations would change. At that time Virgo and Hydra would appear to be standing upright and approximately one third of the night sky would be below the horizon fulfilling the scripture" and the dragon cast a third part of the stars in heaven to the earth and the dragon "STOOD’ before the woman. The Moon (Lavanah ) is now caught up to the throne of God as part of the Menorah or Candlestand that stands before the Throne of God. For the vision to be true a great earth change must take place. with Jerusalem at its present place on the globe the prophesy can not take place as the seven headed dragon HYDRA is leaning as is VIRGO but, if a crustal shift takes place on that day at sunset Jerusalem would be around the equator .

As I ponder the time frame of the 1260 days that the woman is in the wilderness, it ends around the Feast of Trumpets in 2003. Two years after the first Menorah alignment on May 12,2002 there is another Menorah alignment. This is most unusual since these events randomly occur once every thousand years and randomly at that. Following it is a three and a half year period ending the day before the Feast of Trumpets 2005. Should the wilderness period begin on May 6,2000 and should the Temple be built it seems that May12,2002 will be the date of the setting up of the abomination of desolation. Three and a half years later the Timeline ends with an Eclipse of the sun the day before the Feast of Trumpets 2005. The duel three and a half year periods overlap. I believe that this is fulfillment of Jesus’ words when He said "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light". And, " except those days be shortened there should be no flesh saved, but for the Elects sake those days shall be shortened"( to two years)

May 12,2002 may well be or be near the day that the abomination of desolation is set up. It is Passover. It is a new moon. It is a Sabbath. I will not speculate on the events happening then. When I do I’m usually wrong. but there is no speculation as to the events happening during the timeline. The last two years of tribulation are experienced by all who dwell on the earth. We are here so although we are not subject to His wrath we can expect some collateral damage. God allows the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike. And the angel in Rev.12:12 cried "Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth". We will be here and it will not be easy. Period.

On Tuesday evening, Tishrei 1, 5766 (October 3, 2005), there will be an annular solar eclipse that will be visible from India, Africa, much of Russia, Europe, and all of the Middle East. This eclipse occurs on the eve of Yom Teruah! Yom Teruah is the day that the scriptures indicates that Messiah will come in Great glory, to become King over all the Earth. The greatest eclipse will occur at 10:31 UT. This solar eclipse is eight years, precisely, after Yom Teruah, 5758, and it is the seventh year following the sign in Bethulah, in 5760. Yom Teruah, 5758, is two weeks after the seventh lunar eclipse, some of which were red moons. five of these lunar eclipses fell on Biblical festivals. The seventh lunar eclipse occurred at the midpoint of the Days of Repentance, two weeks before Yom Teruah. At around this time the earthquake of Rev.16:18 would be imminent.

As I studied this timeline from Aug 1999 (solar eclipse) to The feast of Trumpets 2005 I noticed the following:

2 solar eclipses ( one beginning and one ending the timeline)

2 earth shaking events ( one beginning and one ending the timeline)

2 Feasts of Trumpets ( one beginning and one ending the timeline)

2 Menorah and Bethlehem star alignments in the middle of the timeline within a 2 year period

2 overlapping 3 1/2 year periods of time (wilderness and tribulation )

2 prophesies about the constellation Virgo

2 prophesies about the remnant church

All astronomical occurrences occurred on a New Moon

There are 5 New Moons and 3 are Red Moons ( an astronomical event caused by the amount of the earth’s shadow covering the Moon making it reddish in color).


Lets say that May brings the great earthquake ( crustal shift ? ). If you are on the night side the stars would appear to be cast to earth. If you are on the daytime side of the earth the clouds would appear to roll back like a scroll. And every mountain and island will move from its present place. If this occurs, The wonderful sign of Revelation 12: 3 will be fulfilled. About all that would be left of our country above water would be the wilderness areas of our mountain ranges. Perhaps the reference to the "wings of a great eagle" refers to the USA and perhaps we will ride out this time in isolated safety from the rest of the world. I certainly hope so. To any one who has an ear to listen I suggest the following; Take a week off from May 3rd to May 9th somewhere high in the mountains. Take your Y2K supplies with you. If nothing happens you just had a quiet spring vacation communing with God and you will return home. If it does occur then you will have protected your families as well. When you consider the events laid out in the timeline I can see how God used Y2K to get us prepared for disaster. I probably wouldn’t believe this scenario myself but I prepared for the other and if this occurs praise God that I listened to His little diversion to move his people.I can’t answer all the questions about the remainder of Revelation. I feel that God only reveals what is pertinent. Believers in the Middle East will be able to unlock the rest because it pertains to them.