A work in progress

by Yeshe Dorje

© Copyright, Yeshe Dorje, March 17, 2003


a conch shell ... more than a billion kilometers wide

Tony Peru is in love. He uses love, new wave neurobiology and the words of Buddhist teachers to transcend a strange mis en scene of small prisons and beautiful black and white French art films that is his reality. Tony Peru yearns to show us his visions. I guess this is what compels him to follow his dreams, believing he’s a revolutionary, an indescribable energetic joy comes from him like a flame… he’s an excited idea.

Tony sent me a link with information about ‘a new biological understanding of the human organism’. His links are part of his email campaign to rename the Internet the New York Public Library. All libraries eventually burn. He says the light is full of rumors of an American War on American soil. Tales of perishing persist, the second attack will come in late August 23 – 28. To help me prepare for this impending shear in the fabric, I followed his link into an emerging science which explains that we have five brains, the fifth of which is located in the heart. It occurs to me that a lot of what Tony’s talking about is transcendence, a state of being that ultimately changes our behavior, thinking, and believing so that we become aligned with Truth. People who actually do this definitely appear strange to the rest of us. The story is we are reaching a stage in human evolution and learning to open, communicate and adapt with the pervasive energies of the magnetohydrosphere. Feeling the Sun’s rays, when we open to adaptation rather than resisting or fearing the energy fluctuations, we use the dynamic interaction of our fourth and fifth brains. Each day, the mechanics of spiritual enlightenment are being revealed to millions of human beings with the rising of the exploding Sun. This is what this is all about.

Actually I have no idea what this is about but Tony has a few ideas....


the equations of resistive magnetohydrodynamics


"Tony Peru" <> writes:

The capability to make effort and turn the switch of this transcendence system

The essence of every human being

Our True Buddha Nature

is inherent within each of us

this is the message of Jesus, Buddha,

all the light in the New York Public Library

and the dreams of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

Within the radical nature of all true religious wisdom

is the heart of the revolutionary patriot seeking the truth.

the revolution is embodied by

our gods and angels

and we

nature's possibility

is realizing our ability to achieve transcendence.

This is the message of the Manifesto.

As revolutionaries we must ask:

How is it

that as humans who love peace

we are stuck in a culture of violence and injustice?

How is it that we can recognize the transcendent ideal in the human light of Tara, Mother Mary, Jesus, John, Quan Yin, Buddha, Hafiz, Rumi, Brunellesci, Goya, Frida Khalo, Jean Cocteau, Rosa Luxembourg, Leon Trotsky, Gerhard Richter, HH The Karmapa, Max Ernst, HH the Dalai Lama and all the masters of the Tibetan lineages, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Julia Butterfly Hill, Tich Nat Han, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela Amandla!

yet we persist in the belief that we cannot attain the ultimate awareness? 


We are catching the wave of

the last four years of time

This wave of the highest tide comes with the full moon in May 2003,

The June July chaos

And Martian Regulus portals of August

if we choose to surf, to have fun

and open our hearts

we can transcend our current evolutionary limitations

by eating the unraveling dna braiding codes

The Baby’s on fire

with higher frequency lumens

who love to dance.

She is the Shining One coming into my dream

Amrita Emelline

The elders have taught us

our fourth (and most recently developed) brain

is located in the head

while the fifth is located in the heart.

Opening and adapting

to the connection between the heart and the brain

allows transcendence from one evolutionary plane to the next –

(this is why the Dadaists and Cocteau

all the aorta ists who create truth with mind

seek the ghosts of hidden planes)

we are, quite literally, made to transcend

and we are remembering how to do it now

for a reason.

I have visions of Guides…

Transcendence is our biological imperative, a state we have been moving toward for millennia. The Manifesto comes now as a Guide to the Perplexed and asks, What is to be done?

I can think of nothing…

Tony Peru.

Tony asked me to consider whether the magnetohydrospheric changes resonated with me. He has just sent me some links from mainstream science news items, where the sage men and women observe terrestrial signs that the magnetic polarity of the Earth’s poles is about to flip. The bottom line is current changes in the way molten iron is flowing in the Earth's core could trigger a switch of polarity.

The Manifesto is making a connection between the emerging sciences of body/mind and planet/mind. We are making a connection… knowing the heart is mind.

Magnetic reversals in the Earth’s polarity have happened throughout history. They’re a natural cycle of the relationship between the Sun and our home. The beating of the Earth’s heart is a magnetic flip, one beat in beginningless time, which modern science believes pulses every few thousand years. The thing Tony is pointing to is that we are living in the time of such a shift in the Earth’s magnetic polarity. But do we live in a time of cataclysm as foretold by prophecy?

Or are we always anticipating the end of something because everything always appears to end?

I really have no idea.

"Tony Peru" <> writes:

Kent: we are all connected to the energetic earth

we have built-in hydro-magnetic guidance systems

as the currents of molten iron creating the Earth’s magnetic poles

experience dramatic changes in the way they flow

the blood in our veins is being transformed.

As this "scientific evidence" leads to the poles flipping,

doesn’t it occur to you that something also flips us?

People are flipping out…

this is why there are so many varied ideas

about what is causing the changes we see

I enjoy observing what astro-physicists

call the ‘hydro-magnetic planetosphere’

I call it The Field and I am at play

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors but

The humorless Gods of physical science

any of these researchers I am reading

would likely say that the prevailing

scientific axioms are being overthrown by forces they do not understand

and they are uncertain as to what end

Einstein’s laughing

the manifesto is a fair exchange

between this disintegrating reality

and what all photonic revolutionaries recognize as the Truth



By Dr David Whitehouse
BBC News Online science editor

It is not just the plot for a far-fetched science-fiction disaster movie. Something unexplained really is happening to the Earth's magnetic field.

In recent years, the field has been behaving in ways not previously seen in the admittedly short time it has been monitored. Some researchers think it may presage a geomagnetic reversal when the north and south magnetic poles flip… Scientists admit there are things going on way beneath our feet that they do not understand, and which could have profound consequences for life on the surface.

Towards Siberia

The Earth's magnetic field is caused by motions in the ball of molten iron that lies at the centre of our planet. Electrical currents in the outer part of the core result in the planet-wide magnetic field.

The magnetic field not only shields us from harmful cosmic rays but also funnels charged particles shed by the Sun towards the magnetic poles, where they can produce beautiful auroral displays.

The field is also an invaluable aid to navigation. Even though today we have the pinpoint accuracy of the satellite-based Global Positioning System, many still rely on their compass needle pointing to magnetic north.

But as all who use a compass know, the position of the magnetic pole changes and there is evidence that it is changing at an increasing rate. Working for the Canadian Government-funded Geolab, it is Larry Newitt's job is to track the wandering north magnetic pole.

Every few years he undertakes a seven hour flight from his base in Ottawa to Resolute Bay, the closet inhabited spot to the magnetic pole.


Rock samples have determined the changing position of the magnetic pole over the past 7,000 years... Today the pole is at sea and the expedition can only be done at the end of the winter when the sea is frozen. Placing magnetic sensors on the ice the expedition attempts to surround the magnetic pole and triangulate its correct position. But each time they go back it's moved.

"We're following it across the ice," Larry Newitt told BBC News Online. "It jumps around from day to day and year to year and we have to keep track of it." Measurements of magnetic poles position in 1904 by explorer Roald Amundsen put it in roughly the same place as an earlier though less accurate measurement made in 1831 by the British explorer John Ross. Since then it wandered slowly northward until about 30 years ago when it started behaving differently.

"There was a slow drift northward but it then started to move faster. It is now moving northward, away from Canada to Siberia, at a rate some four times faster than it used to," said Dr Newitt.

Soon, he added, expeditions to the magnetic pole would become more difficult as it moved out of range of the Twin Otter aircraft.

Pole reversal

The reason for the wandering of the magnetic pole is twofold. One cause is from beneath our feet, the other from above our heads. Short-term jitter is caused by the influence of the solar wind on the Earth's magnetic field high in the atmosphere. The steady drift reflects what is going on in the Earth's core.

But something else is happening to the Earth's magnetic field: it is getting weaker.

David Kerridge, of the British Geological Survey, told BBC News Online: "There is strong evidence that the field is decreasing by about 5% per century." Some researchers suggest that it could be the start of a geomagnetic reversal, when the strength of the Earth's magnetic field decreases and then returns a few thousand years later with the north and south magnetic poles reversed. Looking back in the geological record it is clear that on average such events occur about every 250,000 years. However, it has been 750,000 years since the last reversal - so we are certainly overdue.

Magnetic measurements made on the surface suggest that a region of the Earth's core under South Africa is of a different polarity to the rest of the magnetic field in the core. It may grow and initiate a flip, or it may die down. Whatever happens will not happen quickly. It will take thousands of years and there is no evidence that when it has happened in the past it has seriously affected life on Earth.

"Tony Peru" <> writes:

Kent - This is from NASA’s website:

"April 22, 2003: Three years ago, something weird happened to the Sun.

Normally, our star, like Earth itself, has a north and a south magnetic pole. But for nearly a month beginning in March 2000, the Sun's south magnetic pole faded, and a north pole emerged to take its place. The Sun had two north poles. "It sounds impossible, but it's true," says space physicist Pete Riley of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in San Diego. "In fact, it's a fairly normal side-effect of the solar cycle." Every 11 years around solar maximum, the Sun's magnetic field goes haywire as the Sun's underlying magnetic dynamo reorganizes itself. The March 2000 event was simply a part of that upheaval.

"The south pole never really vanished," notes Riley. It migrated north and, for a while, became a band of south magnetic flux smeared around the Sun's equator. By May 2000 the South Pole had returned to its usual spot near the Sun's southern spin axis--but not for long. In 2001 the solar magnetic field completely flipped; the south and north poles swapped positions, which is how they remain now.

Using a supercomputer named Blue Horizon and data from spacecraft (especially NASA's ACE and ESA-NASA's Ulysses) Riley and colleagues are studying how these complex changes can affect our planet. "The Sun's magnetic field permeates the entire solar system," explains Riley. "It interacts with Earth and is the primary driver of space weather."

The vast region of space filled by the Sun's magnetic field is called the heliosphere. All nine planets orbit inside it. But the biggest thing in the heliosphere is not a planet, or even the Sun. It's the current sheet--a sprawling surface where the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field changes from plus (north) to minus (south). "We call it the 'current sheet,'" says Riley, "because an electrical current flows there, about 10-10 amps/m2." The filament of an ordinary light bulb carries sixteen orders of magnitude (1016x) more amps/m2. But what the current sheet lacks in local amperage, it makes up in sheer size. The sheet is 10,000 km thick and extends from the Sun past the orbit of Pluto. "The entire heliosphere is organized around this giant sheet."

Ordinarily, the current sheet circles the Sun's equator like a wavy skirt around a ballerina's waist. But during the double north pole event of March 2000, the current sheet was radically altered: The waviness increased. Irregularities appeared. Its topology "morphed" from a ballerina's skirt to a giant seashell.

Interesting to a solar physicist, perhaps... ...but ordinary people should care about this, too. First because of energetic cosmic rays: The current sheet acts as a barrier to cosmic rays traveling through the heliosphere. Cosmic rays can't cross the sheet; instead they flow along it. The shape of the current sheet therefore determines how many cosmic rays strike Earth.

Space weather is another reason: As Earth orbits the Sun, it dips in and out of the undulating current sheet. On one side the Sun's magnetic field points north (toward the Sun), on the other side it points south (away from the Sun). South-pointing solar magnetic fields tend to cancel Earth's own magnetic field. Solar wind energy can then penetrate the local space around our planet and fuel geomagnetic storms.

Below: These auroras appeared over Alaska's Knik Valley during a strong geomagnetic storm on April 8, 2003. Photo credit and copyright: LeRoy Zimmerman.


"If we could make an accurate daily map of the current sheet, then we could do a better job predicting the onset of these storms."

a conch shell ... more than a billion kilometers wide

There's a problem, though: the current sheet is invisible. "We can't see it through an optical telescope," he says, "which means we have to calculate where it is." Riley and his colleagues have developed a computer program to do that. The input data are measurements of the Sun's surface magnetic field; these are taken daily by telescopes on Earth. The program applies the equations of resistive magnetohydrodynamics to calculate how the electrified solar wind drags that magnetic field through the solar system. A supercomputer--Riley uses the Blue Horizon IBM SP3 at the San Diego Supercomputing Center--is required to execute the code.

The episode of the double north pole provided a key test of their software. "We calculated the shape of the current sheet for a Sun with two north poles," recalls Riley. "The result looked like a conch shell ... more than a billion kilometers wide." But how could he check his results?

NASA's Ulysses spacecraft provided the crucial data. In early 2000, Ulysses was about 600 million km from the Sun--perfect for testing the conch model. As the spacecraft cruised through space at 10 km/s it crossed the current sheet twice, once in March and again in April 2000. Onboard magnetometers recorded the crossings, which were in good agreement with Riley's predictions.

Using only measurements of the Sun's surface magnetic field, his software had successfully predicted magnetic fields in interplanetary space 600 million km away. Impressive.

"It has taken us ten years to develop this capability," says Riley. "We would like to improve it even more by including measurements of the temperature, density and speed of the solar wind--parameters that we merely estimate now. Our ultimate goal is to provide up to 4 days advance warning of geomagnetic storms."

Testing that next-generation software will require more data from Ulysses. The spacecraft follows a high-looping orbit where it can see the Sun's polar regions--something no other spacecraft can do. "This unique trajectory has allowed scientists for the first time to fully explore the heliosphere in three dimensions," says Riley.

A supercomputer on Earth. A spacecraft hundreds of millions of kilometers away. Working together they're getting us ready for the next time the Sun sprouts an extra north pole ... or something stranger yet."  

Or Something Stranger Yet – The Photonic Patriots

Letter to my comrades who doubt:

Thanks for your continued interest in the Manifesto.

In the fall I traveled to London

the visions and ideas

about a Photonic Manifesto came with gothic October rains

in the temples of London,

and this January and February as the comets went by

the words about the Earth the Sun and the dance of the Luminaries

began to pore out of me as I traveled along the spine of North America.

I write pore, and that is perhaps right,

as it seemed the essence of my being

poured out all of my pores

spores of transformation

disembodied voices

I am guided by voices

The large thoughts

have a voice and intention of their own.

who is this thinker?

I am a believer in the new way of life, an ancient way of life, a sustainable form of existence that nurtures loving kindness. I am trying to find right livelihood and become a better person. This is my story. When people ask me what I do lately I have been flummoxed. How to explain the very large conch shell in which we live… But after a drive out into the desert tonight surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation, under a huge clear sky with the sun going down past the towering violet mountains that cradle the desert valley and create this oasis, 

right now I realize I live an interesting life in fascinating times...

I am a current sheet faring Wolfville tidal boy, now desert living in Sonora, having followed my dreams until I discovered this brand new life meeting mystical Tibetan monks and rediscovering my many lifetimes of practicing Buddhism. I believe the Dharma really helps me, but I know it’s not for everyone.

Just as everyone here in these Manifesto pages is a unique spirit, I understand we are all different and the same... every brother becomes my mother in the end

so while we might not agree that Buddhism is for you,

these words I write might help you - this is my intention – for you have been my Mother

so these words do have a connection to the Buddha and his wish to free all beings.

my intention is never to prosletyse, or to convert anyone to a specific kind of belief.

My intention is to honor my teachers and what they have taught me, all the while being a kind of crazy wisdom Buddhist saying some outlandish things that no monk might... 

The words I am sending you may seem meaningless in places; it is all quite disjointed flopping out from the display on light-beams. Hopefully there will be moments when you feel something or you look at these earth changes we’re in a little more acceptingly, finding these ideas of surrender a little more plausible than your impulse to resist, releasing the chains from your wrists.

There is a hermeneutics at work, a way of learning a new language and seeing through our concepts of what we perceive, seeing the signified behind the sign. This is the essence of what the Manifesto contains.

This is why Mahamudra is known as ‘The Great Seal"…

(Mahamudra (Sanskrit: great seal) is a method of direct introduction to the nature of Mind (or Buddha Nature) and the practice of stabilizing the accompanying transcendental realization. It is practiced by the Kagyu, Gelug and Sakya schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and possibly also by derivative Vajrayana orders in China, Russia and Japan. (The Nyingma and Bon traditions and their derivatives practice a corollary but distinct method of direct introduction called Dzogchen or Ati Yoga. The contemporary philosopher Oscar Ichazo has introduced a third method of direct introduction which he calls the Velocity Method.) The term Mahamudra is often explained as referring to the uncontestable validity of the experience. For example, if a document bears the Great Seal of the Emperor, then there is no question as to the authenticity of that document. Similarly, it is said that during the genuine experience of Mahamudra, one has no question that one is directly glimpsing the nature of Mind (Buddha Nature or Tathagatagarbha) and that recalling and stabilizing this experience leads to profound certainty and eventual Enlightenment.)

I have met human beings that have the magic, I have felt the power of their magic. As humans doing we are not everything we can be. We are rediscovering we live in an energetic conch shell ...

more than a billion kilometers wide…

being tossed in a limitless ocean…

Here, all around us there is always something to remind us of what we believe reality is, we see the sign believe the illusions and are confused by lies. Soon, that will not be the case... so I believe we are given guides and maps for the lands in between. The strangest people live multidimensionally and they say the strangest things... the internet is full of it, we are rediscovering a conch shell ... more than a billion kilometers wide… and it is my New York Public Library…

my teacher taught me the truth is beyond conceptual thought,

so I don't think I know any answers to your current questions…

the Manifesto is meant to expound with a revolutionary voice

the subversion of dominant paradigms


the astounding discovery that

the true nature of mind

is a vast celestial conch shell ...

Everywhere I go there is always something to remind us of another place in time, and yet there are unfamiliar futures opening themselves too, the energy of this new awakening is blissful and welcome… everything new is familiar… this shell is my only house and it is built with cosmic rays…

People still ask me every day, what do you do?

All my life I have been answering this question in different ways when only one answer is true,

I live in interesting times…

And I know the Buddha is within me…


The very dry upper atmosphere


Tonight outside Tucson, I drove up through Gates Pass and over the mountain into the sunset desert valley and found my way to Mile Wide Road while listening to ‘Jazz Me’ by Count Basie, some old Django and a playlist of happy jazz music on my computer sitting on the seat beside me. It has been a difficult time, my car stereo was stolen, I have been selling my music cd’s to get food, and it took five months to find a job, even though I keep volunteering for the lowest forms of capitalist exploitation. The miracle is I have found the job of me dreams.

Yesterday, like so many recent yesterdays, there was a most unusual Coronal Mass Ejection. People are seeing the face of Jesus in it, and right now the Sun is setting on my Mother’s birthday. We are feeling the transformation and seeing it more clearly than ever, but for some reason I believe I had to write to you and tell you all about it. And some among you had to tell me how tired you are of hearing me go on and on now about how all the events happening on the planet have something to do with comets or the sun. Some of you are very angry with this. I asked you what rhymes with SARS and you said Mars, and we all went mad. I am always sad when I cannot reach you.

Like the tune La Mer by Django Reinhardt, the sadness of your resistance stands beside me here in the desert and I want to slap your face until we hear Lullaby of Birdland and laugh and call the whole thing off. The agreement I mean. The place and time where you finally read what it is the Truth and Reconciliation Committee say, where you finally have the courage to truly open your heart and not fear anything, anything at all… so that you meet us in the Library of Solar Dreams… I want to call that meeting off because some of you are obviously not going to let it happen!

So we see that I have feelings about you. I feel very strongly about you. Sorry…

It matters not whether we agree upon what we see, when we acknowledge that everything is in flux. Since none of us know the truth about the skies, the sun or the stars, the comets or Mars, it matters more that we acknowledge our disagreement, and in this kinship of incomprehension see the emergence of a new reality. We leave behind all axioms because we see new ones arise from the emptiness:

Following my intuition and the voice of the moon I discovered the reason chemtrails are being made is to stem the tide of cometary water coming into our atmosphere... there is an increasingly high tide of cometary water washing down upon us, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius after all. When large comets go by what happens?

Although most of the cometary water will not be stopped in its rapid downward motion until it reaches the stratosphere, a small amount of water vapor is expected to be left at the high altitudes. The findings of such water vapor, a measurement which is a significant technical achievement, quieted many of the objections which were based upon the "very dry upper atmosphere" theory. A further concern now arises if the upper atmosphere is indeed bathed with a gentle cosmic rain. That concern is the existence of high-altitude ice clouds at about 55 miles… If the these clouds are due to the presence of cometary water vapor and their fluxes were to increase, then these clouds could advance toward lower latitudes. An ice age would ensue.

Studies of how aircraft affect our environment:


Perhaps chemtrails are a form of flood control, this is the dawn of the age of Aquarius after all .

The sun is setting, leaving day to get evening… everyone is dying to get even… and when I speak I see your response as it leaves your mouth in resentment, frustration and anger… its like your reason for being is to get even, and it is floating there between us… bruised blues and spoiled browns.

I am in the middle of the Sonoran desert and it is lushly beautiful. Why does the world have to make sense, why can’t the sum of my parts add up to a mirage that I identify as the world? Come sit upon my nuages… where my brother is asking Mr. Sandman to bring you a dream… with two lips like roses and clover….

I wrote to ask if you had taken a look at the stories about the polar flip, and the current sheet, stories that complete the Manifesto. Scientific evidence of the need for this Manifesto and the transformative energies now warmly breezing your way… and yes in Toronto your business has been affected and you lost $6,000 worth of work because SARS and the WHO has shut a City down and you can’t film your Coke commercial… a nut here in the desert says: don’t you think the transformation of the very fabric of reality is more important?

See how its run, the Empire is shutting the world down… giving us all warnings about three days of food and water and unlimited amounts of duct tape, the Total Information Awareness regime consolidates its grasp of the socio-political pathways, oblivious to their impermanence… the Empire shut Toronto down, you see people become pissed off… yet the revolution will not be televised… we failed to adopt renewable energy… to find our life force renewed in protest…

SARS… Mars is coming the closest it will be to our planet in 70,000 years and it is the God of War, there has always been pestilence portended by comets and you get angry that I should point this out! I do have emotions about this. What planet are you on? Mars makes us angry, it makes things happen…

Mars is action man and its got a supple Tommy Potter bass line from Charlie Parker’s Dial Records version of Night In Tunisia, in fact we could say that the invasion of Mars has a few different versions of bop orchestral ruminations upon this theme, (I always associated imperialism with Africa first)… it is a form of economic warfare… remember irrational exuberance and how it fueled the long summer nights of wine and roses? Well you have irrationally exuberant resistance to the truth of these times my brothers and sisters…

open your hears, Gabriel has blown his horn…

(The horns swell and the audience applauds as Count Basie’s band finishes ‘Night in Tunisia’ in Montreux 1977…. I am out in the middle of the desert trunk writing from the dirt mile wide road sunset thinking of you…)

Don’t you realize that one of the main themes of your life will be how you love… and how you push love away. This is the root of fearing commitment. Because everything around you loves you… ‘it’ does… we do, and them… they all love you… all the others of the world unite and say…

take a look around you, it’s the dawn of the photonic age.

tony peru out…

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote a long time ago:

> this is good, this is more cogent

> or am i simply better stopping the projection of my

> mind onto the page?


> this photon worship sits uncomfortably with me

> the source of life, yes,

> the source of information, yes

> light the primal medium

> its connection to consciousness?


> i don't know the hidden teaching of this time but

> the obvious lesson

> concerns cynicism in its most narcissistic

> expression

> of the ultimate serial killer, the modern Caesar

> whose greatest strength is his ability to convince

> the troops

> that killing is a good thing

> cause they had unlearned that lie, sort of...


> earlier this evening, i was told that enlightenment

> was the soon-to-be-palpable result of my

> self-thrusting upwards of my kundalini

> using a two-handed method and a cellulose image of

> shri mataji

> i was then surrounded by a few people adding to my

> personal energy because i couldn't feel it myself,

> though they said the chakra had indeed been partly

> unblocked

> cause they could feel a cool energy or vibration or

> some blessed phenomenon above my head, even above my

> less sensate hand

> and when i can feel the coolness coming from the

> cellulose image i will know it is working as well as

> ever


> i don't know how lucky it was to meet he Garchen

> Rinpoche;

> i felt nothing extraordinary save the anticipation

> of his energy

> what seems lucky was the perception of an angel in a

> cafe a few weeks back

> and the lesson that letting her slip away unknown

> brought me...


> so veronica leaps in

> what is the meaning of this?

> and if Samsara were all suffering, how would she fit

> into the hair shirt?


> had a raging (cyber) argument with a close friend

> over how to deal with bush,

> which had been brewing for some time


> i simply refuse to believe that suffering is

> inevitable


so i am thankful for my fire

<> wrote re: very dry upper atmosphere


you capture the truth of your own rebirth

i loved to read your words

of you’re being surrounded by other beings

each learning to feel the energy of who they

truly are

it begins in this body

as we get uncomfortable

in our own skin

chakras open and close

you really notice

body changes,

especially in the throat chakra

this is about speaking the truth

and my truth is

the choices I make are causing me stress

and so 'friends' have pointed out that I seem to

make choices that lead to instability and stress

but from inside I feel

incredibly conscious

of choosing to live in right livelihood and be

in right relationship with everyone and everything,

the thing is, if you do this,

really commit to being present in every moment

you begin to live in another realm from most everyone you meet

on the streets of the not naked cities

it’s very hard to keep a straight job

working with people who cannot begin to relate to my energy,

in fact my energy makes others very uncomfortable as I come across like a roman candle

pretty incandescent if you don't mind my saying so

but I do have my faults as well and my karma

so I make mistakes


I am

the first to say

we cannot possibly know the truth

if this is so then we are each quite confused and lost

this is the truth of Samsara

my thoughts

could quite likely be the ravings of a mad man

as those of us without jobs are living near the


rather than in the towers above

we may indeed inherit the earth

we are the madmen of the current sheet’s fringe

dreaming of manifestos

that could quite possibly

change the nature of reality

we rave at the lunacy and the hypocrisy and the

everyday failure to respect brotherhood and our shared


In Tucson this appears as my mind

tossed like a rag doll

for the past

few years

as I tumble in the solar waves and weeds of Arizona

eat the scenery and… well

spit out the lies…

as best I can

the truth is that I do not have an answer or some direct line to the truth,

well that’s not true

I do feel like I have a direct l;ine to the truth

But you can see from the typo that I experience interference

And this does strike fear into the hearts of those who observe me

That I might be on to something… is quite frightening

And all the while so alluring

There is no turning back

Feeling fear, some even see sinister purpose…

Which I find incredible… wow… that others could see evil in a heart

That I know is pure

And why would this gentle soul inspire fear?

What could it be?

Unless it is my desire to free all beings that somehow triggers

an awkward uncomfortable emotion within those I love

You would know something about this

as I have made you uncomfortable once or twice

all friends do

What am certain of s that there s a secret wthn ths lfe

Just as began to type ths the "eye" key has stopped workng

Wow, Had to get a new motherboard :- }

So the secret is in the I, I is the key

That is the hermeneutics of it buddy

It is the choice I make to experience a meaningful world

while learning not to attach to its


There is a secret to be discovered that does set you free

My Teachers have given me methods to use this wisdom

and the hidden treasure is

the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love

and be loved in return




its true nature

I know it as the moment expressing

this interface of

awareness dissolves

another dimension opens and

and there is no there there

as Gertrude Stein said

Perhaps I am writing all of these words just to

trace the stumbling and capture brief shining moments

of surrender when I momentarily regain my balance…

And I think the drivel is true because it is you

you know…

not you…


but the truth is much of us is drivel

the drivel is you

if you look at the daily grind and

the sameness of Samsaric habitual patterns

and discursive thoughts

much of it is drivel

the drivel is you

did you know they measured the average number

of thoughts a person has in a day

and it’s like 80,000 give or take more

and we have had the majority of these thoughts before

I think it’s all of these same thoughts,

all the same thoughts that we have together,

that express culture

the phtonnschauung

that which holds together the collective experience of reality

all the doubters struggle

because we are subverting their reality

with the fervor of our phtonnschauung


I just googled phtonnschauung and found a bony poem by Sigmund Freud

"Civilization and Phtonnschauung"

From 1918 I borrow and alter his remarks somewhat as follows:

By phtonnschauung, then,

I mean a unified solution

To all the problems of our existence

The current sheet is the unified field

Creating true union with the current sheet frequencies

Transcends Samsara


We are the secret evolution of agreed upon reality

we see it as the

product of our senses

for we trust our senses

our collective senses,

no question is left open

as we must all agree upon

how everything is to be arranged

in this world that we share

with its very dry upper atmosphere

but now we know in our hearts

the terms of our agreement shift with the molten core

of our mother earth


we are being rearranged and we will our wills to will and

reach new agreements

the new Phtonnschauung…

the realm of complete agreement

everything which interests us

finds a place.

The things which lack our interest

Will not have a place

we nurture loving kindness…

This protects against many negative interests

It is easy to see that the possession of such a Phtonnschauung

is one of the ideal wishes of mankind.

When one believes in light and loving kindness, one feels secure in life,

one knows what one ought to strive after,

and how one ought to organize one's emotions and interests to the best purpose.

as patriots, we make this agreement to assist each other along this path

for we strive for the same thing


This is the Guide to the Perplexed

as the waves of the sun cascade over the planets and asteroids

the comets and meteors

the dance of the luminaries

all of the beings

gathered in the different realms

all of this could be light within the Buddha's mind

the vision is a vast universe with neural currents

patterns of loving kindness

broadcast from a central sun

evolving the hearts of every star

and if I can choose my reality…

then this is my choice

call me confused and watch me take the plunge

I abandon all fear because fear fails me now,

i have faith and devotion in the Prajnaparamita wisdom

The truth is I have found a way into this new world and it is through opening the heart to

loving kindness - compassion – mindfulness and uniting this energy with my brain, my brain fires with bliss energy every time I feel compassion.

And the Photonic messages

I cannot speak

as they speak

For themselves,

truly the manifesto must express itself

through each of you

And it is Veronica and the voice of what everyone is calling Comet Neat

And as the living large comet passes you see the Sun speak

Why? The large question ark.

Can we all not agree…

As I move forward in every direction…

"the sun also speaks to me"?


This is the central idea of the Guide

And another photonic principle

We move forward in every direction

This is the nature of space within the moment

Another photonic principle is

The manifesto is revealing itself,

As a new world rising with the solar waves

(Thus says the light gliding by the Sun…)

"Thus spake the revolutionaries and Sabeans

Revolutionaries see injustice, injustice is in servitude to the Lie!"

"The light sees the injustice of this world and it exists to purify

Thus the epic floods of purification.

For there is the light that purifies all space

it is this light in which we wander.

This is a premise everyone will come to understand.

This is the dawning light of a new age.

Think of the photonic revolution as evolution faster than the speed of light!"

We do influence the matter all around us just by our presence

This thought is creating a revolution in perception

It is a meme making its way through the collective consciousness

And it travels

on the waves of all thoughts

All thoughts arise

from the same insubstantial nature as the deities

We are this streaming evanescence of energy

billowing out into space

And this is the aura I suppose some experience as we surrender

heal and open up to the energy all around us

we become more of who we can be

All evolution and the course of human history

is the story created by species that adapt and improves

spiraling within a cosmic conch shell

Just as the perception of evolution is adaptation to the environment and conditions

Are we influenced by divine forces and guided by invisible fates determined through the omnipotence of spirit? Or, are we enslaved by the dominant political economic superstructure…

So I see a mighty Moloch bearing the war shield: a fist clenching auroboros!

The bitter fruit of inequity is consumed by the Moloch… and we suffer…

… until we free ourselves! Speak! What choices do we have, my brothers and sisters?










Successful empires must be based on hypocrisy.

And in the news we read an explanation of how the Moloch’s radical obscurantism works. Maureen Dowd de-cloaks the empire… "America is a furtive empire, afraid to raise its flag or linger too long or even call things by their real names. The U.S. is having a hard time figuring out… how to savor the fruits of imperialism without acknowledging its imperialist hubris." "America is the empire that dare not speak its name," Niall Ferguson, the Oxford professor who wrote "Empire," told a crowd at the Council on Foreign Relations here on Monday. He believes that America is so invested in its "creation myth," breaking away from a wicked empire, that Americans will always be self-deceiving — and even self-defeating — imperialists. "The great thing about the American empire is that so many Americans disbelieve in its existence," he said. "Ever since the annexation of Texas and invasion of the Philippines, the U.S. has systematically pursued an imperial policy. "It's simply a suspension of disbelief by Americans. They think they're so different that when they have bases in foreign territories, it's not an empire. When they invade sovereign territory, it's not an empire." "Asked in an interview about Viceroy Jay Garner's promise that U.S. military overlords would "leave fairly rapidly," Mr. Ferguson replied: "I'm hoping he's lying. Successful empires must be based on hypocrisy. The Americans can say they're doing things in the name of freedom, liberty and apple pie. But they must build a civil society and revive the economy before they have elections."

"The war is over?" Carlotta Gall wrote in The New York Times, after two U.S. soldiers were killed by Afghan rebels: "In a very real sense the war here has not ended. . . . Nearly every day, there are killings, explosions, shootings and targeted attacks on foreign aid workers, Afghan officials and American forces, as well as continuing feuding between warlords."

The Battle for Gilgamesh is over, the lizard has feasted and lands upon the waters

licking his lips.

Tony Peru <> wrote:



This is uncanny that you find this link on Goethe’s prescience now

because his is another form of expressing the connection to evanescence...

Goethe is Ganymede…


it also sums up the substance of what is discussed by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee in God is a Dancing Bear and Sic Cocteau Lux...

Goethe is not a passive observer of an external universe, he is a spiritual revolutionary; he knows that there is no 'objective truth'. He requires that we actively engage our senses, and trust that they can reveal the real world, the world we cannot see.

Goethe worked towards opening up new 'organs of perception' which would expand our understandings of the world into a science of relationship, of quality and of wholeness. And we can use this kind of science to ask questions about all forms and functions of life. I suggest that by opening our new organs of perception, we are evolving.

Goethe spent time observing the nature of mind and saw the second whirled. His method of active seeing explored the realm which lies between the solid forms of the living, physical world. He called this 'exact sensorial fantasy'. His life was spent making the transition from seeing physically (exact sense perception), to seeing fluidly (exact sensorial fantasy). In reality, there are no necessary distinctions between these two levels of experience: in wholeness, they are experienced simultaneously. Opening the new organs of perception allows us to experience the boundaries of the outer, physical world, and dissolving those boundaries in order to experience wholeness. This is love, the real beginning of forever…



i just don't get it;

dustballs, meteroites, small comets, sure, who cares?

it seems pretty arcane to me, grist for astronomy buffs

who are these people, anyway?

ice clouds to cause an ice age?

what the fuck kind of logic are they using?

a fall in temperature requires a significant reduction of heat, not a relatively miniscule increase in things which contain less heat;

i don't have any clue what the real ratio would be, but the mass of the atmosphere is outweighed by the mass of the planet's surface, bedrock and core by a factor probably in the quadrillions;

if one percent of the atmosphere were to move around and drop some ice from the sky, so what? it might cause a slight drop in temperature which would last a few days at most, in the few areas where it hit the ground;

the earth's molten core continues to pump out heat at a frantic clip...


and, in any case, how would some frozen clouds- of whatever origin- have to do with et, alf, or wonder woman?

mulder and scully ran out of interesting plot twists a long time ago...


if hyper-tech aliens came here with good intentions, they would not be talking to mossad or the kgb;

if they came with bad intentions, gwb would look like a fly on the windshield, worthy of a single swat

come back down to earth