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Jim Marrs + William Henry

Babylon, Stargates and Saddam Hussein

December 17, 2005



What in the world is this show all about? It's about what happens when you bring one of the world's leading mythologists, William Henry together with Jim Marrs and they discuss why Saddam Hussein was spending billions of dollars to rebuild Babylon. You will never, ever hear anything like this on any other program anywhere. One of the most amazing shows we've ever done. Then Linda Howe tells us about those geysers that have been erupting in Oklahoma. Dreamland at its finest!


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Well today we have with us Jim Marrs and William Henry. I call that a special treat. They're in separate rooms, separated by many miles of geography so they may not be able to actually fist fight in front of us.  But, I’m not so sure they're going to be




WS: ….be disagreeing as they are kind of coming into a wild sort of confluence between

William Henry's expertise as a... I think, perhaps the only professional mythologist around. And Jim Marr's ability to look at the future and what it may mean to us, and kind of overlay that with a little bit of conspiracy. So I'm going just, kind of going to take a backseat here and listen to these two guys as they talk about energy, out future and how it's changing and what that means in terms of the past. Welcome William Henry and Jim Marrs!


WH: Thank you Whitley, very much


JM: Thanks Whitley... Yeah... (garbled)


JM: Uh, let me jump in here if I can, William. I think I can get you right on track. I think, you know, we’ve just passed the mark here where we have now lost 2000 Americans in Iraq. And that is, of course, the ones that they're admitting to. There is considerable controversy, as many people don’t realize, that perhaps some of the casualty figures in Iraq are skewed. And I think there's something to that. For example, if someone is wounded in Iraq and then shipped to Germany to a hospital where they die there, somehow they don't get counted as a casualty in Iraq.

But be that as it may, it should be patently obvious to anyone, right now, that our precipitous invasion and occupation of Iraq obviously had little or nothing to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction. The idea that that was a mistaken belief was laid to rest by the Downing Street Memo.

So then they're saying we're there to get the oil. Well, that can't be right either because all you have to do is look at the doubling of gas prices over the past year and the fact that we're not even getting as much oil out of Iraq now as we were before our invasion.

So we finally kind of get back to, well we’re just trying to bring them freedom & democracy and that wears pretty thin, too, when you look at the neocolonial policies, foreign policies, of the United States . So there seems to be another reason. There seems to be another provocation, some other reason that we had to get into Iraq. And I know that you have studied and thought on that, William, so why don't you lay out your thoughts on why do you think we really had to rush into Iraq?



WH: Well, actually it isn’t necessarily a rush at this time. I started talking about this in 1988 with Art Bell, saying, you know, it's well-known that Saddam Hussein has this belief that he is the reincarnated Biblical King Nebuchadnezzar. And as many prophecy watchers had noted back during the first Gulf War in '91, Saddam had spent over 500 million dollars rebuilding Babylon throughout the 1980's. He did this because he believed that he had to duplicate the feats of Nebuchadnezzar and also, ultimately, to outdo him. And of course, this was something that Christian prophecy watchers were all over because according to certain interpretations of Christian prophecy in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere, in order for the Lord to return, Babylon must be rebuilt. It must be rebuilt because it has to be destroyed in order for the Lord to return.

And so a lot of people were anxious, to say the least, back in the early or late '80's, early 90's, about just exactly who was Saddam Hussein? Why did he believe he was Nebuchadnezzar?

And why was he spending close to, well, what ended up being almost a billion dollars to prove to the Iraqi people that he was indeed the return of this tyrant and dictator from the ancient world?


JM: Well, hey William, pardon me. Correct me if I'm wrong, because my Baptist Bible-school knowledge may be a little flaky at this point. But didn't old King Nebuchadnezzar, didn't he build a gold-based artifact in an effort to reach his God-like ancestors and to gain immortality? And then this artifact was translated down to us in the Bible as a fiery furnace? But obviously it was something else because people would go in it and come out of it?


WH: Well, what happened is, in the Book of Daniel we’re told specifically that Nebuchadnezzar, in Babylon, had constructed… well, it was located on the "Plain of Dura,” a hulking, "Golden Image of the Beast," as it was called. And he had difficulty getting this contraption, whatever it was, to operate. He tried dancing, he tried music, he tried clapping. He had this just enormous piece of hardware but did not, apparently, have the software to make the thing go. But he knew…


JM: That’s why…


WH: He knew that…


JM: …that's why he had to go find those 3 Hebrew Priests, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Right?


WH: That's exactly right. So what he does is he gets awareness that the Israelite Priests, the wise men at the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, had, apparently, the software to make this thing go. So what does he do? He does what any Dictator is going to do. He invades Jerusalem, loots the Temple of Solomon, and returns to Babylon with thousands of captives; among them Daniel, the Prophet Daniel, among them Ezekiel, and among them, 3 wise men you’ve just mentioned.

And they get back to Babylon and things are going okay, I guess, for Nebuchadnezzar because he thinks things are starting to turn his way. But the... these Hebrew wise men, or Jewish wise men, are reas…. are reluctant to participate in Nebuchadnezzar’s endeavor until he makes a wager with them. That if they can enter this fiery furnace that is connected to this "Golden Image of the Beast," apparently, and return successfully, that Nebuchadnezzar will convert to their religion. And so this they do...


JM: ??(garbled word)


WH: And this they do. But the amazing thing about it is that you really can't get a handle on this story unless you've been through the works of, for example, of Zachariah Sitchin who’s done so much to lay out the original Sumerian text. And the belief in the, in these gateways that the Anunaki Gods of ancient Iraq were using to come and go from Earth and the Heavens.

And one of the key components to Sitchin's interpretation of these myths involves the Goddess Mari or Mary. He has a... he makes a fascinating study of the various accoutrements that this Goddess wore.

She put on a helmet called her "Shugarra Helmet,” which means “that makes go far in the Universe.”

She put on her "Palla Garment," also called her Miracle Garment, which made her an extraordinary being, also called a “Nefilim.” And she put on other accoutrements preparatory to entering the "Gate of the Gods." Now that...


JM: Now… now that's especially interesting because isn’t it true that the 3 Priests Shadrach, Meshach; I've always said "Am-big-da-do", but anyway, when they put them in this fiery furnace it states that they just didn't go in, they donned their garments and put on their hats and their capes and their cloaks, which means they put on some kind of protective clothing. You think that’s the same thing as this Mari was wearing?


WH: I'm absolutely convinced and that is… actually, in my opinion, the whole lynchpin, right there, that opened up the entire Iraq Stargate story and is … without it. We have a lot of people, Jim, that go around saying that Saddam had a Stargate and we're over there for the Iraqi Stargate event. And I have people ask me about it all the time and I say, "well explain to me, how that connection is made?"

And they don't have a connection unless they've read my stuff because the connection comes solely from this event in the Book of Daniel and the understanding that when these 3 wise men put on their coat, their hat and the other garments, as recorded in the Book of Daniel, they are putting on the garments of this former Goddess because what they're going to do is enter a "Gate of the Gods." What, today, we could call a "Stargate" or a "Wormhole," a connecting link that joins point A on Earth with point B in the Universe as if there’s nothing in between.


JM: Exactly (garbled word)…. To me, the proof of this and the proof that they had some sort of a transportation chamber, maybe it was teleportation, who knows? But, is that when they'd got in there, King Nebuchadnezzar, who since he'd lost so many people trying to make this thing work, obviously didn't want to get near it himself. He asked his minions, “Are those 3 Priests still in here?” And they said, “Yes.” And he says, "Are they dead?" And then they said, “No, there’re in there moving around. And in fact, there's a 4th person in there.” And he said, "Oh, who's the 4th person?" And right there in the Bible it tells us, “Oh, it’s the Son of God.” And then that’s the end of that, we never hear anymore out of that. I'd like to know who that 4th person, the “Son of God” was and whatever happened to him... but the fact that


WH: His name was Nebo...


JM: …the fact that 3 went in and then 4 people were in there indicates it is a portal to somewhere...


WH: Yeah, the name of this person, Jim, was "Nebo"


JM: Nebo


WH: We know this because Nebuchadnezzar took his name from this God Nebu or Nabu-chadnezzar comes from this Iraqi God, Nebo, which means the high one or the royal one. Think of our word, “noble”, we still use the word today, it means royal or high one. And he was actually the son of Marduk, one of the ancient Sumerian Sun-Gods, an Anunaki Lord. Not only did Nebo come back, Jim, his wife was with him.


JM: ?? (garbled word)


WH: And we know that for a fact that the Iraqi’s, the ancient Sumerians, the Babylonians built Ziggurats for Nebo, to honor this event. They filled these libraries chock full of tablets about and from Nebo. Now Nebo’s not someone that most of us are familiar with but you probably will recall or understand who this figure is if I give you his alternate names: Hermes, Mercury, Thoth,


JM: Yeah


WH: …Jesus… all of these figures are enfolded into the exact same archetype.


JM: Yeah, all of them Messengers from the Gods.


WH: Exactly. And so this is where we now come into this modern era and we pick up the story of

Saddam Hussein, beginning in the late 80's and early 90's, doing a little bit of mythological research and then my mythological profiling of Saddam. Again, going back to 1988, or excuse me, 1998, it’s very clear that he identified him with this… with himself with this figure and was particularly interested in any of that knowledge that was brought to earth by, what the Book of Daniel refers to, as the “son of God” or one like the Son of god, depending on the interpretation that you read, who was actually Nebo, Hermes, or Thoth. And who bequeathed to humanity immense libraries; libraries that contained cylinder seals and tablets that had tremendous knowledge etched upon them.


JM: Right. Now we’re hitting on it. See, there are those who say we invaded Iraq to get hold of a Stargate as if it was some sort of a material artifact, like in the movie, “Stargate.” But for me, and I’ll let you comment on whether you think I’m on the right track or not, but for me, I think they were after those stellae and cylinder seals and tablets because they thought that it might give them the secrets for manipulating energy at the atomic and subatomic levels, such as the orbitally-rearranged Mono-atomic gold elements that have been talked about and patents have been filed on in recent years. Do you think that they were after a physical object, William, or do you think that they were after the knowledge that might have been in these recently discovered artifacts? And by the way, I have the press releases or news stories from Associated Press and others beginning in 1997, ‘98, 2000, 2001, that said that there were “German and French archeology teams were making amazing new discoveries in Iraq,” specifically the ancient Sumerian cities of Ur and Uruk. And of course, where would they be taken? They would be taken to the Iraqi National Museum and probably placed in… so that they could be catalogued and prepared for exhibition. And that’s exactly what got looted when we invaded Baghdad, right?


WH: Well absolutely. It actually began before that with the UN Weapons Inspectors. When you read the art magazines, they all talk about how many of those inspectors were coming out with their pockets loaded with these lipstick-sized cylinder seals that are priceless.


JM: Uh hum,


WH: And you know, you and I, we’re just, we’re guys, okay, we’re average guys. We’re researchers and we scour the art magazines; we scour the archeology magazines we scour the Internet looking for samples and examples and evidence of this technology that we’re describing here, and this science. And you know…


JM: Right


WS: Gentlemen, we have to scour something else, the minds of our listeners right now in order to perhaps to get them to open their wallets and buy some of the things that are going to be advertised: subscriptions and  books and what not… a new car maybe this time. This is Whitely Strieber, it’s Dreamland - we’ll be right back.

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