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Eleven Government Cover-ups and Probable Reasons

By Donald M. Ware, 26 Mar 02

Hitler’s Death. Most people think Hitler died in a Berlin bunker in 1945. I think he died in South America in 1978. I have been convinced by various sources that Hitler knew he lost the war when his forces were turned around in Russia in March 1943. His dreams would not soon be realized, so he accepted Pope Pius XII’s amnesty program for rich people needing a change of identity and willing to dedicate the rest of their lives to the work of God. He took the name of an Italian classmate in the Vatican and fled to a country in western South America where the state had no claim over any church property, or that of their priests. He had his doctor give him an enlarged nose, while one of his three surgically altered doubles tried to fill his shoes at home. His personal items, including his favorite art pieces, were delivered in a watertight container by submarine to a fishing boat that transferred it to a pier south of Guayaquil, Ecuador. It was trucked to a poor Indian village that had no contact with the outside world. They cut a path through the jungle to the nearest road and quickly built his house around the truck. The jungle closed the path, and he became a missionary and provider for very poor natives that soon became very protective of him. I heard recent rumors about some of his art pieces surfacing near Cuenca, Ecuador. Reasons: If our world government had learned about this in 1945, the potential adverse political and religious consequences of disclosure were probably sufficient to keep him out of the Nuremberg trials. World leaders know that final justice takes place in heaven. The trial served its purpose here. 

UFO’s. Fifty years of seeking truth and over 100 UFO conferences have broadened my view of the alien presence as follows. In 1929 some aliens that look much like us, reportedly Aldebaran, came here to help our most advanced scientists develop antigravity technology so we would cause less pollution of our atmosphere as the airline industry expanded. One condition was that we could not use it for warlike purposes. In 1938, when Hitler put an anti-tank gun turret on the bottom of a 100-ft. diameter flying saucer, he proved that humanity was not sufficiently advanced spiritually or morally to be trusted with such technology. More-advanced Pleiadians took the militarized saucers and the scientists that built them to their base in South America and gave the scientists a choice. They could raise their children in the Pleiades or here, but if they stayed here they must stay separated from our warring society. Adrian, of “The Miami Contacts,” said some children raised on the Pleiades chose to return here to work for companies like BMW. Those who chose to stay here continued the antigravity work in an underground base in the Antarctic in an area claimed by Hitler in 1938 as New Schwabenland. Some now call that area Melchizedek Land. See www.melahizedek.com. He sent major supply missions there with five large submarines in 1938 and 1942. Now I think world scientists have for decades been sending missions to the moon and Mars from such bases hidden from the less advanced society. Perhaps there is some truth in “Alternative Three.” Antigravity programs continued in Germany in nine underground bases, and the US brought 30 flying saucers to Area 51 and the White Sands Missile Range in 1945. Australians took some to Pine Gap, and the British took some to a base on the NW coast of England. My CIA friend said that the first class for transition by the German Air Force to antigravity vehicles was scheduled for 15 May 1945, but that was two weeks too late. The only combat use these vehicles had was to spray benzene ahead of our bomber formations during some carpet-bombing raids, causing loss of several planes. 

Alien vehicles are seen most often during contacts involving a hybridization program. Assessing information from many sources with an open mind causes me to believe that humans and Zeta Reticulans (short, large-headed, gray-skinned people with big black eyes) are jointly engineering better bodies to house both our souls and theirs. We are getting an upgraded biological computer – a bigger hard drive, faster chip, and a new USB port for telepathy. They are getting the genes needed to increase their ability to express emotions. George S. Robinson, first to get a Ph.D. in Civil Law relating to space, said at our 1998 IUFOC Summer Seminar that we have already made a new subspecies, Homo sapiens alterios, and a new species, H. alterios spacialis. He said we did it to make us more survivable in off-planet conditions. He did not mention aliens. I suspect, as a world government lawyer, he was not allowed to. I think the human mothers are allowed to raise the subspecies that look much like us. They are unselfish souls with high IQs. The new species is so different that many people would not accept them as neighbors. After 3 to 4 months they are taken from the mothers and put into artificial wombs. See the cover of Time magazine, 23 Jun 97. The large head would cause problems in natural birth. An extensive underground and undersea system of world government bases here and on the moon and Mars provides them a home until we are ready to accept them among us. Consider that the Limits of Growth: The Club of Rome’s Report on the Predicament of Mankind in 1972 said that Homo Sapiens is a suicidal species, so it is time for another upgrade with increased capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual awareness. The Urantia Book says that we have had four previous major upgrades, all for the same purpose. Reasons: until the selfishness in mankind is significantly reduced, world or national leaders cannot discuss advanced technologies that can be used for warlike purposes and biological upgrades that are contrary to national law. I suspect there are also galactic laws, such as the Star Trek “prime directive”, that require knowledge of the alien presence to be suppressed until more souls evolve to a higher level.

Cattle Mutilations. In addition to vast amounts of blood that are occasionally removed from cattle, the tongue, half the lip, and tissues around the orifices are usually taken. Cattle blood is close enough to human blood to be used by our military for transfusions when needed. A doctor familiar with the mutilations told me that tissues around the orifices are high in the amino acids needed for new tissue growth. Together you can make the large amounts of hybrid fetus formula needed for Homo alterios spacialis while in the artificial wombs. An investigator friend told me that there is a cattle ranch in Ohio where such products of young cattle are trucked to Area 51 regularly. Perhaps cattle from various ranges are occasionally used to balance supply and demand. Dr. Greer told me that the lips and tongue are used to determine the effect of pollution on grasses in various locations. Reasons: Knowledge of the hybridization program is highly sensitive and is hidden from people not seeking it for reasons mentioned above. “Cattle mutilations” are not so scary when you realize they are feeding our babies. 

President Kennedy’s Death. The BBC six-hour special, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, describes well the men who did it. The Mafia had three hit men from Marseille come through Mexico for the job. They did not say why the Mafia did it. The head of the Cuban exiles asked them to, and they probably promised to let them back into Cuba after Castro was replaced. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco Kennedy chose an economic option to oust Castro. He ordered that our CIA training camps for the exiles be shut down, but the exiles refused to leave our camp in Honduras. When they went against CIA and Kennedy’s orders, Kennedy sent a C-119 gunship to Honduras and blew the base away with some Cubans still there. This made the leader of the exiles mad enough to put the hit on him. Reasons: The rifles used were the same ones the CIA had modified for use by a South American embassy staff to assassinate Castro, against international law. The Cuban exiles were given the rifles for transport out of the US, but the South American countries leaders changed their mind before delivery. See Robert Morrow’s hard-to-find book, First Hand Knowledge. Everyone wanted Oswald to be a patsy. I predict the truth will not be revealed until there are normal diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba.

Chernobyl. I think this “accident” was caused by higher intelligence to reduce the nuclear threat to this planet and accelerate us on our path to peace. My CIA friend was informed from unofficial sources that in 1985 Gorbachev was in a meeting with his top advisors when two beings appeared in the room and described themselves as ascended masters. They told Gorbachev that he was personally responsible for the nuclear threat to this planet, and he must change his ways. Before they disappeared they said, “To make sure you understand that we are serious about what we say, we are going to cause an accident at Chernobyl.” Gorbachev called Reagan at the G-7 meeting in Europe, and they had a brief private meeting in Vienna. Kissinger said in his book, Diplomacy, that when Reagan left the room he was obviously upset but would not talk about it. The report on the 6 Apr 86 accident said that during a test three poor-judgment decisions caused loss of control over the reactor. I know that telepathic input can influence such decisions. In a response to a world government inquiry, Gorbachev said, on 19 Dec 85, that he was willing to eliminate 50% of the Soviet nuclear weapons. However, when he and Reagan met in Iceland after the explosion, Kissinger said that Gorbachev’s opening position was that he was willing to eliminate all Soviet nuclear weapons now if Reagan would do the same. Reagan was only willing to go half way. This event is what caused Reagan to make statements at his next public appearance, a Maryland High School, and then at the UN General Assembly about a possible alien threat. UFO investigator Vladimir Rubstoff from Kiev reported that three hours after the explosion a 6-8 m diameter disk in a fiery ball hovered over reactor #4 and projected two crimson beams into the flames for three minutes before slowly moving away. During this time the readings on the radiation recorders dropped from 3000 to 800 miliroentgens per hour. This indicates a removal of 73% of the hazardous material. It appears that whoever caused the explosion took some responsibility to help clean it up. My Russian friend, Nikolai LeBedev, told me that they now realize that dumping planeloads of boron on the flames greatly increased the radioactive fallout and should not have been done. I suspect this decision was made because the officials could not believe that most of the radioactive material had already been removed. Reasons: National governments were not allowed to publicly acknowledge the alien presence. Note: The RA Material tells us that if a human is engulfed in a nuclear fireball, the strong nuclear force will disassociate the energies of our “eternal soul.” This confirms what the 1950s contactees were told, “Nuclear weapons affect things outside of this planet.” Loss of our physical bodies by other means is not so serious from the perspective of higher intelligence. There is logical reason for an ascended master to take drastic measures to change the direction of governments.

HAARP. Type HAARP onto Google and in 0.52 seconds you get 18,100 links to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Sites are near Gakona, AK and also in Scandinavia and Siberia. Each is near large, independent energy sources. Many potential uses are noted, but not the most important one. Reasons: I think these giant ionosphere heaters help prevent seasonal formation of ice crystals that are the catalyst for chemical reactions that destroy ozone molecules. If people all over the world knew we had a way to control the size of the ozone hole in the northern hemisphere, they would be harder to convince to use more expensive replacements for destructive chemicals like freon. (I am also convinced that chemtrails change the libido of the planet to mitigate global warming. www.teraquest.com/va/ecology/ecology.html )

Oklahoma City Bombing. On 19 Apr 95 Timothy McVeigh used a truck bomb to bring down most of the Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people. There were two explosions about five seconds apart, one of which the government does not want to talk about. There is seismic evidence of two shockwaves and also reports from passengers on a bus parked at the bus station broadside to the explosion that felt them. I think that some government agency had illegally stored C-4 on the 9th floor, and it was detonated when smashed between the two collapsing floors. This second explosion took out the right rear column and caused additional death. A General from Eglin AFB detected evidence of an explosion close to that column.

Reasons: If this illegal storage of explosives in a public building had been acknowledged, anyone suffering from that bombing could have sued the US Government and won extremely large punitive damages from almost any jury. I can hardly imagine what that would have cost the taxpayers. The trials and lawyer fees would probably still be ongoing.

TWA 800. On 17 July 96 a US-made Stinger missile hit a TWA Boeing 747 off Long Island killing all 230 people on board. Two significant news reports the following day were blocked from repeating; an Air Force Lt. Colonel in uniform stating that he saw a shoulder fired missile come up from the water, and a report of a rented speedboat returned to a New Jersey company shortly after the crash by two men who did not pick up their significant deposit. Our government suggested that an unknown spark caused the explosion in the empty center fuel tank that blew the plane apart. The Stinger has a proximity fuse. I think that hot metal from the expanding rod warhead cut through the skin and fuel tank to provide the spark. The rest of the missile would land miles away and be buried in the sand. When weather, lighting, and distance conditions were simulated for the witnesses at Eglin AFB, the Stinger was the only missile used in the test. Reasons: After Afghan freedom fighters used Stingers to help drive the Soviets out of their country, they tried to sell 50 leftovers back to the CIA. The CIA did not want to set the precedent of buying back weapons of war given to freedom fighters (Ref: the next issue of CFR publication, “Foreign Affairs”, following the crash). Osama Bin Laden had the money and the reason to buy the Stingers. Acknowledging the cause of the crash would reflect poorly on CIA decisions and would cause great fear of flying and damage to the world economy. However, our world government soon published a three-part special on world terrorism in the newspapers with Bin Laden’s picture prominently in the middle of our front page. The world government has much control over major media.

The Missing A-10. On 2 Apr 97 an A-10 from Davis-Monthan AFB became mysteriously missing from a bombing range south of Tucson, AZ and 1 hour and 42 minutes later crashed into New York Mountain west of Colorado Springs with its four 500 lb bombs missing. Some major media said that the ”biologic material” found at the crash site was determined to be the pilot by DNA analysis in a Washington, DC laboratory. I think they lied. Ann Hirsch’s alien contact told her that Capt. Craig Buttons is still alive and working on a “mother ship” they call “Tagamont.” Details are provided in “The Rest of the A-10 Story” at www.home.earthlink.net/~donware. Reasons: Days before the crash Ann’s alien friend asked her to seek assurances that they would not be shot at if they landed their vehicle near Davis-Monthan AFB to talk to people. When she got no respect from two NCOs in the Command Post or from a member of Senator Kyl’s office, her alien friend said, “We will have to do something to get their attention…Perhaps we will take one of their airplanes in flight.” This story was being told to Wendelle Stevens and June Shearer when the plane was taken. Before the plane was recovered there was a mysterious alert at the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD facility west of Colorado Springs. My sources tell me that it involved the missing A-10 and Capt. Craig Buttons. Remote viewers said a flying saucer landed near the entrance. Perhaps they wanted to talk with someone without being shot at. The next publication I received from the Council on Foreign Relations had an article about rethinking the Military Assistance Program at Davis-Monthan AFB, which sells sophisticated weapons of war to countries that probably should not have them. 

AA 587. On 12 Nov 01 an AA Airbus 300 crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK killing all 255 passengers. Officials suggested that air turbulence from another jet caused the tail to fall off. I think that what the crew reported as turbulence was an explosion that caused the tail to fall off. I also think the explosion was caused by terrorists who were not on the aircraft. Reasons: One month after the 9-11 tragedy our country was struggling to help people overcome fear of flying and speed recovery from the resulting economic depression. Sabotage by ground crews, if proven, would add to the public fear. I predict that full disclosure from that accident investigation will be a long time in coming, and our economy will be better because of it. Perhaps fear is a worse enemy than secrecy.

Planet X. Prophesy from many ages and cultures and also scientific evidence suggests that our planet occasionally suffers serious trauma. The scenario described in www.zetatalk.com under “Pole Shift” and in Ruth Montgomery’s 1999 book, The World to Come, says that another planet in our solar system has an elliptical orbit that causes it to pass close to the sun every 3600+ years. Its magnetic field will put enough torque on the molten core of Earth to cause a shift between the core and the crust. This will cause a shakeup of the tectonic plates, and we will experience earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricane winds, and volcanic activity resulting in much loss of life. I think that some government agency is able to confirm this and is delaying release of this information and the predicted date of passage until it is quite obvious to amateur astronomers and much of the public. Reasons: I suggest that world leaders and possibly their non-human advisors think that disruption of society caused by the irrational acts of people afraid to give up their physical bodies should be avoided as long as possible. Ruth Montgomery’s guides told her that the man who will be President at the time of the shift will be a walk-in, here to help prepare the world for the shift. She said he would be remembered for a massive home-building program away from the coasts. This scenario makes the Georgia Guidestones quite meaningful and profound. Perhaps this is why major studios give us dramatic movies about earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanoes. I think the meek will inherit the Earth, and we will have a kinder, gentler civilization. 

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Kent: Govt projects are aimed at reversing energy to create a weapon.  If Texas is a center for researching projection of reverse deep space energy-which is free- the massive distruction of natural energy can be created.  Most projects are aimed at "what can we reverse to create a weapoon of distruction". 
Hope this will help people to understand some of the waves of energy that are being tested.