Subj: QNL 11:11 WOW!!!!
Date: 11/11/01 2:27:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Had a TOTAL computer crash on my old DX4SL, so here's the QNL 11:11
again as an email forward!  Enjoy!  Blessings,  YCS

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As the tangibility and manifestation of separation and polarity begins
to dissolve in the NEW SON LIGHT OF ONENESS, we all breathe a deep sigh
of relief. This time has been long in the "coming." The very core
essence of our Soul screams out in joy, celebration and "knowing" that
finally Oneness comes to dance in our hearts and world.

The 11:11 Doorway begins its activation on November 11, 2001 and closes
on January 11, 2002. These three months are referred to as "the Holy
Trinity" months, each representing an aspect of God.

January 11, 1992 ushered in the first Descent of the Dovestar--the
Dovestar representing all of those on Earth of Light-Heart and intent
who fully remembered who they were and why they were here on Earth at
this time.

The Dovestar struggled to get through the Ascension doorway, held up
only by the very thoughts of those who remembered. One by one, a note of
remembrance was sounded within the hearts of the Children of Light on
Earth. One to one they connected their Heart Lights into a tapestry of
God, manifesting for the first time, Heaven on Earth. The Doorway of
Light fully opened and accepted the weary Dovestar into her arms. The
tone of remembrance sounded around the beautiful blue-green sphere and
radiated throughout the universes. Finally enough Children of Earth had
awakened from the long sleep of forgetfulness.

That was the first Doorway of 11:11. Now we enter the 9th level of light
and knowing as we welcome in the ACTIVATION OF THE "ONE" on 11:11. The
Heart of the One Sun (Son), when merged with our own heart, ignites a
Binary system of Light, not Light divided, but Light squared.

Eleven is the number of masters. 11:11 is an encoded molecular structure
of Remembrance, activating the Master of Light we have always been with
the Master of Light who is "Coming." This is the Ascension, and 11:11 is
the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on
many levels. It comes not always in one day or one moment. But it comes
as our every breath, our every though, our every word. For we Ascend and
descend continually word by word, thought by thought.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Good evening and greetings to you all as you are ushered into the
11-ness of your essence, the 11-ness of your heart and the 11-ness of
your destiny and future. It is a time when you join one to one to one to
one as you come into more of the truth of oneness. Finally dissolving
all the lines of separation between you and your past, between you and
your self, between you and your future. Finally dissolving all the lines
of separation between you and the world.

It is a time to cup your hands, placing them in a prayerful position,
instead of pointing fingers at one another--pointing fingers at those
who are not awakened or those who are not enlightened or those who are
not honorable "in your eyes." You give yourself so much isometric finger
exercise as you point out the druthers of everyone around you. Bring it
back home, bring it back home to you, and point the directional of your
knowing towards self.

You all ride upon a painted frequency. You each see it as a different
coloration. None of you are in total agreement of what the others think.
None of you are in total agreement of what the others speak or what the
others believe. This is a time of chopping down the separation, the old
stumps of self that you keep tripping over. Chop them down, flatten them
to the ground and then walk beyond them.

All the peoples of the world are different. That difference was on
purpose. It was precise. It was calculated. It was exact, and it was
deliberate. Realize this and stop trying to pull everyone in to where
you dwell in thought, where you dwell in belief and where you dwell in
light. Each person will take a different path through the forest of
self. All will meet at the same exit point as they met at the same
entrance point.

Collaboration is amidst, a merging is amidst, reconciliation is amidst.
We use the terminology "amidst" to address the fact that it is somewhat
cloaked or veiled, this next step of understanding that you are ushered
into. You must first take baby steps as you find your footing. It is a
footing that resides within you, not externally but internally.

All points of God meet at this next intersection of Light. Now some of
you will get to that Buck Stop or that 4-way stop early, and others will
come racing in late. But that is what makes your energy, your existence
so delightful. You each are a different wattage, a different light, a
different thought and a different parameter of God.

You are a complex of many frequencies. You sometimes partition yourself
away in one little portal of self, a place of so-called safety. In these
next years, all walls around you will fall. It is as the story of the
"Three Little Pigs." You can build one house of straw. You can build one
house of sticks, and you can build one house of stone. Even the stone
walls you have placed around you as guardians and guards will fall.
Nothing will contain you. Nothing will cage you in. Nothing will keep
you where you are this minute. Everything pulls you out. It pulls you
out to play. It pulls you out to love. It taunts you. It teases you. It
beckons you. It is life. It screams and throws pebbles at the windows of
your heart, at the windows of your mind and at the windows of your
fears. You yell to "life" as it asks you to come out and play ("I am
restricted. I cannot come out. I have perimeters. I have boundaries. I
have deeds. I have fears."), making excuse upon excuse of why you cannot
expand past the boundaries of who you are this minute. "I must do this.
I can't do that." You embellish and enjoy the limited you. You tattoo
and scar yourself with these perimeters. It is a TIME of "MUST." You
"must" move forward. You "must" move out of the restrictions you adhere
to. You "must" move closer to joy, closer to love and closer to truth
and away from fear!

Every day for you is a journey of sacredness. You anoint yourself
experience by experience. You are now placing yourself into a time of
being anointed into fearlessness. You are afraid to believe. You are
afraid to succeed. You are afraid to be in love. You are afraid to act
childlike. You are afraid to let your hair down, and you are afraid to
put your hair up. You are afraid of life. Up until now, life has been
tough for many of you. It has boxed your ears, it has boxed in your
hearts, it has squelched your fires and it has thrown water upon your

As of this 11:11 doorway, a new call is issued. It is a call of the
wild. It is a call of the untamed. It is the call of the unseen and
unknown that beckons you. Everyone around you will be running towards
it, and you will start running just because everyone else is.

You will begin to finally look at your life and wonder what is wrong
with me that I have no desire for complete joy. What is wrong with me
that I cannot play as an adult, love as God and believe as a child?

Everything in your world will seem to be throwing rocks of fear at you.
Everything you see with your human eyes will seem as sadness, as
disaster, as upheaval or turmoil. But has any of this touched you
physically? Is it all an illusion that is presented to you to keep you
immobilized, to keep you fearful, to keep you stationary? It is time to
proclaim and initial upon the very stationery of your soul who you are!
What is the logo of the light within you? What is the logo of the child
within? What did you scream to all of Earth when you were small, when
you were innocent, when you were not afraid?

The physical body, your partner in this Earth journey, will not allow
you to be stationary. It is demanding movement. It is demanding change,
and it is demanding emancipation. If need be, it will proclaim this
through pain or disease. If need be, it will proclaim this through fear.
It is the child within your heart that is screaming, "Let me out, let me

Many of you as good parents, adults and citizens of planet Earth, start
your day very grown-up, very seriously. You drive there seriously, and
you perform your duties seriously, and you take your titles seriously.
But what does all of this seriousness really give you? Does it give you
joy to play grown-up or does it give you a paycheck? Does it challenge
you to grow beyond your perimeters or does it keep you as a Ming tree in
the Bonsai Garden of self? Are you going to stunt your growth in this
next level of light?

Imagine yourself as a Ming tree in a bonsai garden, a Ming tree that is
a Redwood tree. That little Redwood wants so much to be what it is
destined to be, but everything and everyone has come along and cut it
back over and over and over again. Whipped it into submission, whipped
it into Mingness and placed it in a limited bonsai energy. This little
tree knows it is a redwood; genetically it has complete memory of that
vastness. It dreams about the day it can once again grow into its
vastness. Then it looks down at itself and remembers that it is minged.
You have thought you were minged your entire existence. Now you are
remembering that you, too, have always been a redwood!

Imagine yourself in a three-legged race and God has supplied you with
the potato sack. Now what do potatoes have? They have eyes to see. They
grow whether you want them to grow or not. They will grow under diverse
conditions in your refrigerator, under your sink, anywhere. They refuse,
and we emphasize refuse, not to grow. They expand past the boundaries
that you want them too. They will grow under any circumstances, in any
part of your house, for any length of time. Their eyes come out. They
see. In this three- legged potato sack race with God, it is you, you and
you. It is the Trinity. Two legs and the sack represent the self, the
Higher Self and the Soul-Self, which is your God-self. You all are
locked together. Now you can hobble, you can trip, you can fall or you
can join together as a team and WIN. It is time for a Win/Win frequency.
You often see yourself in a lose/lose day, in a lose/lose week and
sometimes in a lose/lose year. But now it is Win/Win for you. You will
have the eyes to grow, to see. You can and will begin to grow under
diverse conditions. It matters not how hot, how dark, how cold and how
awful. You will grow, and you will see this growth.

In this new growth, you will come upon an ancient primordial doorway of
the beginning of earth man. In this doorway resides the dark, hairy,
smelly part of you that you have not wanted to encounter, let alone
embrace. You are going through a genesis, a mutation and expansion of
God. In order for you to do such, all aspects in ancient earth DNA, in
cellular structure, in energetic structure, in past, in fears, in
darkness must be embraced. In order for you to come full circle in your
divinity, you must once again walk through the primordial ooze of your
beginnings. You will find yourself walking towards the cave of where
that ancient part of you lives. The part of you that you do not like,
the part of you that you are afraid of, the part of you that misused
power. The part of you that you think others would not love if they knew
about it! We come to tell you that they will love you, because that
ancient beast is also a part of them. You are about to integrate, to
merge, to blend that dark, hairy, smelly, scary part of you with the
divine aspects of who you are.

There is a part of you that knows it could kill because it has. There is
a part of you that has walked into the darkness and made it through it.
Each of you has a face as such. You can push it away as you always have,
because it is not nice. You can ignore it. You can cage it. You can
throw it into the dungeon in the cellar of self. It is still there
roaring, scratching at the inner abyss of you wanting out. You are
afraid to let it out because once it gets out, "What if I can't control
it?" "What if others see it?" This is an animal part of you. It is the
primal part of you. It is the ancient part of you. It is the part of you
that existed before you were genetically altered in your DNA. It is the
part of you that the gods altered, then snubbed their noses at because
it was a lesser than creation, a manipulated creation. (And we mean
little "g" gods).

This is the soupbone of your soul. You have tried to bury this bone
throughout time and every once in a while like Nessie the Loch Ness
monster, it raises its head up to be seen and then disappears into the
depths of the murky aspects of your humanness. In the next three months
to six months, you all will go forward and uncage, unbind and undo this
part of you. You will embrace it, you will love it and you will tell it
that it is loved. You will tell it! You will commit to merging with it.
You will commit to loving it. This is the very last piece of the genetic
puzzle before a galactic interstellar genesis occurs.

When you see another very dark, hairy, smelly, scary aspect acting up as
a world leader, we ask you to love it--not to push it away, not to hate
it and feed it hate but to love it. We specifically speak of issues in
your areas of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and (Middle East) at this time.
Send love into the destruction, into the hate, into the darkness--anoint
it, make it sacred by loving it, by lighting the God within the

Part of the destiny of mankind (humankind) is to embrace all that is
distasteful, dark and hairy within you as well as everyone and
everything else. This means you as a single unit, you as a group, you as
a planet as well as you as a solar system. This truth and scenario will
expand past the parameters of Earth. There are always those who do not
play by the rules on Earth or above Earth. We ask you to embrace all
that appears dark and smelly and hairy and dank. EMBRACE IT!

You have filled yourself with enough light that you have a residual
effect upon whatever you touch. If you were to follow yourself with a
meter that monitored your light exchange on each item you touched
(whether it was a car handle, money, a doorknob, clothing, etc.), you
would be astonished as to what the sub-atomic particles of your being
are now radiating. You are leaving fairy dust in the form of Light
everywhere you go. You are turning the light on wherever you are. Even
in your darkest of days, you still radiate light; even in your saddest
of situations. You are so saturated with light that no matter what is
happening to you personally, you are radiating light. That is why so
many do not understand how you could possibly have a bad day. You are so
radiant. You are so good. Your heart is so open. They do not see how
anything bad or upsetting could happen to you (personally or as a
country). They just turn their head. They do not understand because you
seemingly are so much more. You have come to the point of saturation.
Your essence is saturated with LIGHT. Now it is time to saturate your
heart with LOVE and saturate your energy fields with LOVE. But first you
must start in the center of the spiral and embrace all that is within
the abyss of you, every part of it no matter what it is. No mater if it
is something you yourself know and no one ever will know. No matter what
it is. If it is a perversion, if it is a fantasy, if it is something
that happened to you, if it is something you did you were ashamed of.
Shame is self-induced. It comes from the land of You-should-have,
I-should-have, they-should-have. OPEN YOURSELF. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. BE


THE ANGELS OF LIGHT SPEAK: "We Have Fallen in Love With Humanity"
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am Tre-el-la. I am angelic of origin, angelic of form and angelic of
being. So many have reached up from Mother Earth into the Heavenly
realms asking for help, asking for assistance, asking for miracles.
Never before have the Heavenly Hosts and the Angelic Hosts heard such a
cry and such a beacon of light to be broadcast. Never before have we
issued millions of angels to come forth and wrap themselves all around

In the Angelic World, we wear many forms and colors and energies.
Sometimes we come forth as a single drop of rain upon your face.
Sometimes we come forth as a breeze touching your cheek, brushing
against your lips. Sometimes we can be seen in the clouds as color, as
form, as luminosity. Other times we are a single tiny, tiny, tiny dot of
light. And then other times, we are very vast. We vary in size and in
color and in light and in intensity. We vary in jobs and in position and
in understandings of humans. We are not those who have fallen from death
on your planet. We are a completely different type of being. One who
listens to your every beck and call. The Heavenly Father issued to you
that you would be in charge of us. Finally, finally after so long, we
are set free to do our job, to do our work and to do our love.

Each one of you who walks upon Earth, has a multitude of us around you.
We flit about around each one of you as a butterfly in a rose garden.
When you were born you were given an angelic essence. That is part of
your original vibration and was a form you once wore in the higher
levels of your existence in a closer proximity of God. We come forth to
allow you the experience the grace, of glory, of peace amongst all the
turmoil. We are what brings a smile to your face in the midst of a
hectic day when just for a moment you remember us and just for a moment
you experience peace.

I come to you on this day to ask you to escort us to Earth with your
words, with your thoughts, with your prayers. We stand waiting in the
corridors of time, in the corridors of light--waiting for more prayers,
waiting for more miracles to be asked by humanity, waiting for healing
to be issued in prayers, in calls, in longings of the heart from all of
the people of Earth. Remember we are real! We are just as real as you
are. We are just not in the same molecular structure, the same
biological format. We cry for you, we laugh with you, we talk about you,
we think about you--for we are in love with humanity. We are in love
with your joys, and we are saddened by your hurts. For every part of you
resonates to a part of us, but we need your full attention as you move
through these next corridors of events and time sequences. Send us to
the battlefields. Send us in the air with those who fly. Send us to
those who cry in fear. And send us to those who hurt others. We are to
be issued to ALL of humanity.

There were times when you thought about us all of the time, and there
were times when you brought us forth, and then things went quiet and
things became still, and you focused more on your everyday human needs
and wants. We stood and we waited, and we waited and we waited.
Unfortunately, you only call to us in times of despair, but we are here

Allow us to come into your world, to run your errands of light, to run
your errands of hope, to run your errands of healing. It is our job as
well. Do not try to pack down your soul with heavy burdens of these past
experiences. But allow us, by delegating to us, to lighten your burden.
Send us to those you are worried about. Send us to those who influence
your life. Send us to those who only think of themselves and no one
else. Each day, send us into the day before you. Your Master Jesus knew
of us and used us always. But you have forgotten that. The miracles are
held in our hearts and released from our hands to your hands. Receive
them by your belief. Receive them by your faith. Know them by trusting.

The Earth herself has a very large angel who watches over her. And all
of the animals, the cats and the dogs, and wildlife have angelic
presences that are known as devas. As does water and air and rocks and
soil and fire. We are known by different names, but we are all from the
angelic realm. Some of this realm is closer to Earth. Other parts of
this realm exist not on Earth. But always we are part of the foundation
of Earth's evolutionary path.

It was issued by the Father, the Heavenly Father himself, that we shall
assist you and always do your beck and call. In the beginning, we looked
down upon you, we thought, how could such a lessor being, a lessor
animal--know how to delegate to us--such fine-lined filaments of
heavenly light. As we have quietly observed you throughout time, we know
that you hold within you a great heart and a great possibility for the
future. And it is this that brings us joy. It is this that helps us to
become busy in your everyday affairs and in the healing of your planet.
For as I have spoken, we are minute and we are vast beyond your knowing.
You know many of our commanders such as Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and
Raphael, but they are but a few of the trillions upon trillions of us
who await your acknowledgment, who await your asking us to come into
your life, to come into your heart, to come in everyday affairs. For
that is our job, and the Father pushes us to do so.

We cannot be called forth unless it is by you. We sit on the verge and
on the edge of the light, one by one, ready to drop down as a team of
light onto and into your life. I come on this day to help you remember
that and to help you to understand that. The truth is we have fallen in
love with you. We have finally opened our hearts to you, and all
resentment of the past and a time when you knew we resented you has been
dissolved. We understand the wishes and the longings of the Father now.
We understand the destiny of mankind now. For in the beginning (your
beginning), we did not. So let us love you and allow yourself to love
us. We shall work as a team as One to help dissolve all of the pain on
the Earth, the negativity, the starvation, the toxicity.

Each one of us specializes in a certain field of evolutionary path. Some
of us are wrapped around the trees, the oil spills, the mammals in the
water and in the air. Some of us work with the mathematics of your
world, the science and the stars. Others work with the water. Some work
specifically within hospitals. Others work specifically with children.
When you ask, you will be given an angel who specializes within the
field of life that you are having a difficulty, a problem or a need. For
we are here to fill your needs.

We ask you not to lean upon us fully but to use us as a crutch and place
us under one arm and some days, two. Let us help you balance. Let us
help you heal. Let us help you bring more love into your marriages, into
your families, into your food. We are so much more than what you
understand. And we love you. We truly do. We apologize deeply from our
light for any saddnesses we caused you in the beginning of time.
Understand that this battle you fight on Earth has fallen from the
heavens to be played out on Earth and allow the angels of light to come.
For all the angels of darkness are being called. All of the angels who
have chosen to experience darkness in their evolutionary pattern are
being used fully. You must arm yourselves with our light and with our
love and with our abilities. For the essence of Armageddon is not played
out in the heavenly realms but played out on Earth. We are the Team of
Light as are you. It is now time for you to reinstate what was divinely
directed for you to do in the beginning--to call upon the angels, and
they will be here with one word, one thought and one breath. I will
leave you at this time.


Archangel Michael: "PROCLAIM YOUR INTENT!"

As you move into more illumination and more luminosity, you become one
who dwells on all levels, all surfaces, all layers of life. As you move
fully into one who takes responsibility in the deep abyss of the inner
thinkings of your existences, then you become empowered. You need not
weapons to protect yourself. You need not bulletproof vests to protect
yourself or armies or navies. You need only the thought in every layer
of your beingness that "I AM OF PURE LIGHT, AND I AM OF PURE GOD. AND

You all stand at the gateway at sunrise on a planet that still wears her
veils of mourning. You all looked at this light as it rises in your
sleepy eyes behind clouds of doubt. Your heart goes out, and your voice
goes out and your tears rain down as you become one with what you yearn
to experience. Open the allness of your being and feel truly and totally
with your light. For the humanness crouches in the corner of self, but
the light rises to meet the day, rises to meet the night and rises to
meet conflict without a droplet of fear, a droplet of doubt and a
droplet of darkness within it.

As you move effortlessly into the upcoming months, there will seemingly
be eclipses of the heart, total eclipses of dreams wanting to be made
manifest and total eclipses of what appears to be your securities. All
of this is but a fleeting energy, a bypassing of two ships of difference
meeting in the night, meeting in self and meeting in your thoughts.
Between the time of the 2nd week of December and the end of the year,
you will be asked to cradle the babe within you, the Christ within you,
the Christ energy that you hold within your own human womb. In apparent
darkness, you will be asked to birth this Christ child without an
external light. Using only the light of glory, the light of peace and
the light of love to illuminate what cannot be seen with the human eyes
or felt with the human heart. You will take this babe in swaddling
clothes and you will hold it up for all willing eyes to see, for it will
birth you into all that you have held dear.

For each of you who sit in this realm of light and knowledge of such
have proclaimed that it shall be nothing less then grandness, than
glory, than peace and love. You have proclaimed to the molecular
structure of your biological essences, "I shall receive peace, I shall
be healed, I shall be purified, and I shall be cleansed." And so it
shall be. For no other shall announce to you anything different. Your
ears will deafen to the clarion calls of fear, and your hearts shall
grow past all the thoughts of danger, and your light shall shine down
upon all those who are afraid and listen with their eyes instead of
their hearts. You are the Masters of Light.

Give to yourself this Christmas the gift of peace. Give it in every
thought. Give it in every word. And give it in every gift you wrap and
unwrap. For remember, dear ones, it is the babe in swaddling clothes you
grace with your presents and your presence. Unwrap the divinity within
you. You have mummified yourself into stagnation, and now it is time to
take off the wraps of what you once felt was sacred but no longer holds
that sacred energy. Unwrap your life in all its glory. Do not let one
aspect of your heart, of your thoughts, of your longings stay wrapped in
swaddling clothes of negativity or darkness.

For it is your duty as warriors and warrioresses of Light to fight in
such a way that you don't raise your sword, you don't raise your anger
and you don't raise your fists to anything. For each drop of anger you
propagate within your own sphere of life and existence, you give as gift
to the world adding to the turmoil, the chaos and the negativity. So I
ask you to unfold the flag you have buried yourself within, to unfurl it
in all of its glory, to take the stripes (bars) upon that flag and let
them be released, keeping you no longer in bondage but in freedom. Move
the energy of the red into the energy of the white. Move the energy from
the root, which holds fear, survival and death and disease into the
energy of the white, into your divinity, into your illuminosity into
your holiness. Look deeply at the fifty stars upon your flag. Know that
you are of the stars. You shine in the night sky, and you shine in the
day sky. Look at all the stars you have wished upon and know that these
wishes shall be made manifest. Look deeply into the blueness of the
ocean, into the blueness of day sky and into the dark blueness of the
night sky and know that inbetween every star is a lifetime, an
opportunity to expand. All fifty stars shine down upon you--all stars
that are to do with Earth's evolution, Earth's growth and Earth's heart
connection. Look at your American flag differently for it gives you a
message that is beyond your understanding. Take the 5 energy--the five
points of man, the 5 senses, the arms, the legs, the head and move it
into the zero, into the void, into all possibilities, into a doorway, a
gateway of light, of love, of evolution, and don't stop there. Use the
fifty stars impressed upon the flag as a starway, a stargate and a
portal to the future, a portal of healing.

And one by one, each of you around the world must become so brave as to
hold this courage for all people. So brave that you are brave enough to
stand in front of a million people and say, "I am not afraid. I am not
afraid to live. I am not afraid to die. I am not afraid to be who I am
100%." You all stand at the apex of a new beginning. A doorway has been
issued to all of Earth. You are not to jump ship, but you are to jump
light and quantum leap AS ONE WHO IS, as a shaman who leaps off the side
of a mountain knowing without a doubt that there is a portal of light
that he leaps into. You must leap without your securities. You must leap
with love and with a knowing that nothing, NOTHING can destroy your
peace, your unity and your freedom.

Those who signed your constitution were aligned with the Masonic school
of thought. They were of the order of the Masons who held ancient truths
from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, from the Atlantean Mystery Schools
and from the Lemurian Schools. They knew the secrets, and they composed
a nation and a document that enabled and required that a person come
fully into their power. That each person remembers their beginning, and
that each is fearless as they stand up for what they knew to be of a
higher truth. The Nation you sit upon in this United States is composed
of all that which was thrown from the other countries of the world. You
were the debtors; you were the ones who were in imprisoned, indentured.
You were owned. You were bartered. You were sold. You were scraped off
the bottom of many a world's foot, and you were tossed away. And you
were tossed into a place that created a union. You were fearless and
faithful and adventurous. It was not until all that was discarded had a
heart and all that was discarded united that others looked upon this
land as something worthwhile.

This place, your world you sit in, is composed of every element of
planet earth, and that is important to remember. You were born in
freedom, and you will be birthed in freedom once again. You all look to
distant shores at those who try to take your freedom from you. You must
look closer to your own shores. For day by day, law by law, word by word
and announcement by announcement freedoms are being lost. There will
come a time when you will fight to hold on to your freedom from within
your own borders. But you must do it fearlessly and not with weapons but

truths and light and energies beyond the capability of being seen, of
being monitored and being known. For you have pure light at your
disposal. And this is what I, Michael, come to tell you. I stand with
you. I stand for you as do all the other legions of light. But you must
look through our eyes as we look upon your Earth. Everyone feels in
their heart, they are right. Everyone feels in his or her heart that
theirs is truth. So we seek to bring peace and wisdom and enlightenment
to every person on Earth from whatever angle they are looking. We do not
just stand behind your US of A, but we stand behind all who seek truth.
And that is what you must remember. There is not a good guy and a bad
guy for all are neutral. Every one of you is as pawns on a chess board,
a game. When will you wake up and realize this??? We stand for what is
light not what is right. For rightness for one man, woman and child is
wrongness for another man, woman and child. And that is what you must
understand. Expand your perspectives. Encompass 360 degrees of this
inner sight and this inner knowing and this inner wisdom. It is in that
centerpoint of seeing that you will understand what we speak. Stand tall
in your light, fearless. I am Michael, and I am your Leif.


(Beginning Visualization before channeling by Gillian)

Announce to the light that you are receiving that you are ready to
become it, you are ready to remember it and you are ready to receive it.
And by becoming what you already are, then you surpass what you are to
become. Call to all of the angels and see this room as solid light.
Light packed so densely that it becomes solidified. Let go of your
humanness and just merge with all of this light. For one moment, pretend
that there is a big zipper down the front of your body. Unzip it from
head to toe and step out. And as you step out, feel the freedom that is
your birthright. Let go of any heaviness in any part of your being as
you become pure light. It is your destiny, it is your heritage and it is
your birthright. It is also the promise to yourself. You have contracted
to remember your light. You have contracted to become more than your
mind believes it can become, than your humanness believes it can become.
You are contracted to release all levels of your being that are not in
higher light, not to release it as something dirty to be discarded but
to release it in love. It is like setting a bird free and knowing that
the bird will fly high.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

For everything that you see that is in the panorama of your eyes and
your heart is yours. It belongs to no other but you. The responsibility
you hold for your world is held within your view every minute of every
day, and it is that part of the land and that part of the energy that
you are steward toward. By adhering to laws of purity, you upgrade your
internal and external worlds. By adhering to laws of divinity, you
bypass all limitations of Earth. The doorway you enter into has been and
is seeking you as you are seeking it. All things your heart so desires
are made manifest through your yearnings and your needs, your longings
and your wants.

Look to each portion of your daily events as a heart's yearning that has
manifested on a level that is tangible. Look forward to each morning
with a knowing that on that day, you will surpass previous limitations.
It matters not how you entered the field of inquiry. It matters only
that you enter. The levels of judgments you place upon yourself are
yours for the birthing and yours for the dismantling. When you see
another place a judgment upon you, it comes home to you as a gift. A
gift of understanding the limitations you have imposed upon yourself by
your expectations of others. Seek not the approval of those in your
world, of those in your family, of those in your hearth, but seek the
approval of your soul and your garment of fine light. For never in your
external world will others hold you up to the candle you are so destined
to hold for your own intuit self. It is in this knowing and in this
understanding that you will bypass and pass by many obstacles you have
imposed from your beginning.

Each and every day you give to yourself a quality and quantity of love
that you feel comfortable in receiving. You give to yourself a quality
of truth that you feel comfortable hearing and a quantity of blockages
you feel you must surpass in order to earn the light and love and
approval of others. But the Universe--your Mother/Father/God--does not
give to you or make you earn through negativity or fear or blockages or
pain. That is a human choice.

Every morn with your first breath back from the realms of higher light
before fully entering the physical house of your body, open your eyes
with a knowing. Declare "On this day, I will receive all that brings me
joy and light and love. I will not allow this day to be a bad day, a
negative day or a dark day. I will not allow this day to destroy my
dreams, my hopes, my wants or my desires. But I will embrace this day
with the fullness of my divinity and no other way shall it be. For I no
longer choose to learn the hard way. I no longer choose to run into the
brick wall in my manifestations, in my creations and in my beliefs. But
I choose with a dignity of a Being of Light and with a knowing that
whatever I set my thoughts upon in this day, they shall be rendered
free, and they shall be rendered manifested. And so it shall be. No
longer will I harness doubt and allow it to pull me forward into the
ruts and the crevices of human living. But I will fly with winged horses
above what keeps me so limited. For it is only I and not another who
clips the wings of my soul and of my dreams. And on this day, I cease
and desist in blaming others for what I do not have, for what I do not
feel, for what I do not experience. And I will come forth fully into the
law of one--the law that intends for me to create my heart's desire--and
that is what I create on this day, of this minute, of this year. The law
of want is the law of mankind, for in my light, there is no want nor can
my Light Being understand needs and wants. For the divinity within me
and the beingness within me is clear that there are no needs and wants
and longings--that all things that it desires are made manifest and set
free to be birthed in this physical world."

You set your fears free because it serves you. You set your hates free
because they serve you. You set your jealousy free because it serves
you. They are all as hall monitors in this earthly school where you
dwell, and they keep you on the straight and narrow of the humanness and
of the self. Over and over and over again they place checks by your name
and censor your experience. They limit your perception of what can be.
You see them as truth and you give them power.

You enter a time as a world when power will no longer be received from
any external modality. There will be those who come forth to empower
you. There will be those who come forth to set you free from what binds
you. But you cannot place them upon a pedestal. They cannot become an
icon for the future. For in their mastership dwells a frail and
frightened human who pretends to be the great OZ behind the curtain. You
now walk the final steps homeward bound. It is not a dying you will
experience, but a birth--a birth that comes forth truly into a panorama
that is finally seen by your heart. Little by little, baby step by baby
step you will remember the great feats you have come forth to promote,
to broadcast, to show. For each of you comes here as one who is Christed
and capped in the Light. And it is this capstone you wear upon the crown
of your Being. For each of you teaches by your own longings and
wantings--Mastership. For within you dwells a series of Beings. Each one
of these divine creations you house escorts you into more of your
limitations or more of your divinity. Every day and every thought--it is
a choice, a freedom within yourself.

As you come to the end of this chapter of this year, of this time, do
not go back and read of the events of the past but log them in your
understanding as learning experiences. Pile that knowledge high and step
upon it and gain entrance into the next doorway of light that you are to
escort humanity into. The light does not come this time to escort you,
but you come into your light and you will escort humanity. Each and
every one of you will become the 11:11 Gateway. You will become the
Stargate. You cannot except counterfeit light and counterfeit promises
and counterfeit dialogue in place of what is real and what is truth.
Many of you will ingest truths that will temporarily help you to
understand how you are to let go of what no longer serves you. For you
invite fear when it is fear that you need as a companion. You invite in
love when it is love that you need as a companion. You world is giving
to you all of your needs, and it can be no other way. For that is the
schematic of planet Earth.

Do not cry and become angry with your Heavenly Father or at your husband
or your wife or your friend. For each of them gives to you the script
that you have provided them with energetically, and they read back to
you verbatim what you are to learn. Knowing this, look at your world
through the eyes of a master. And let the Master within you perceive the
finer points of learning without hurting yourself, without angering
yourself, without belittling yourself. For you lead the way. Many sit
upon their buttocks waiting for the sign. Look into your mirror and look
at your eyes. For you have shifted and you are about to shift into
another portion of the almighty Being of Light that you have always
been. You are multi-dimensional and as each aspect of you grows in Light
and knowledge, then a Light shift happens correspondingly within your
physical body. You will be able to see it in your face and your eyes.

As you pass through this doorway of Higher Light, do not look down your
elongated soul at those who still ponder and putter about in their
humanness, in their healing, in their anger. For you once wore those
same clumps that weighed you down heavily and you must--as one coming
into enlightenment--assist others to see the beauty of their light and
of their life and of their choices. Do not point out their shortcomings
but assist them to embrace their choices as a babe who is left in the
woods longing for the nurturing of another. For choices are karmic
completion. You come into a doorway--each one of you--of choosing to let
go of the karmic choices of the past and to ride and saddle yourself
with a movement forward that is so accelerated that the theory of
relativity is left behind.

I come on this day to address the divinity within you, the Christedness
within you, the Light within you. I will remain nameless--for in each
one of your minds, I wear a different face. And that is how I want it to
be. I do not want to accept applause or pats upon my celestial back for
bringing these words of truth to you. For it is my life, it is my love,
and it is my destiny (as it is yours) to understand, digest and then
teach as such. I bid you a good night. I bid you love. And I bid you
understanding of what has been spoken to you.


"There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."