Subj: Re: Jan.11 USA fireballs
Date: 1/14/01 7:44:37 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Charlie Plyler)
To: (

Hello Kent,

Here is some updated information which was sent to Andrei concerning
the Jan 11 fireball which was sighted over the Western US. There was
a very positive indication showing a center frequency of 2.05 hertz.
Please note the time period indicated by the P and S markers.

This signal did not occur at any other time during a 6 hour period
before or after the stated time of event. Also there were no harmonics
involved from the 1st sub to the sixth harmonic of 2.05 hz.

Could this signal possibly be related to the fireball event, concerning
the parameters of suspected electromagnetic excursions in the
atmosphere, which could have visual side effects?

Photos from both the North - South and the East - West arrays are

We detected no anomalies during the second time period of 2100 hours
Mountain time.

Charlie Plyler

Andrei Ol'khovatov wrote:
> Dear Charlie and Frank,
> I have been forwarded the following info on the Jan.11 fireball event.
> Do you have any data? (Or maybe any other monitoring stations?)
> Sincerely,
> Andrei
> ---------------------------
> At approximately 2153 hrs. (Mountain), a major fireball was seen from
> locations in CO, MT, WY, NM, AZ (?), KS, SD (??), and NE.  The reports
> are inconsistent as to the direction the object was going, and some
> seemingly credible reports suggest that there may have been more than
> one object that was seen.
> Several witnesses in Boulder, and northern Colorado, report that the
> apparent diameter of the fireball was approximately equal to two
> diameters of a full moon (!!).  One witness in north central Kansas was
> looking almost due west, when he allegedly witnessed the
> fireball...approximately equal in (apparent) size to his thumb, held at
> arm's length...descend almost vertically to the horizon.
> It seems interesting that despite numerous reports that the object
> reached the horizon, no one has reported hearing a sonic boom.
> We will post all the written reports to our website when our webmaster
> gets back in town next week.
> Also, some kind of event occurred again over Rockford, IL, on Thursday
> night at approximately 2100 hrs. (Central).   People reported witnessing
> anywhere from 3 to 23 lights in a variable formation drift across that
> city for approximately 20-30 minutes.
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