Subj: URGENT: GREAT ARTICLES....***the new ZERO-POINT energy, etc.
Date: 2/21/02 7:59:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

By Greg O'Neill

As our precious home world, Earth, teeters on the brink of ecological
disaster, with our air, water, and land being poisoned by petrochemicals,
nuclear waste, depleted uranium shells, is there any hope of recovery?
The answer may lie in the limitless ocean of energy around us, called by
some researchers, 'Zero Point Energy'.

In the United States, a heroic physician, Dr. Steven Greer, Director of
the Disclosure Project, has gathered
over 400 witnesses, and videotaped their testimony relative to the active
coverup of critical information. This information revolves around the
subject of off-world spacecraft visiting Earth, and the recovery of
crashed ships from off-world cultures, as well as their crew. Apparently
the military, and intelligence communities, of a number of nations have
actively pursued retro-engineering the onboard ZPE power plants, and
ElectroGravitic propulsion systems, of these extra- terrestrial
spacecraft. The source of their power has been identified as that vast
ocean of electricity, and magnetism, that binds subatomic particles into
atoms, atoms into molecules, and molecules into the very structure of the
multiverse, Zero Point Energy, the very heart of Matter.

The tragedy of the ongoing cover-up of Free Energy technologies is that
they are being kept from the global populace, in order to benefit OPEC
and multinational Oil companies, and energy consortiums.   They would
rather keep their bloated bottom lines from Oil profits, and
petrochemical spinoffs, than to lose it all to clean, Free Energy systems
that will render Oil, Coal, and Nuclear power sources obsolete!

Can you imagine the impact on the global automotive market when internal
combustion engines are replaced with fuelless ZPE engines that run clean,
and produce no air pollution. Better yet, combine ZPE power plants with
ElectroGravitic propulsion systems to nullify gravity and to place
consumer, and commercial vehicles above ground. No more need for rubber
tires, trips to the gas pumps, or waiting in line to fill your gas tank.

For those of you who wish to pursue learning more on how you can support
Free Energy Research & Development, or if you simply wish to become
better informed on this vital Subject, may I suggest you pay an online
visit to these sites soon:

>Not being a theoretical physicist by profession, I must pass with regard
>to giving more description of this Zero Point Energy, but I can
>recommend a few books for those of you who wish to pursue this topic
>further. The following are well worth the effort of finding them -
>"Tapping the Zero Point Energy" and "Quest for Zero Point Energy
>Engineering Principles for Free Energy", both volumes authored by Moray
>B. King. "Ether-Technology" by Edgar Mitchell and Rho Sigma. A visit to
>your favorite search engine, using the keywords - Zero Point Energy -
>will generate many sites devoted to the topic. You can also do a search
>on 'Free Energy', to broaden your horizon of understanding.
>As for myself, I pursue setting up an organic farm on Hawai'i, raising
>thousands of rare herbs, vegetables, fruit, bamboos, and hardwood trees,
>in order to save them from extinction.   My farm will allow me to create
>a TechnoEcoVillage, a place to showcase, and demonstrate Zero Point/
>Free Energy, ElectroGravitics systems in daily use, proving that these
>systems work effectively, and efficiently, without pollution of land,
>sea, or air.
>It is my dream to see the global creation of self-sufficient communities
>that enable our Mother World, Earth, to heal from Her long history of
>abuse by thoughtless Humanity.
>If any of you reading my words now feels drawn to work with me, you can
>drop me a line at Greg O'Neill <>. Lightworkers will make
>dramatic changes in how we live in future generations to come. Roll up
>your sleeves and get busy.
>Tesla technology that is soon to be marketed
>According to Frank Germano (President & CEO International Turbine And
>Power), "This technology will literally hit the streets within the next
>six months. We are in the process of acquiring funding and merging with
>several west coast companies and once that has been legalized with
>possibly a public offering, you will see the amazing Tesla Turbine and
>Tesla Pump and the Tesla 'Air-to-air' refrigeration systems popping up
>almost everywhere."
>Frank Germano's web site includes several pages dealing with the
>theories of the 'Water Wizard', Viktor Schauberger. Germano writes: "The
>term 'free energy' is found floating around in just about every corner
>of the web. Schauberger and Tesla not only proved that free energy
>exists and is obtainable (in our present lifetimes), they patented their
>inventions! Why haven't these amazing inventions been developed and
>implemented into our so-called modern economy? There are many reasons,
>however, the one that I most readily believe is correct, is that WE
>(yes, you and me, and all of the people of the United States of America
>and the world) have not 'pushed' for this exciting technology to be made
>- no, demanded to be made - available. It is my belief, that by
>combining Schauberger's theories on the 'living energies' contained in
>water with the Tesla Turbine, a radical approach to how we obtain and
>distribute electrical energy will result.
>Non-polluting, environmentally sound, readily obtainable, virtually
>'free' energy, that can be distributed economically to everyone on the
>planet. At the very least, it will be a revolutionary concept. I have
>gathered together most of Viktor Schauberger's wonderful inventions, and
>a very large database of information about his intuitive, far-reaching
>environmental theories. I think you will be quite taken back at the
>scope of his work."
>Definitely a site worth visiting...
>Of particular interest:
>Tesla Technology, Today:
>Who was NIKOLA TESLA, and what were his greatest inventions?
>This page will give you some surprising information about Tesla, the
>disk turbine, the magnifying transmitter, high-frequency lighting, the
>Tesla Coil, and more. Also included is a very "short winded" biography
>on Tesla.
>Nikola Tesla LINKS
>Resumption of Nuclear Testing is Not an Option
>Encourage your representative to support an effort that is underway, led
>by Representative Markey from Massachusetts, to let President Bush know
>that a resumption of nuclear testing is not an option and, that at this
>crucial time in world history, our nation needs a leader who will work
>diligently to help eliminate, not encourage, the threat of nuclear
>Don't Gut the Clean Air Act
>Twenty-five years is long enough for the dirtiest power plants to get a
>free ride from the Clean Air Act. Tell President Bush not to reward his
>campaign contributors by rolling back the Clean Air Act and to
>aggressively enforce the Clean Air Act as it was intended by vigorously
>prosecuting power plants that upgrade without cleaning up.
>End Nuclear Power Urge
>your senators to phase out nuclear power in the U.S. and put an end to
>this dangerous source of electricity.
>Support the Clean Power Act
>Contact your senators and urge them to support the Clean Power Act, and
>to oppose any power plant legislation that doesn't include limits on
>carbon dioxide emissions. Heat-trapping carbon dioxide is the main cause
>of global warming, and power generation is our nation's single biggest
>source of CO2 emissions.
>Support the International Right to Know Campaign
>Join the citizens' movement to pierce the corporate veil of secrecy and
>demand fair business practices everywhere. You can help begin to hold
>corporations accountable by asking your Senators to support an
>International Right to Know law.

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