FRIEND: hey kent...what's shakin?
BARDSQUILL: sun doing a mild whammy
BARDSQUILL: near asteroid looks like as well
FRIEND: yea, i saw the report on that n.e.o. read about it last night
FRIEND: i have been having quite intense dreams...just over the last few days...
FRIEND: whatever that means...
BARDSQUILL: things seem glitchy lately, little reality rips
FRIEND: we are getting close to something. i can feel it.
FRIEND: absolutely. reality rips. i notice it every day now. also, incredible little synchronicities. i am recognizing them every day.
BARDSQUILL: seems like it is impossible to chart a course, everything doglegs
FRIEND: sometimes they makes me laugh, as they are so obvious...
FRIEND: terence mckenna might say we are experiencing a 'spike' in novelty?
FRIEND: ok, well i'm at work but will be keeping an eye on the site. take care.
FRIEND: oh yea...did you get my email about the storms here in denver? very weird!!!
BARDSQUILL: Tesla's hangout near there
FRIEND: yep about 50 miles south...
FRIEND: seems to me tptb [the powers that be] are showing a little sense of urgency lately...
FRIEND: wonder why
BARDSQUILL: nothing, just a small dose of mass dematerialization, no biggy, heh
FRIEND: hah!
FRIEND: talk at you later, bro.