Subj: More - putting 700,000 troops into perspective
Date: 8/27/00 5:12:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent. When I quickly searched around to try to get a perspective on
what 700,000 Chinese troops in Sudan could mean, I came up with the
projected figure of 280,000 US troops projected as needed to be sent to
defend the very same region :

When trying to analyze the significance of up to 700,000 Chinese troops
being in tiny Sudan, just a hop and a skip from oil rich
Saudi Arabia, I have tried to get a handle on what size of military
force these Chinese troops really represent. Following is some most
interesting comarison information:

These military analysts suggest that a US military presence of 280,000
troops on the Arabian pennisula would be sufficient to deal with a
"large scale border attack" there:

Taken from "Defense Sufficiency and Cooperation: A US Military Posture
for the post-Cold War Era"---

" In the eventuality of a large-scale cross-border attack on the Arabian
peninsula the US will plan to employ as many as
280,000 personnel (active and reserve), 700 combat aircraft
(all-service, including bombers), 2 aircraft carriers, 18
other major surface and subsurface combatants, 4-5 division
equivalents (including USMC), 300 combat helicopters,
500 tube-artillery systems, and 350 MLRS launchers."

If the information from my previous post today is true, the Chinese now
have more than TWICE this number of troops amassed just a
short ways by boat from Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East in general.
We are also now in the midst of an unfolding
world-wide energy crisis. Further documentation is available on US
crude oil inventories and many related
technical issues to do with the high probability of an immediate
unfolding energy crisis.