Subj: FW: Cabal---Rogue Military-Intelligence Weaponry!!
Date: 8/25/00 9:11:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Nuther one!........Julie

Bill Hamilton wrote:

> Now I know who to blame for the time I felt weak and faint
> and nearly collapsed in the clinic. I didn't realize then
> that it was the Cabal out to get me. Now that I have read
> this, I will think twice. Wouldn't you?
> Bill Hamilton
> >From: "Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D."
> >CC: "DrRichBoylanReports"
> >Subject: Updated Situation Report
> >Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 23:16:36 -0700
> >
> > New Situation Report on Dr. Richard Boylan
> >
> >08/23/00
> >
> > On July 2, 2000 I sustained a third directed-energy
> >attack, similar to the two previous attacks on me of August
> >15, 1999 and February 10, 2000. As in the two previous
> >attacks the sequence was the same. A sudden sensation of
> >great internal body heat developing in under 60 seconds,
> >leading to profuse sweating, nausea and weakness. As
> >before, this attack was also escalated to the point of my
> >losing consciousness, but for a much longer time. During
> >the previous attack on 8/15/00, I was so weak I had to lie
> >on the floor for 10 minutes but did not lose consciousness.
> >In the second attack of 02/10/00, I lost consciousness and
> >fell to the floor, remaining out for five seconds. During
> >this third attack I lost consciousness and fell to the
> >floor, remaining unconscious for 45 minutes. I also
> >sustained lacerations to scalp, hand and foot.
> > As in the previous two attacks I was rushed to an
> >Emergency Room, given the most thorough of medical
> >evaluations including an MRI, with the doctor again
> >pronouncing that no medical reason could be found for my
> >sudden body heating up and loss of consciousness.
> > The pattern here is detectable. The Cabal behind the rogue
> >UFO Cover-Up has defocused on harassing my family, and has
> >focused on me with increasingly dangerous assaults. In all
> >three attacks I was sitting inside a building at the time.
> >One wonders what will happen if they direct their attack on
> >me to the point of unconsciousness while I am driving alone
> >on a highway.
> > I hesitated almost two months before putting this latest
> >attack report on the Internet. It is not a comfortable
> >matter for me to share. Now I share it in the interest of
> >providing open testimony about the savagery in which the
> >Cabal continues to engage. It is also my purpose to advise
> >that if you hear down the line about any "accidental" crash
> >or death, you will know that it was probably not an
> >accident.
> > Spiritual protective measures are something I employ on a
> >daily basis since the second attack. It is perhaps not
> >coincidental that the only day I was not wearing my
> >spiritual protection in the past six months (because I was
> >at a mineral springs) was the very day of the attack. I
> >have intensified those spiritual protective measures, and
> >trust that Tunkasila and Unce Maka are more than a match
> >for rogue military-intelligence unit psychotronic weaponry
> >in the future.
> >
> > - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
> >
> >
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> >Sacramento, California 95822, United States of America.
> >Phone: (916) 422-7479 (PDT) E-mail:
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