Subj: psychotronic experiment
Date: 8/27/00 1:43:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

THe idea with the cones is a good one. It is much easier to start with an object that is hanging, as opposed to one that is lying a on a surface. I started with just a length of thread, and worked up to a doing small objects that were suspended. The easiest ones to do are objects with a little weight to them, and actually holding the end of the rope, string, etc. You must be very careful not to move while doing ths, or you will be, of course, moving the object physically.It takes a little concentration.I started with a crystal necklace that I wear, but have used all sorts of things, and they can be any shape, even any household object. I can make them go in any direction, at different speeds. You can also make them stop, and go in a different direction. It's kind of fun. I have had very little luck with object that are not suspended, pretty much limited to very light objects, such as plastic bag material. I have trouble convincing myself that weight doesn't matter, I guess.