Subj: ****Electrostatic Weapon•StarWars Downs UFO in Colorado?? Here we go again!!!
Date: 8/25/00 2:15:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Well, we go again!

For those who have followed my theory on ANTI-UFO (Star Wars) electrostatic weapons will know, the downing of flight 800 was NO Missile...and NOT an accident!

My paper on the Flight 800 "Electrostatic Weapon" located at Brookhaven (on Long Island NY) has one form or another, reached the attention of SOMEONE who is probably asking right now, "HOW IN THE HELL>>>DOES ANYBODY KNOW THIS!?"

Well, the fact is that Science...TRUE science, reaches its conclusions through LOGICAL REDUCTIVE processes. Given ALL the facts at hand the chance of this theory being right are very great! So much so, that, if we take the theory and apply it to OTHER similar circumstances/situations...then we MUST see some more'd think? And THAT is exactly what we find!

As a recap, I sent a different paper out about 10 days ago...contained within it was the report of FLASHES...FIREBALL-like phenomena seen near and around the UFO development/testing grounds in Western Australia...the NEW AREA 51!

Australia's resident expert on UFO/NWO/Free Energy related factoids, Stan Deyo of Perth Australia, has reported that this is the area that HE was first brought to test radical technologies BY those VERY SAME NWO techno-nazis during his Pro NWO period (see my paper on Stan Deyo).

Well, those sightings only support the supposition that the REAL purpose of the STAR WARS arsenals is ANTI UFO deterrents. After all...HOW could we have UFOs and NOT have developed deterrents to those very same devices! I myself, as well as many others, have seen UFOs (both Triangles and Discs operating virtually on TOP of secret bases and other military installations in the US, England, Belgium, Australia and other NATO-friendly countries!

The development of Star Wars DEFENSIVE installations can be SURE TO FOLLOW the implementation of an Ultra-Top Secret UFO/Advanced alien tech center! The facility in Western Australia is NO exception! This is the FIRST THING that even a dimwitted military-industrialist advanced weapons development team WOULD DO! And these guys are anything but dull! Remember...they wanted the "BEST of the BEST"

This brings us to some BREAKING NEWS from Colorado. First refresh yourself...on these facts (covered in my "Electrostatic Weapon" paper). Nicola Tesla...the first Earthman to develop CONTROLLED STATIC PLASMA (think "ball lightening") did extensive research into Resonance. ALL phenomena revolves around these TWO principles, Resonance (harmonic motion) and Non-resonant (or...Non-Harmonic motion) phenomena!

Tesla's most important research into the phenomena was accomplished at his famous Colorado Springs research facility/tower in...guess where? Colorado Springs Colorado. And WHY? Because Colorado Springs is about 2 miles high! This means that Ionization (electric/gas resonance) can take place in an optimal environment (rarefied atmosphere frees up more electrons...for IONIZATION)...think about that layer of atmosphere...a little higher up...the ISPHERE).

Anyway, his created CONTROLLED BALL LIGHTENING at this facility. Is it ANY WONDER that the US has a HIGH ENERGY RESEARCH FACILITY at Colorado Springs? And we have a VERY PROBABLE UFO tech development center...and what do we see? the news article/comments below! It seems people have been seeing FIREBALLS and SOMETHING CRASHING!

Could the double explosion have been a UFO...shot out of the sky?! Is this an ongoing battle? If so...against...WHO? WHY? And WHY aren't we being told (why aren't we being told ANYTHING...they ARE using our tax dollars!!!) Is it possible that we are shooting down the GOOD GUYS...who refuse to help BABYLON's elite war mongers to build weapons of destruction? Are we gaining GRAY technology from our TREATY-signed allies...the scum of the Galaxy (any galaxy), the GRAYS? And are we shooting at THEIR enemies?

These are VERY IMPORTANT questions! Please take the time to educate yourselves. Read Margaret Cheney's very humanistic (but not very scientifically-insightful ) but well documented book on Nicola Tesla, "Man Out of Time." Also read the book "UFO Encounters : The Brookhaven and Carp Incidents." (The book discusses the crash and implications of a US underground plasma beam weapon used to shoot down these UFOs).

Until the next time you see a Green Flash in the sky...(or get more e-mail from me...the latter more likely)



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And yet another report of fireballs,? UFOs?, or meteors? coming down on the
Front Range of Colo. As usual contradictions and derogatory statements are
coming out. Will be interesting to here what Colo. MUFON and others get on
this. Sounds alot like the Seattle Wash. and west coast sightings. There is
a concentration of random meteors? coming down over this area the last 2
years in an area of major military installations.

Denver Post - Jan 12, 1998

> [The Denver Post Online] Light, boom a mystery
> By Jim Hughes
> [Today's News] Denver Post Staff Writer
> Jan. 12 - A mysterious object lit up the night
> sky up and down the Front Range early Sunday -
> then startled witnesses with a deafening
> explosion.
> There was no official explanation about the
> object Sunday. Military spokesmen denied the
> object was a military aircraft. Local
> scientists speculated it could have been a
> meteor or an illegal firework.
> Douglas County resident Gunter Harz witnessed
> the phenomenon around 12:15 a.m.
> "All of a sudden, there was an impact that
> shook our house and then a double explosion
> immediately after the impact," Harz said. "I
> don't know if a meteorite makes that noise, but
> I do know that my house was shaking ."
> Residents from Colorado Springs to Denver
> flooded area police dispatchers and military
> operators with calls about the object.
> But the phenomenon was not related to
> activities at any of the military installations
> around Colorado Springs, according to
> spokespeople for U.S. Space Control at Cheyenne
> Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base.
> "There was nothing that would have created a
> loud noise or explosion," said Lt. Jason
> Medina, a Peterson Air Force Base spokesman.
> Katy Garmany , director of the University of
> Colorado's Fiske Observatory in Boulder, said
> the object could have been a meteor. But
> meteors normally burn up 20 to 40 miles in the
> sky and don't emit any sound.
> "You have to consider the possibility that
> somebody was shooting off some high-grade
> illegal fireworks," she said.
> Jack Murphy, curator of geology for the Denver
> Museum of Natural History, said he thinks the
> object may have been one of the rare meteors
> that infiltrates the atmosphere and burns up
> closer to the ground. And if that was the case,
> scientifically valuable pieces of the meteor
> may have landed in the area, he said.
> The loud sound many people heard probably was a
> sonic boom, he said.
> Murphy said it would probably take him a few
> days to identify the object.
> "It's going to complicate my life for a few
> days," he said.
> The last big fireball that came this close to
> the ground in Colorado was recorded by a
> security video camera in Colorado Springs in
> 1995, he said. That same camera recorded
> Sunday's event, too, he said.
> The videotape, combined with testimony from
> witnesses, should help scientists figure out
> precisely what happened, he said. He is hoping
> that witnesses - particularly people east and
> west of Colorado Springs - will call his
> office.
> If fireworks were the cause, they were bigger
> than most found at Fourth of July celebrations,
> said Atom Abbott , who said he saw the
> phenomenon shortly after midnight from Downtown
> Denver.
> "It was a big, blue fireball," he said. "I
> thought it was a plane crashing, at first."
> Abbott's visual report was confirmed by others
> who claimed to see a white or blue light
> speeding through the sky early Sunday morning.
> Larry Sanders of Denver said Sunday morning's
> event was more dramatic than meteors he has
> seen before, he said. He was driving in Weld
> County after midnight when he saw what he
> described as "a very large bright light that
> lit up the clouds and several smaller,
> secondary explosions." Although a variety of
> military installations monitor the skies over
> Colorado, nobody other than the occasional
> astronomer looks for incoming objects from
> space, said Cmdr. David Knox of the U.S. Space
> Command unit at Cheyenne Mountain outside of
> Colorado Springs.
> "I don't want to say it was a meteorite,
> because I don't know," he said. "All I can say
> is it wasn't one of the 8,000 objects that we
> track." The agency monitors all objects "bigger
> than a softball" in Earth orbit, he said.
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