Subj: Flight #800 Final Report of 8/23/00Complete Coverup
Date: 8/24/00 1:46:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Just watched C-SPAN at 3:00 am EDT covering report of reaction by
Independent Research Team re just released NTSB report of 8/3/00 on

The spokesman David Neal and Chairman Tom Stalcap spoke (plus one victim
family member Marge Gross that spoke) are not paid to do this
investigation for more than two years. Tom is a Physicist.


1. Evidence does not support report.
2. Evidence kept in two separate hangars, much of which reveals an
3. 400 deg. molten metal on plane show explosion.
4. Large radar evidence 10 miles south of crash never identified. Also
radar reveals something left the plane at Mach 2 speed.
5. FBI still has hidden evidence re shrapnel inside victims, etc.,
denying access to family re autopsies.
6. CIA animation of 12/97 completely fraudulent.
7. Of 755 witnesses they interviewed, 183 saw something streaking
surface to plane of which 96 were officially recognized but called
8. Would not allow eyewitnesses to speak while making disparaging
remarks of the eyiewitnesses.
9. Eyewitnesses removed forcibly from meetings
9. Center tank NOT the cause.
10. Civil action can be taken.
11. Serious problem that we are not getting the truth and too few care
to expose truth. Dangerous.

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