Subj: Olympic Games
Date: 8/23/00 10:16:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent!

Just wanted to add a bit to the letter on your site today.

Indeed the Sydney Games are the games of slaughter mentioned in the quatrain.

The Sydney Olympic site is built on land that used to be occupied by an abbatoir. I have friends near Sydney that confirmed this some time ago with me. I did hear at one stage that the Rockefellers had an interest in those abbatoirs, but I have not been able to confirm that part. Real good energy for the Games, eh?

Already the slaughter has begun. The Concorde that went down....the people on that plane were part of a tour going to NY and on by ship to Carribean for a week or so, and then on to Sydney for the Games....a package tour.

Meanwhile, I have never seen such a push on terrorism as being pushed in Sydney right now. Our new law changes to allow Army to do a police job in various instances is just part of the issue we are seeing here. We have also been warned of a late flu epidemic to strike (we didn't get the one predicted at the start of the season) and how it will affect the athletes (hmmmm....couldn't be the planes spraying around could it?). They expect the athletes to have problems with hayfever and asthma because of our native pollens here too.

I have not taken much notice of the medals, though I have seen pics of them on tv recently, but not up close. I will look around and see if I can find a pic to send you.

This is getting rather interesting!