Subj: Stationary Pluto
Date: 8/22/00 10:28:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

Interesting that the planet Pluto was/is stationing direct while a wave
of Plutonian information surfaced. In astrological terms, Pluto
represents aspects of concealment, darkness, mass destruction, unlimited
and ruthless power. It also has symbolic connections with shadow
government agencies, terrorism and all things underground. In many ways
a Shiva-like daemon, but with more of Kali's penchant for destruction.

Pluto stations occur twice a year, when Pluto *appears* to change from
retrograde motion to direct motion (or vice versa). Like braking a car
before shifting from reverse to forward, Pluto appears to come to a
standstill for two weeks. All planets do this, yet due to Pluto's
distance, it appears to stand still (station) much longer. From an
astrological perspective, planetary stations tend to exaggerate the
symbolism associated with the planet. I have yet to be convinced that
there is any causal connection, but there certainly is a synchronistic
one. Pluto stations usually coincide with major events - particularly of
a destructive nature. In 1994, we saw the World Trade Center bombing
just hours before Pluto changed directions.

Almost everything posted on Orbit over the past week has Pluto's
fingerprints all over it. I found the melatonin thread invoking the Lord
of Darkness enough to raise the hair on the back of my neck:

> Melatonin is the Hormone of Darkness.
> Charon ferries us across the river to the House of Darkness
> being Hades or Pluto the distant dark planet

Love your site!