Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 14:13:49 -0700

Likely EM/RF Weapons Attack On NewsHawk//
--Our Service May Shut Down

Please reprint, re-post and republish as far and wide as possible

Well it's official; or darn close to it.

We've had it confirmed by a radio electronics expert using sophisticated
equipment that the principal behind the NewsHawk operation -- that's me, =
Quinn -- is apparently being subjected to a continual assault from a
"directed energy" weapon, using electromagnetic/radio-frequency technolog=

NewsHawk has published investigative articles about things like this so
often, apparently feds decided I needed a dose of it myself. And it seems
I'm getting it.

On-site research here by an electronics technician strongly suggests
that some sort of low-frequency signal (ELF/ULF) is being targeted at
me, which has the interesting effect of resonating with(in) the skeletal
structure, at which point it is converted into a subtle humming sound
then perceived by the inner ear; it is not transmitted as a normal audio
frequency which is heard by means of the body's normal auditory mechanism=

So--the question is: how could this be primarily affecting only myself,
although several others have in fact noticed the effect at times?

We've noted in our reports on the Montauk Project that state-of-the-art
EM/RF mind/mood control technology is said to have been developed to the
point where the specific electromagnetic "signature" of any individual
person (or just about any individual life-form for that matter) can be
isolated and codified, and that this unfortunate individual can then be
SPECIFICALLY targeted with precisely tuned frequencies which will affect
ONLY the targeted person(s), although there is apparently some impact on
people with similar genetic or physiological makeup and/or people in
close proximity to the target(s).

By all evidence, this is the kind of weapon that's being used against

It turns out in retrospect that this apparent assault has in fact been
going on for at least a year and a half, but evidently malevolent
system operators have amped up the gain of the signal transmission to
the point where the EM/RF bombardment has been hard not to notice, even
for some other people who are likely not directly targeted.

It's also a near-certainty that the signal is being transmitted by
satellite, as it's been picked up in widely separated locations.

Clearly, my journalistic activities in the past couple of years
are what precipitated this assault upon me. This latest, stepped-up
assault would seem clearly to have been brought about by the resumption
of our Internet news service--in particular, our articles about the
massive hi-tech weather war being carried out by the covert government.

Further investigation will be made into this apparent directed-energy
weapons activity directed against me. If the results show with relative
certainty that what seems to be going on IS in fact genuinely going on,
I will be placed in a difficult position.

Due to my life circumstances in general, it would be inadvisable for me t=
continue in activities which would have brought such an assault about.

Regretfully, if it becomes clear that I am being targeted with EM/RF
weaponry, it will be necessary for me to discontinue NewsHawk's news serv=

I deeply hope that this action won't be necessary on my part, but unless
the activities I'm now being targeted with cease, I will probably be left
with no other choice.

At this time I fervently urge the NewsHawk readers, who have given such
strong and helpful support to our efforts, to re-post this notice to the
far and wide, in hopes of bringing greater public attention to the
intentionally evil outrages being carried out by our "Fourth Reich"
federal government using this truly frightening technology.

John Quinn/
NewsHawk=AE Inc.

If we do shut down in the near future, money received for subscriptions
will be pro-rated for the amount of time the service was in operation,
and the balance returned to the senders.