Subj: Hall of Records & The Children of the Law of One

Let me first start of by saying that I Am extremely grateful for the work
all of you do. Your focus, effort, and perseverance are paying off in a big
way. The information you share has had a huge impact in my life which has
allowed me to pass on the wisdom to others that I Am in contact with. I wish
to thank all from the bottom of my heart!

Many of you may or may not be aware of the famous healer & physic, Edgar
Cayce. This man through his ability
To focus energy would enter a trance state and have complete access
universal consciousness. He was able to heal illnesses in the sick. Not only
was he able to suggest cures, he had the ability to actually give the
prescription for the cure and tell where the prescription could be located.

Edgar Cayce predicted that The ancient Hall of Records would be revealed
sometime near the end of the 20th century. We all Know that they have not
been revealed yet, or have they? Read on.

Another prediction made by Cayce was that a man named John Peniel would
write a book in 1998. In this book, Cayce stated that the information
contained within could or would change the world. Sure enough in 1998, Jon
Peniel wrote the book, The Children Of The Law Of One & The Lost Teachings
of Atlantis.

I bring attention to this material as it has not gained the respect it
deserves. This is it folks! The answers to all the
Planets problems. What problems? Starvation, mass death, inhumane
Killings, pestilence, dis-ease, famine, environmental destruction, poverty,
total wealth by the elite few. You name it, Look around and you'll see it.
If you have eyes to see. The root of all evil is selfishness. And the TRUTH
is most of us are selfish. I know for a Fact
That I am. I am not perfect nor do I claim to be, but we do not have to be
perfect to speak of perfection. So the best we can strive for is Balance.
Universal law-cause & effect. Understand the universe and you will
understand yourself and know who you are! We are the microcosm of the macro
universe. We are part of it. God is the universe and we are within it. And
God is within us. We Are ONE. Please, Never forget that. God is always
with You! All Ways.

The A.R.E institute has clarified this information in the Edgar Cayce
readings. "If you have been waiting know the
Contents of the legendary Hall Of Records, this is a must reading".

There are people in this world searching for this information. For Truth!
But the truth is, all truths are only half truths. The only truth there is,
is that the Truth is not constant. It is constantly changing. This
information needs to get out to the masses and unfortunately I do not have a
web site. So here's my selfish nature kicking in. I Am requesting that if
you decide to read this material and it resonates in your heart, mind, and
soul, please find a small place in your heart and on your website with a
link to this Material so that all will have access to its valuable message.
If this email helps even one individual to transcend selfishness and find
there way home, it was worth it! If you can accomplish this, you will be
connected with all there is. UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS! Heaven on Earth!

Unfortunately, the monastery that John Peniel studied as a monk at in Tibet
was destroyed by a Military Attack. It was at a time during May, they call
WEESAK. Many of the great enlightened masters, and students were
slaughtered in the attack. Some Obliterated by high tech weaponry. He did
confirm in his book that it was not the Chinese, but wouldn't go on to say
who committed such violence for fear of even more. Little did we hear
About this massacre. There are certain individuals who have such extreme
power that they would kill anyone associated with disrupting the status quo.
More and more are we seeing this as Indian reservations are being taken over
with great force. The military is moving into well known grid point
locations where a natural clean free energy can be harnessed that would
change the world. It's in this book. They are literally destroying our
heritage. Ever more amazing, when this book was published, its publisher
mysteriously was shut down for not making payments on its sales. Need I go
on. The people in darkness are determined to stop such information to the
public at all costs!!!! They are killing our teachers, our brothers and our
sisters. This information violates scientific theory. It is freedom from
bondage to those who understand its contents. It gives the power back to
you, the people. The technology is here, and no longer is it just for the
"elite" few.

Please pass it on this information to all you know who will benefit from it.
Emphasize the importance of its contents. Teach you children its wisdom. Be
wisdom yourself. Be caring, kind and compassionate to all others
It's fun. It actually feels good! Even if you don't read the material. It
can't hurt.