Subj: Little Pebble & Russian Sub Issue
Date: 8/21/00 11:16:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Jason Largent)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has been speaking to me - and She has revealed very
much in this short time - not only personal things, but She also explained
to me where the nuclear problem is; it is in the Northern Seas, near Norway.
It has something to do with the Russians. Our Lady said that they have
nuclear-powered ships or U-boats that are very weak - rusting - and it will
cause a melt-down; that this will cause a great disturbance upon all of
Europe and unsettle the world.

The above is from the little pebble website - messages about our solar
system- dated May 4, 1996, message 515.

Seems quite interesting given the latest nuclear sub events. I nearly fell
out of my chair reading it. Feel free to post if you wish.