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Weather War Articles

Raging WildFires, Massive Weather Control Experiments: - A Connection

What connection might exist between the vast wildfires raging out of
control in much of the western U.S. (and other areas) and the ongoing,
extraordinarily extensive weather control and weather manipulation
operations being conducted in this country by factions of the U.S. Air
Force, the Navy (HAARP) and other clandestine government groups?

Could it be that weather conditions which are furthering the spread of
these fires are being deliberately aggravated by these weather control experiments?

And if so, then why?

This crucial subject will be explored in depth in an upcoming NewsHawk
report, featuring information obtained from certain people in a position
to know what the real deal is on this and related questions.

Stay tuned!

John Quinn/
NewsHawk® Inc.


Unprecedented Floods Devastate NJ--Fed Weather War To Blame?//
--Western WildFires Being Deliberately 'Stoked'

NewsHawk has obtained convincing evidence that the severe weather
conditions which have greatly exacerbated the raging wildfires in the
Western U.S. are being intentionally intensified by clandestine
government weather control operations. Clearly, the intentions are
malignant in every conceivable way.

Additionally, it's well-known that smoke from forest and brush fires can
lead to a subsequent increase in precipitation; generally downwind from
the fires themselves unless the air is relatively still, which it most
definitely is NOT in the western U.S. lately.

In fact, deliberate intensification of surface AND upper-level winds at
the western edge of the North American continent (for reasons which will
be explored further in upcoming reports here) by means of
extraordinarily wide-scale electromagnetic and chemical-based weather
manipulations (including HAARP transmissions and chemtrail spraying) is
a major reason the western fires have grown so tremendously vast and destructive.

The question now: have feds have furthered the spread of these fires in
part to generate those vast quantities of particulate matter lifted high
into the upper atmosphere and carried eastward on the prevailing winds;
which would almost certainly result in tremendous increases in
precipitation when these airborne particulates interact with the much
more moist body of air of the east coast of the U.S.?

Furthermore, exactly what agendas are motivating feds in terms of the
immediate and direct effect these vast blazes will have on the western
states? In short, are human inhabitants being deliberately "burned out"
of the entire region, perhaps permanently, in pursuit of some covert
agenda to close off vast tracts of land from human habitation?

Again, these aspects will be explored further in upcoming reports,
featuring information relayed to us by sources with knowledge of the
issues and activities noted.

NewsHawk® Inc.

WIRE:08/13/2000 22:56:00 ET
Jersey towns deal with aftermath of
torrential rain

SPARTA, N.J. (AP) _ Residents of two northern New Jersey towns were
evacuated Sunday and others were put on alert in the wake of torrential
downpours that washed out bridges and roads, broke through a dam and
prompted fears of mudslides. Officials estimated that Saturday"s
downpour, which dumped more than 14 inches of rain on the area around
Sparta, caused hundreds of million of dollars in damage. "It was just
water and trees and boulders coming everywhere," said Sparta resident
Terry Preskar Earl. The storm caused about $166 million in damage in
Sussex County alone, the area hit hardest by the storm, said Phil
Morlock, the county"s health and public safety administrator. Gov.
Christie Whitman flew over the soaked counties Sunday morning to view
the destruction. Her spokesman said officials would have a preliminary
damage estimate Monday. In Sparta, officials evacuated some Main Street
homes on Sunday because they feared mudslides. Several Sparta homes were
already blocked on one side by a mudslide and on the other by a road
that had become a brown river. Firefighters used ladders and ropes to
ferry residents across the fast-moving current. Homes in Hackettstown
also were being evacuated and other area residents were put on alert.
"Everybody"s got what we call a `heads up,"" said Patrick Rivoli,
director of the Warren County Office of Emergency Management.



Weather War Intensifies, Devastation Ensues

The malevolent weather war being waged against the North American
continent by deranged psychopaths in the federal government, using a
combination of HAARP and other electromagnetic transmissions as well as
widespread chemtrail spraying, has been intensified greatly in the past
couple of days.

Over the Pacific Ocean and along the west coast, this deadly combination
of weather manipulation technologies has whipped the upper-level and
surface winds into a furious raging frenzy, which in turn has pushed the
already fearsome wildfires raging across vast areas of the western
states to terrifying new levels of destruction and utter devastation.

Since Sunday night, when fed forces began kicking their weather war into
higher gear, thousands of firefighters and their equipment in the
western states have been blown aside like so much straw as the
gargantuan infernos exploded across the landscape, consuming countless
tens of thousands of acres in this latest stage of thus massive disaster.

To the east, torrential rains, resulting from huge quantities of
airborne particulate matter from fires carried eastward to interact with
tremendously moister bodies of air, are threatening to wash away serious
amounts of real estate in some eastern states. What's more, the rain
clouds over much of the eastern U.S. are being deliberately pumped up by
means of yet more chemical and electromagnetic weather control
operations to intensify THAT disaster.

Our ongoing research has revealed solid evidence that both the
electromagnetic and chemical-based weather control activities which have
caused winds in the west to rage so fiercely have been SEVERELY
intensified in the past 48 hours. Feds, WE ARE WATCHING, and we know
what you're up to! What's harder to comprehend is exactly WHY the
vicious lunatics in clandestine branches of the federal government are
determined to use their state-of-the-art weather control technologies in
such a manner--but there is absolutely NO doubt whatsoever that this IS
in fact what's going on.

About a year and a half ago, the Air Force publicly claimed at a
Washington D.C. press conference that their aim was to "own the weather"
by the year 2025. In conversations NewsHawk held recently with someone
with substantial Air Force connections who serves as a consultant to the
HAARP Project, we were told point blank that in fact, the Air Force for
the most part already DOES "own the weather"... NOW.

And look what they're doing to (with) it!!

John Quinn/
NewsHawk® Inc.

WIRE:08/15/2000 01:19:00 ET
Wildfires Rage Across Western United
States, Canada

BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - Wildfires raged across 13 western U.S. states
and into western Canada, as tinder-dry conditions and high winds kept
whipping up more blazes, putting the total at 82 large fires,
authorities said. About two-thirds of the 919,710 acres burning were in
Idaho and Montana, while Wyoming and Nevada also reported large
stretches of land in flames Monday. Seventy-six large fires were burning
on Sunday. "We"re still getting dry lightning in lots of places. Today
is a benign weather day, but tomorrow the winds are expected to pick
up," said E. Lynn Burkett of the National Fire Information Center.
Lightning strikes in tinder dry conditions are a common cause of fires.
"When the fires get so big, they create their own weather, sucking
oxygen and pushing winds around," Burkett added. The winds can be
especially dangerous because they hurl flying embers into the air, which
can defeat the arduous work of digging fire lines around blazes. So far
this year 4.8 million acres (1.92 million hectares) have burned in the
United States, twice the average seen in the past 10 years. The
20,000-plus U.S. firefighters on duty will get some help when
experienced crew bosses from Australia and New Zealand are dispatched to
Montana on Tuesday, Burkett said. Firefighting efforts have been
hampered by a lack of sufficient numbers of supervisors to direct fire
crews, including U.S. military personnel. In all, Canada, Australia, New
Zealand and Mexico have sent 500 personnel to help fight the fires. Most
of the firefighting focus has been on Montana, where 23 large fires were
engulfing 367,531 acres (147,012 hectares), and on Idaho, where another
23 blazes were reported burning 267,858 acres (107,143 hectares).
Montana Gov. Marc Racicot over the weekend ordered as many as 8 million
acres (3.25 million hectares) of public land -- representing an area the
size of Vermont -- closed except to people with special permits. Some
1,400 homes remain evacuated in the Bitterroot Valley, south of
Missoula. The lightning storms that sparked havoc in Montana and Idaho
have also caused problems in neighboring British Columbia where crews
aided by water-bombing aircraft were fighting more than 350 fires, many
in the southeastern corner of the province. "Firefighters are extremely
busy and extra resources are being brought in," said Cathy Piezza, of
the British Columbia Forestry Ministry. "Most (of the fires) are small
and in remote areas, but there are several of concern," she said. Eight
blazes were reported in Wyoming with 120,460 acres (48,184 hectares)
engulfed and Nevada had 11 fires burning 123,310 acres (49,324
hectares). Firefighters were also battling blazes in California,
Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington state. A
helicopter pilot was killed on Sunday in Nevada, bringing to 12 number
of firefighters killed battling the blazes in the U.S. this year.


Logging Restrictions NOT A Cause Of Huge Wildfires

Paid fed disinformants working in mass media have been cranking up their
propaganda machine in regard to the "reasons" behind the gargantuan
wildfires consuming vast tracts of land in western North America.

Seemingly in response to our recent reports on evidence that government
weather control activities are doing much to deliberately worsen the
prevailing weather conditions in the western U.S. during this period of
time, a number of articles have been suddenly appearing in establishment
media mouthpieces, claiming that the primary cause of the unprecedented
ferocity of the recent blazes is the woeful mismanagement of federal
lands: namely, that the prevention of clear-cutting and rape-and-pillage
logging has led to, well, too many trees in the woods, I guess; at which
time, apparently, they then just somehow spontaneously and mysteriously burst
into flame.

A perfect example of the kind of foolish nonsense being disseminated in
such news reports is excerpted below, by one Anne Hayes and published
nationwide via the Scripps-Howard News Service.

The author of this piece has written some of the most deluded, misguided
and idiotic blather I've ever had the misfortune to read in regard to
wilderness management policies, esp. as related to wildfires.

Perhaps this moron is simply brain-dead, or has had intentional
disinformation on this complex subject fed to her (perhaps without her
own knowledge) so that such pernicious disinformation would be dispersed
through the mainstream, establishment media into the brains of the
public, just as it now HAS been.

Most likely, however, this author has intentionally written and
published such half-witted garbage for the purpose of further misguiding
the public on the true causes of the extraordinarily severe wildfires
raging in western north America, because she's serving as a paid
disinformation agent of the covert occupation government.

Just a brief example of her stupidity: the author continually rants
about how intensive logging and clear-cutting, which IN FACT has led to
catastrophic flooding, landslides and habitat destruction in the MANY
areas where it HAS been allowed, is subject to certain restrictions on
some publicly-owned lands, and that such restrictions are a primary
reason current wildfires are burning so severely.

Exactly WHO does this moron think was clear-cutting the forests several
hundred years ago, before the advent of Europeans on the continent? The
forests, by the author's own accounting, were doing just fine then; and
fires, as she noted, tended to burn themselves out in due course. Yet
the forests had NEVER been logged back in those times--AT ALL!

The REAL reasons the wildfires are now burning with such unprecedented
ferocity are:
-prevailing weather conditions are being deliberately and CONTINUALLY
exacerbated by relentless, ongoing federal weather control operations,
as our recent reports have been pointing out;

-many blazes are being intentionally set by paid gov't provocateurs;

-firefighting efforts are deliberately mishandled, although generally
without the knowledge of those in the field.

There is also collusion in much of all this on the part of giant timber
companies, who end up with sweetheart deals to go in to burned-out
forests and do "salvage logging:" a laughable categorization which is
basically an open ticket for them to cut every single tree in the
designated area. In short, a way to clear-cut.

John Quinn/
NewsHawk® Inc.
A disaster
> Copyright © 2000 Nando Media
> Copyright © 2000 Scripps Howard News Service
> By ANNE M. HAYES Scripps Howard News Service
> Years of federal mismanagement to appease environmental interests - mainly,
> refusing to
> cut or clear any trees at all - has left the national forests in a state where overcrowded
> and dead and dying trees have created a disastrous and precarious situation.
> Trees and
> debris have created fuel ladders that threaten even healthy trees; that is, an
> older, healthy
> forest can withstand and survive a fire if the fire merely clears low-lying
> brush and
> grasses but leaves the crowns of larger trees intact.
> But the same is not true when dead and dying trees are not cleared. Fires that would
> normally stay close to the ground can "climb" up these trees and reach the
> crowns of
> healthy trees, consuming them.
> These fires don't just "burn out." They rage so hot and so large that they can "leap"
> across vast expanses of land and burn whole landscapes.


EM/RF Weather Control and Western Fires

We thank Joe Bowling for his interesting and timely observations on this
subject, reprinted below.

Joe describes a phenomena he observed in Montana, in which phone lines
with no direct contact to the earth or other materials like metal
(structures) and unconnected to any source of electrical power, were
being powerfully charged up with electrical energy. A number of others
have noted this precise effect, and we have as well, in Northern
California and in Oregon.

There is in fact only one way this can happen--through electromagnetic
induction via EM/RF transmissions. According to a HAARP consultant who
has divulged other information to us, this phenomenon noted by Joe is a
direct result of extremely high-powered HAARP transmissions targeting
the western U.S.

To be sure, federal land management policies are to some degree a factor
in what is happening to western forest lands right now: as Joe noted,
the "let-it-burn" methods and recent reductions in firefighting crews
combining with excessive buildup of dead wood, along with the usual
summer heat and dryness.

The main "reason," however, is the massive, relentless and constant
weather control manipulation being implemented by covert (and OVERT)
factions of the federal government.

Readings taken over the past couple of days show that
weather-modification EM/RF transmissions are being driven at
previously-unrecorded high levels of power.

These transmissions are being pumped at such high gain levels at this
time that a clearly audible tone or audio "artifact" can actually be
heard across much of the northwest coast of North America: somewhat
similar it seems to the well-known "Taos hum."

Confidential sources have told NewsHawk that HAARP and other related
technologies are being used to manifest a "virtual Venturi device" on a
gigantic scale in the upper atmosphere. Science students will remember
that a Venturi device can separate warmer air from cooler air and
re-direct the different streams with great force. The whole deal is
being further intensified by chemtrail spraying of weather modifictaion
substances. THIS is one of the primary tactics currently being used in
the tremendously extensive and severe "weather war" being waged by
federal forces which is causing the western wildfires to become so
extremely destructive. Again, "more trees" due to minor reductions in
logging in some few areas are a VERY minor element of this entire mix.

Other sources have suggested to NewsHawk that, contrary to a supposition
we noted in an earlier article on this ever-more-crucial subject, one of
the probable hidden agendas behind burning up vast tracts of forest
lands is, in fact, to make these regions EASIER to develop for mass
human habitation in the future.

The supposed reasoning behind this, is that rising sea levels from the
now-irrefutable and steadily-intensifying global warming will within
several years destroy the habitat of a huge percentage of humanity--by
submerging the coastal plains of North America and the rest of the
world, whereupon such large percentages of the human race now reside.

These western forest lands are at an elevation and inland location which
makes them relatively safe from the rising sea levels engendered by
global warming, and once "cleared" of forests will be vastly easier to
develop for mass human habitation.

Could this possible explanation of the agenda behind massive weather
control operations correct, and true? Unfortunately we cannot answer
that question at this point.

John Quinn/
NewsHawk® Inc.

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 01:38:45 -0500
From: Joe Bowling
To: John Quinn
Subject: electromagnetic energy and fires Possible observation of an
artificially produced electromagnetic phenomenon

You mention electromagnetic energy being used in weather manipulation. I
(and others) did note a phenomenon which can only be explained by
electromagnetic energy, while working in Eastern Montana (Roosevelt
County, to be specific).

A Little background:
I am a scientist (Geologist) with some background in physics and
chemistry. I also have four years experience as a firefighter. I make my
living by evaluating rock samples on an oil rig, while the well is being
drilled. Small (domestic) oil companies help our national security,
there have been no environmental disasters in the Williston Basin (the
region I work in), or I'd be doing something different to earn my pay.

Be that as it may, I remember enough physics to know that the only way
to get a shielded, four conductor, outdoor phone line about 150 ft. long
to charge up, like a capacitor, when it is disconnected from all
potential power sources is through electromagnetic induction. The
phenomenon was noted when there was an arc from the shielding (while the
phone line was connected) to a conductor terminal in a standard four
wire to modular connector junction box, such as those used in most
houses. Please note that the arcing produced a loud 'snap', loud enough
to awaken me from a nap in a bunk at the other end of the mobile lab
(noisy place), some 20 ft. away, while my partner was watching the gas
detectors. The wires were then disconnected from the phone line coming
in from the pedestal; there was some concern about damaging the phone
which was hooked up. All four conductors and the shielding each
subsequently obtained a sufficient charge to deliver an uncomfortable
shock or arc about three centimeters to a ground. This happened
repeatedly--the conductors were discharged, could be handled without
shock, and recharged within a minute or two to their previous charge
level. The only voltmeter available was not functioning correctly, so no
readings were obtained. We (I was not alone in noting the phenomenon)
even checked to make sure the jacket of the line was not worn through
and in contact with any metal which may have been a source of power
through bad grounding. That can happen on an oil rig, but was not the
case. The jacket and conductors' individual insulations were intact. The
center 75 feet remained suspended about 15 feet above ground, tied in
place with dry, nonconductive material. The only possible, reasonable?,
explanation is that a thunderstorm some 5 to 10 miles south may have had
some effect, but if other data show that there may another cause, I
would like to know about it. Call it scientific curiosity, if you will.

While I cannot wholly agree that the absence of limited clearcutting is
not a factor in the severity of the fires in the American west, I firmly
believe that the stage has been carefully set by federal policy for the
fires out west to be of the magnitude they are. Decisions made at
Cabinet level and above have caused fuel loads to be at record highs,
firefighting infrastructure at a low, and some fires (like Los Alamos)
have been the direct result of federal action (they set that one).
Unemployment will cause someone to leave a line of work, as those of us
in the domestic oil industry know, and "let it burn" policies have
reduced the job opportunities for career forest firefighters, and thus
the number of experienced firefighters trained sufficiently to act in a
supervisory capacity.

Rumor has it that dwellings have been burned after people have been
evacuated on short notice with none of their posessions or documents as
part of 'backfire' areas. The list goes on, all in lockstep with an
administration which deeply desires to remove people from the land as
much as possible.

Please understand that this is not harassment, nor intended to be an
aggravation. As a scientist, I just want to see the data for the last
week of July, for eastern Montana, to try and find a correlation between
the phenomenon which I and others observed and artificially produced
electromagnetic energy.

Thank You,
Joe Bowling


Not fooling with Nature= better rice crop/
--Factor In WildFire Epidemic Noted

Tucked away in this article is some information regarding one example of
widespread wildlands mismanagement--though certainly not any enacted to
appease environmentalists--which has INDEED led to a condition which
most likely is contributing to the severity of western wildfires this summer.

I'm not referring at all to any government land management policies
supposedly enacted to appease environmentalists, such as reducing
wholesale for-profit logging of PUBLICLY-OWNED lands by private timber
companies, with much government collusion; but rather I refer to the
timber company practice of REPLACING existing, deeply DIVERSE and
NON-monocultural native aboriginal forests, after they've been
annihilated by rapacious clear-cutting practices, with huge expanses of
real estate replanted or reforested with a SINGLE variety of tree. In
short, monoculture; precisely the agricultural practice which the
article below points out has proven to be a non-productive and
undesirable one in every imaginable way.

Let's see what Oregon State University plant pathologist Christ Mundt
said which can be directly applied to the current wildfire conditions.

...'Though more research is needed to pinpoint why, it appears that the
alternating rows of different varieties thwarted the spread of rice
blast, Mundt said. "One way of thinking about this monoculture would be
kind of like a field of dry grass (OR a stand of trees!-NH): Drop a
match in it. There is nothing to stop the fire from moving through it,"
Mundt said. "A mixed population is like a field of dry grass and wet
grass. Drop a match one there and it is going to be slowed down. It will
burn up a dry grass patch, then hit a wet one." '...


NewsHawk® Inc.

WIRE:08/16/2000 15:29:00 ET
Study: Not fooling with Mother Nature
brings better rice crop

Chinese farmers who abandoned the modern
practice of planting a single type of rice in their paddies and adopted
the more natural course of mixing varieties were rewarded with bigger
harvests, and they no longer had to spray expensive fungicides.

While the benefits of genetic diversity were known to Darwin, the study
serves as an important reminder at a time when agriculture is
increasingly looking to high-tech solutions, said Martin S. Wolfe of
Wakelyns Agroforestry in Pressingfield, England.

"This deceptively simple experiment deserves wide attention, partly
because of the principle that it illustrates, and partly because it may
never be repeated on such a scale," Wolfe wrote in a commentary on the
study, published in Thursday"s issue of the journal Nature.

Oregon State University plant pathologist Christ Mundt and colleagues
organized farmers in five townships in China"s Yunnan Province in 1998
to switch from planting a single variety of sticky rice _ a practice
known as monoculture _ to alternating rows of sticky rice with hybrid varieties.

Seeing their neighbors getting bigger harvests and saving money on
fungicide, farmers in 10 townships joined the experiment in 1999,
bringing the total area of farms switching to diverse planting to 8,255 acres.

Though the sticky rice brings a higher price, it is susceptible to a
fungus known as rice blast, which reduces yields and is generally
controlled by spraying with expensive chemicals. Planting different
varieties of rice in the same field cut the incidence of rice blast in
the sticky rice by 94 percent and increased yields by 89 percent.

Though more research is needed to pinpoint why, it appears that the
alternating rows of different varieties thwarted the spread of rice
blast, Mundt said. "One way of thinking about this monoculture would be
kind of like a field of dry grass: Drop a match in it. There is nothing
to stop the fire from moving through it," Mundt said. "A mixed
population is like a field of dry grass and wet grass. Drop a match one
there and it is going to be slowed down. It will burn up a dry grass
patch, then hit a wet one."

Oregon wheat farmers already plant a mix of varieties in their fields,
but rice farmers tend toward monoculture, because planting, harvesting
and selling the crop are easier with one variety. "I think our goal
should be to fool with Mother Nature as little as possible," Mundt said.
"Sometimes there is a simple fundamental fix that makes a whole lot more
sense than going for a real high-tech system."


Wildfires Worsen Severely//
--Hi-Tech Fed Weather War To Blame

"This is a very uncharacteristic, abnormal fire season" -- E. Lynn
Burkett, National Fire Information Centre.

We've been reporting on clear evidence, relayed to NewsHawk from a
variety of sources, that a terribly destructive hi-tech "weather war"
is being presently waged by covert elements of the U.S. government and
U.S. military.

Weather conditions furthering the spread of horrendous wildfires in the
U.S. and Canada, by ALL such available evidence and observations, are
currently being DELIBERATELY aggravated and exacerbated through the
continual, extensive application of such technology.

Involved in this assault, beyond any doubt whatsoever, is the HAARP
system, currently administered by the U.S. Navy.

Reliable sources have informed NewsHawk that a great number of new HAARP
installations have been constructed over the past several years, both
much smaller yet tremendously more powerful than the early Gakona,
Alaska site.

Other (government/military) EM/RF transmissions systems and sites are
suspected of being linked to the massive weather control activities
currently underway in North America this very day; in particular, ELF
and ULF transmission systems.

The weather control/manipulation operations being implemented by HAARP
and other networks are being boosted by chemical seeding, not ONLY
involving higher-altitude chemtrail spraying by what could only be "NWO
Air Force" jets, but also by lower-altitude weather control activities
being carried out by a fleet of somewhat older, twin-engine military
aircraft which are apparently deploying electromagnetic weather control
systems, chemical-based weather control systems, or BOTH.

Electromagnetic weather manipulations enacted by systems of such vast
scope as the HAARP project are an incredibly serious business which the
human race--that's ALL of us--had better be willing to confront head-on NOW.

Furthermore, other information we've seen strongly suggests that
chemical weather control is a tremendously more effective and advanced
technology than most people have any idea of.

A small example; during the crisis subsequent to the meltdown at the
Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union in 1986, the New York
Times reported that the Soviet government, using their existing military
technology and equipment, seeded the clouds in the entire region for a
period of months after the disaster with chemicals which would PREVENT
rain clouds from forming. The intention was to prevent massive
quantities of radioactive material from falling upon the area in the rainwater.

The technology worked perfectly. And THAT was in the Soviet Union, some
FOURTEEN years ago. It's an absolute certainty that huge advances in
such technologies have been made since then.

This is REAL, and this is NOW. Let's not forget the Air Force's pledge
to "own the weather"-- that's the PLANET'S weather, that's OUR
weather!--by the year 2025.

Many in the know say the Air Force AND Navy are already disturbingly
close to achieving that goal, twenty-five years early.

To sum up--there is no doubt that clearly malevolent weather control
activities of a tremendously widespread nature ARE being carried out

Exactly why this is happening is open to some debate: but the extent of
the operations and their clearly negative impact can only indicate VERY
ill intentions and evil agendas at work.

NewsHawk® Inc.

WIRE:08/18/2000 17:13:00 ET
Wildfires Unrelenting, Knock Out Power

BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - Wildfires raging across the U.S. West
intensified their relentless advance on Friday with stronger winds
whipping up even more of the blazes that have so far this year have
scorched an area the size of the state of Massachusetts.

Fires sweeping through Montana also knocked out two power lines that
carry electricity from the giant Colstrip power plant to the Northwest
and California. Officials said there were now 92 large fires burning
across 12 states, with 16 new blazes pushing resources to the limit.

"We are at maximum capacity with our people out there."

But there was no relief in sight for firefighters battling in the worst
fire season in nearly 50 years with weekend storms expected to bring
lightning strikes and gusty winds, which could spark even more blazes.
Burkett, working out of the National Interagency Fire Centre in Boise,
Idaho, said more than 1.1 million acres were burning across the country.

So far this year, fires have consumed more than 5.2 million acres --
more than double the 10-year average. The worst fires were in Idaho and
Montana, where one blaze near Townsend, Mont., about 30 miles southeast
of the state capital of Helena, caused two lines to automatically shut
down. These are the same lines that were temporarily knocked out by
blazes last week.

"The high speed relays tripped the lines, just like they"re supposed
to...field crews will have to assess the situation and recommend when
the lines can be re-energized," said an official at the Western Systems
Coordinating Council (WSCC) in Salt Lake City. Montana"s 27 fires
account for nearly half of the total area now burning in the United
States and prompted Gov. Marc Racicot to declare his state a disaster
area earlier this week.

Firefighting efforts there remained focused on a series of blazes that
have burned together in the Bitterroot Valley, south of Missoula,
threatening at least 1,500 homes.

In Idaho, 25 wildfires were burning across more than 420,000 acres,
forcing the closure of the 2.4 million-acre Frank Church River of No
Return Wilderness to public use. Some of these larger fires have posed
difficulties for firefighters because they are raging in steep, rugged
terrain that is difficult to reach. "It"s tough to get planes and
firefighters in," Burkett said.

More than 20,000 firefighters are battling the blazes, including about
2,900 U.S. regular military, National Guard and Reserve troops in one of
the biggest such military firefighter efforts in recent memory.
Firefighters from Canada, Mexico and as far away as Australia and New
Zealand are also pitching in to help contain fires expected to burn for months.

In Wyoming the southern entrance to Yellowstone National Park"s southern
entrance remained closed, officials said. But the rest of the popular
park was open except for a few trails and back-country areas. Elsewhere
in the state 13 fires were roaming through more than 169,000 acres,
including several blazes in Grand Teton National Park.


Fed Weather War Takes Out Wyoming

The mighty forest lands and range lands of western North America have
stood up to a lot.

To be sure, both ecosystems have already been rather extensively
devastated after decades of massive corporate welfare extended by feds:
to timber companies who raped, pillaged and clear-cut forests
practically to their hearts' content; and to ranchers, who've
over-grazed, denuded and destroyed huge expanses of grasslands.

Whatever was left, though, is being annihilated REALLY fast now, as a
result of the tremendously extensive hi-tech weather that feds are
waging against North America, apparently using any and all weather
control systems and technologies they have available.

The state of Wyoming is now pretty much gone, with more of the same to follow.

Did you think our reports on this subject over the past several days
were a joke, or that we didn't know what we were talking about? Frankly,
I WISH that were the case, but unfortunately, the massive weather war IS
a reality--and unless the American people begin to wise up to the
situation, it will only get worse.

These criminally-insane psychopaths at the helm of the New World Order,
for diabolical, demonic purposes, clearly mean to lay waste to vast
areas of the surface of the earth, beginning with western North America.

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WIRE:08/18/2000 20:33:00 ET
Wyoming Governor Declares State
Disaster Area

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Reuters) - Wyoming"s
governor declared his state a disaster area on Friday as wildfires
raging across the U.S. West intensified their advance in the worst fire
season in nearly 50 years.

Fires sweeping through Montana also knocked out two power lines that
carry electricity from the giant Colstrip power plant to the Northwest
and California. Officials said 92 large fires were now burning across 12
states, with 16 new blazes pushing resources to the limit.

This year fires have so far scorched an area the size of the state of
Massachusetts. "This is a very uncharacteristic, abnormal fire season,"
said E. Lynn Burkett of the National Fire Information Center. "We are at
maximum capacity with our people out there." But there was no relief in
sight for firefighters with weekend storms expected to bring lightning
strikes and gusty winds, which could spark even more blazes.