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Date: 8/18/00 9:24:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I wish I had the information that I have seen and read. No, I am sorry to say I don't have the complete information. But when I worked for LM I saw the site. The project was set up to experiement which changes the energy patterns of storms or wind shears. It could actually shift heat and cold enough to allow an airplane to glide through any type of wind by turning on this device. It acts like a shield and can be activated from a site away from the plane. Not much of this has ever been announced because it does appear to look like a lightening light ahead of the action of the device. I do know that on the day the plane that was going from Washington to France the "test" was being done. It was listed as a test for weather patterns. It is not permissable to test any kind of weaponary during peace time so a "name" for the test has to be given.

I think you understand this.

How does it work..?? well, I suppose that would be considered private information or propritary information.

I would be in deep trouble to have it wouldn't I? wrote:

<< I would like it if someone would check out the plant of Lockheed Martin's testing on the same day as all of these flashes of white light happening with
the downed air planes. This blocking of wind shear energy before a plane is
still in testing state even though it is installed on some planes.

Why has the "source" not been found? It is located in the middle of a river
somewhere in New Jersey..It has an under water location that houses many
testing sites. I don't have all the answers but.. add two and two..

Energy wave length that change the wind volosity.. electromagnetics on the
plane have to change.. what else..?? mis-read instruments?
Whoah, you have my weak-tech head spinning. Could you background me a little
on these experiments?