Subj: Re: Some comment on recent earth changes......
Date: 8/15/00 9:13:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time

>Most thoughtful comments. Posted under special heading:
>Some more expansive comment on recent earth changes
>I have been through many camps in my ramblings on this rock and had some
>strange experiences to boot. Seems like I'm constantly soul-searching, but
I have a strange quirk to personality: once I find what feels to be an
answer, I'll challenge nevertheless.
>I recently received a bothersome email and not sure to do with it. Could
you look it over for me? Opinions gratefully sought

G'Day Kent,

I can see why this email would bother you, since much of what it says
remains unverifiable. All you are left with is an strange feeling that
this guy is living a very exciting life reserved for the privileged few.
Name dropping never really impresses me much. But I do have this to offer
you, much of what is spoken about the UFO phenomena is true. There are no
less than 3 or 4 different types of UFO's. The first and most commonly
sighted are man-made anti-gravity tests and conventional craft mistaken for
ET craft. In truth man has back-engineered anti-gravity devices since
before 1945 with the aide of inter-dimensional fallen entities (these fallen
entities would be 5th dimensional spirits known in our day as demons and are
not to be confused with the ET which has flesh-and-blood). The ultimate
secret of this lies buried with the details surrounding Operation Paper

The second most widely sighted UFO's are what I call "negative"
Extraterrestrial in origin and operate on a "search and destroy" mission.
The usual neutrality of the vehicle is a dead give away. The inability of
the ET to inspire and connect with the deeper emotional cues of our great
spiritual traditions that tie in with the whole history and evolution of the
human race. These would be the fallen creations and NOT necessarily "demons"
(which are purely interdimensional) as suggested by mainstream religion.
They are definitely operated by flesh-and-blood physical aliens. (examples
would include the Gulf Breeze sightings; Mothman; Bigfoot; Chupacabra;
Greys; etc)

The third most commonly sighted or experienced are that of the galactic
brotherhoods. Ancient Kabbala called these the Great White
Brotherhood(GWB). Although this label refers to spiritual beings who have
advanced to such a state of pure enlightenment, they have graduated from a
blood-and-bone based existence to existence in pure "light-bodies" of a
higher physical nature; that they can travel and freely circumnavigate
throughout the entire galaxy. However, there are myriad physical
flesh-and-blood ET's who would fall under the umbrella group GWB. The major
and obvious distinction between negative ET's and the positive is that the
positive will ALWAYS demonstrate a profound connection with the human race.
A deep "musical" repore if you will and a deep sense of eternal purpose with
Love. They almost always appear as fleets of vehicles with a minimum of
three vehicles being seen briefly (the Billy Meier material would be an
example of appearances by those who fell out of the GWB and are presently
attempting to rejoin with their higher brothers and sisters by demonstrating
Love for the Human race; we know this because the contact ET was called
Semjaza who is mentioned as one of the fallen Sons of God in the old
testament) showing a higher interconnectedness, and higher plan and working
within a family, unlike the negative which almost always appear alone, and
most of all in total NEUTRALITY like the Borg of Star Trek, and who proceed
to violate human free will with their grotesque experiments. (Experiments
which attempt to separate your "image" from your "similitude"....and create
a hybrid sub-race after their own grotesque "image"; implanting of tiny
silicon chips for tracking and mind-control as well)

And last and most commonly witnessed and yet least understood are the
inter-dimensional Beings of Light (see references to sightings of White
Orbs; Flying 'V's; Arcs of Multi-colored Lights; Wheels-within-Wheels;
Golden-Amber Glowing Pyramids; Shooting Stars; some of the Fireballs;
Sky-quakes; just to name a few) which are and can be mistaken for "physical"
vehicle craft. Trust me they are not. These have the ability to fly faster
than light speed, appear and disappear at will, open up time-doors for
dimensional travel and move forwards and reverse through the galactic
spheres of creation. These are truly the "gods" from Heaven and the
"angels" that the ancient scriptures refer to. But please let me
emphatically inform you that these cannot, CANNOT be contacted or
manipulated through black arts, black majick, channelling, trance-medium or
ouija boards, etc. They ONLY manifest when we are ready through successive
periods of true spiritual effort to revitalize and repair our consciousness
spirits so that we may indwell with the Light and become co-creators of the
living Divine.

This last is what the human race should be interested in because it is they
who have the power to rescue or deliver our entire planetary population into
paradise with the power of a single thought! Also Kent, please realize that
the Higher Intelligence is causing all these sightings to take place for the
purpose of our collective advancement into a whole New Space Age. Its like
a form of cosmic advertisement which screams "We Are Here" or "We Do Exist"
or "Wakeup! You Are Not Alone". Afterall imagine the supreme creator
suddenly making his reality visible to our naked eyes? Without any
preparation whatsoever, the human race would go utterly mad. All of these
mysteries will culminate at the Omega point of change or Graduation when the
the expression found in Daniel chapter 12 is fulfilled.

"And they who are wise will shine as the brightness of the firmament and
they who turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever."

This reveals the reason why the fallen angels have "great wrath" and are
appearing on our planet in our time, in our age. But it is extremely
important to realize that there are myriad Sons of Light that we can connect
with, when we are willing and ready, they will appear to all who ask.

It is entirely up to us to choose whom we will serve. What choice will our
civilization make?