Subj: Some comment on recent earth changes......
Date: 8/14/00 2:00:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I have been following your web site now for a couple of years and I must say that I find it one of the best of the entire web. Thoroughly informative, immensely creative and completely entertaining. Keep it up Kent, the world needs visionary artists and bards such as yourself.

Now I am still not sure as to where you personally stand on certain issues concerning the so-called New Age (I prefer to call it the New "space" Age) but this is besides the fact. I wanted to express my opinion on the recent so-called earth-changes taking place. Among some of the "hot" items are rumours of some impending massive governmental disclosure on the subject of ET's and UFO's. I think this rumour is fueled in part by by Dr. Greer of the CSETI Organization. Their web site is at

First off, all the forest fires America has been having. This can be easily tied to global warming or thermodynamic activity from the sun, but is that all? IMO far from it. If you'll notice that there have been many forest fires and each and every time the news media or weather forecasters emphatically state "the fires were caused by campers". Yet no one is ever charged and no one ever, EVER steps forward to admit responsibility and apologize for the damage caused. Now at least the people are getting the truth. Lightning is causing the forest fires, not "careless" campers. I believe that for each and every time a new dispatch will announce a "lie" by blaming people when it is clearly Mother Nature, America will face a ten-fold increase in that particular disaster. In this case it happens to be forest fires.

All the tornadoes are no different. Communities suffering plagues of storms would stop insisting that "better weather forecasting" can save them even though it is always "the next time," then perhaps they would discover the real avenue to being rescued from flooding, hail, lightning, forest fires and tornadoes. What disastrous weather phenomena will it take for the American led war-machine to realize that for every action, there is an equal reaction. One bomb dropped on any country will result in one bomb of weather being dropped on America. The weather disasters experienced by America is karma to what your Government is doing to other countries around the world. Or are the American people so dense that they think they can poison and destroy other countries without consequence from the very earth-Mother of all? This truth is clearly described in all the sacred texts, and more importantly in the bible.

The Higher Intelligence is currently adjusting many things concerning our present experience of life. Soon they are getting ready to manifest in full force their complete and utter power over all things. This has your government leaders worried because it means that they will no longer be able to have power over people's lives. Thus "the nations were angry" is coming to pass in the breakdown and inability of the world governments to truly inspire and organize the people around the most amazing and startling discovery of all does exist elsewhere in the universe and it is Divine.

So the world government conspirators are busy plotting the overthrow of democracy under the guise of protection, while they prepare to unveil a twisted truth of Alien Disclosure with their chosen anti-christ at the helm attached to our collective survival (on Mars they assume) from earth-changes. These earth-changes will grow more intense....leading up to the greatest revelation of all.....the Divine Beings from the stars which are our true higher brothers and sisters. This has many materialists upset......angry as it were, because they can no longer rule as the elite group they think they are. This elite has been passing down lies and murder for was known as the "divine right of kings" to pillage the earth......and somehow they wove this lie in with the so-called "Holy Grail." Pure myth. Pure lie. Pure deceit.

The truth of Salvation is that ALL MEN AND WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE EQUAL BEFORE GOD! The diabolical myth of the "holy grail" linked to some "right of kingship" means that we are all not and some are better than others. Her mystery is soon to be utterly finished in one hour it will come. Think of who I am talking about here? Who sits a Queen "forever and am not a widow and will never see pain or sorrow"? What Queen in our world could possibly sit upon many waters? What Queen has ever been clothed in scarlet red? What Queen has an heir who magnifies himself? What Queen has an heir whom "all the world marvels at and says who is like him, saying who is able to make war (despise) against him"? What kingdom has already received a "deadly wound"?

Another mystery is revealed: A beast with seven heads and ten horns. The G-7 has seven heads of state. One is an 8th and is of the seven and goes into destructive paths.....Russia became the newest member of the G-8. Ten horns are either the 10 royal families of world which control the Dow Jones Industrial Average which happens to be indexed by 10 companies, most of which are also beast-like in that they are war-industries. The beast is depicted as rising out of the sea.....mankind descends into evil.....animal or beast-like hatred of one another...hence John saw a "beast rising." He saw humanity becoming more evil. More fascist. More hateful. More murderous. More compassionless. In essence more beast-like.

Are we soon about to witness a deadly wound healed and all the world "wondering after the beast saying who is like unto the beast (as beautiful) and who is able to make war (Alien Invasion) with him? Will the Alien's that look sort-of like the Frog-man of Steven Spielberg's ET: The Extraterrestrial from outerspace reveal themselves at the moment of biospherical collapse and make an alliance with a certain member of a royal lineage whom the world feels "your worship" in the presence of?

Perhaps the recent revival of Goddess worship is related to the Queen of Babylon and the deadly wound being healed. Perhaps the G-7 which can boast the countries with the greatest city on earth......most prosperous, most wealthy....why am thinking New York City.....with a "goddess" in her harbour, and the originator of the bar-code (also known as EDI or DIE!) mark allowing for all commerce to be tracked and controled down to even the individual is more significant than can be immediately realized. Nevertheless, the city of Babylon (perhaps New York, perhaps not) will fall in one hour as foreseen so many centuries ago.

Anyhow on a more positive note.....we don't need to hear our government state that UFO's are real because we have seen them. We truly don't need to hear them say that aliens exist and have visited our planet, because we have seen aliens. We don't need to hear our government or our religions tell us that Angels exist because we have seen and talked with Angels. And we certainly don't need our fascist governments and materialistic scientists confirm for us that there is a God because we have shaken hands with the Living God and heard with our own ears the certainty of his words.

"Make strait in the highways of the desert a path for our God, every mountain will be lowered and every valley raised up, and the glory of Yahweh will certainly be revealed, and all eyes must see it together, for the very mouth of Yahweh has spoken it!" - Amen