Subj: Strong Magnetic Storm Underway
Date: 8/11/00 5:30:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (New Millennium)
To: (Newmill)

The magnetic storm event that began yesterday intensified during the
night with planetary magnetism readings increasing and remaining in the
storm [red] levels. Averaged planetary magnetism [Kp] readings as high
as 7 have been observed.

The magnetic-A index has already exceeded 50 for the day, qualifying
this as a major to severe magnetic storm event. The SEC has issued the
appropriate alerts and warnings.

Notice on the satellite plots, there is sort of a pulsing or "stair
stepped" effect to the activity during the past 12 hours. It is
especially noticeable on the GOES electron readings:

According to the SEC, this activity is not [yet] related to the observed
CME on 8.9.00