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Date: 8/4/00 11:44:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Tuesday August 1 1:00 AM ET
3 Odd Landings at Northwest Airport

SEATAC, Wash. (AP) - Three unusual jetliner landings were reported
Monday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

A Northwest Airlines DC-10 made an emergency landing about 2 p.m. after
losing power in one of its three engines on takeoff.

Northwest Flight 34, bound for Amsterdam, had 249 people aboard, airport
spokesman Bob Parker said. Pilots spent about 20 minutes dumping fuel and
swinging around for an emergency landing. No one was injured.

A short time later, a Continental Airlines 737 reported it had a possible
problem with its flaps as it approached Sea-Tac on a flight from Newark,
N.J. Flight 123, with 154 people aboard, landed with no problems.

In the third incident, an Alaska Airlines MD-80 landed about 8 p.m. after
reporting one of its two generators had gone offline after the plane left for San Jose, Calif. The plane has two
generators, plus an auxiliary power unit, but the pilot opted to return to the airport, airline spokesman Jack
Evans said.

Alaska Flight 384 was carrying about 100 people.