Subj: RE: The "Swallowing Black Hole"
Date: 8/3/00 12:07:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

HI Kent :)

"Blowing in towards the sun."

Two thoughts come to mind, but I have no real sense of the possibilities from a pure science point of view, so this is just offa the top o' my crusty and gray-haired old head.

1. There is a very interesting paper on the millenium group site.

The above addy gets you to it. It is a rather long paper and well worth the reading time, but the second sentence in the summary says it all. Stuff coming in from outside solar system.

2. The second thought that came to mind was that perhaps some interesting phenomena was taking place with relation to the recently (?) discovered/verified INTERSTELLAR BOW SHOCK. You can find a number of articles on this phenomena with a google search.

One site with artists conceptual pics is

So, who knows, but these are interesting sites in any event. I believe the interstellar bow shock stuff is recent, like May 2000 or so.

Hope this helps :)

Golden Light Love & Joy this night!!!