Subj: Black Hole
Date: 8/1/00 10:29:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

August 11, 2000 - A Black Hole will Swallow the Earth?
by Virgil Armstrong:

The Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA's new
one-billion-dollar x-ray telescope, has detected a
powerful black hole in our galaxy, and the dangerous
star-eater is pulling the earth, sun, and our entire
solar system toward it at more than one million miles
per hour. Biblically, there are several references to
this event, i.e., Revelations 9:1-2; 16:18; 12-13,
6:8, 14; 6:12-13; 10:6, all referring to intimate,
horrendous, climatic, and planetary changes.

My first impressions were not aligned with the
predicted events, although they will most likely occur
- if we allow it. Instead, I looked upon the phenomena
as an answer to an often-asked question, "When will
the three-to-five days of total darkness occur as we
prepare to enter the Photon Belt? This may be the

I see it as the prelude to entering the Photon Belt.
It is the termination of the Null Zone, through which
we have been passing, and the preparatory action to
the Photon Belt and its 2,000 years of eternal light.
It is the final resolution to Jesus' often-quoted
parable: 'I shall separate the sheep from the goats,
the wheat from the tares." That final resolution,
should it come to pass, will occur in the black-hole

I do not see it as frightening but rather in divine
order with divine process; and I am ready for I know
that all is well. The estimated time for entering the
black hole is August 11, 2000.

Requests have come from around the world, including
South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the
United States to relate my analysis of the immediate
future, which includes the black hole. As already
mentioned my expectations for the future are
optimistic ones, not withstanding some bumps and
glitches in the form of adjustments. Ironically, the
great seer Nostradamus, in quatrains recently
discovered by Manfred Dimde of Germany, written in
ancient Monastery script, forecast the future into 300
years of the New Millennium, and for the most part,
they were upbeat.

In the past, I have repeatedly proclaimed that we as a
planet and solar system will survive the future and
will be overlighted and protected by the higher
elements. The prediction has borne truth on two
unprecedented occasions, i.e., Hale-Bopp, and, more
recently, Comet Lee. Hale-Bopp was an intrusive threat
because it was a screen for a more objectionable
object directly behind it called the Companion, which,
in reality, was Wormwood. Its intentions were to flip
the Earth's axis 180 degrees. Today, this phenomenon
is history as the result of divine intervention by the
constellations of Sirius, Andromeda, and the Pleiades.
Their message to the intruder was "No way will you be
allowed to interfere with the divine commerce on
planet Earth." Consequently, Hale-Bopp was shunted off
to Jupiter, and Wormwood dematerialized and returned
to its point of origin.

The second comet, Lee, was also an intrusive threat to
the divine stability and precedence of planet Earth's
spiritual destiny. Again, there was divine
intervention by the Solar and Galactic Councils.
Purportedly, the Wormwood Hierarchy appeared before
the Galactic Board of Regents and demanded the right
and privilege to interfere with the spiritual
ascendancy of planet Earth. "Why not?" they exclaimed.
"We are their mentors; we put them there, and
therefore they are our property to dispose of as we
see fit."

"Not so," said the Regents. "There was a time when
what you say was valid, but no more. Planet Earth has,
of its own volition, ascended to a point of
absolution. It is, by its very existent consciousness,
far and away removed from what it once was. It is
symbolic of the new banner, which it bears for the
future, a future that is free of constraints,
controls, negativity, illusion, and amnesia. They are
at this moment the starship for the future to which we
pledge allegiance, and we will not allow you or anyone
else to derail its spiritual progress." And so it was
that Wormwood had to once again defer and no longer be
a threat to our future sovereignty.

Comet Lee and Wormwood were redirected to the backside
of the sun where they disappeared. Ironically, during
the play-out of these events, I was in Hobart,
Tasmania, and did a Golden Temple meditation with 26
people, which assisted in transmuting the Comet
Lee/Wormwood scenario.

Our Present Dilemma: The Black Hole

This scenario differs from the comet/Wormwood factor.
The other scenarios have contained alternatives, which
would appear to offer very little. Moreover, the
alternatives were implemented by powers greater than
ours were, although we would seemingly be deserving of
such. The Black Hole has been observed in the confines
of our galaxy, which directly affects our entire solar
system, including our planet, the sun, and the moon.
Obviously, then, the final resolution for this matter
lies once again with the higher powers, i.e., the
Galactic Council and beyond.

Previous attempts to derail our ascension progress
have been thwarted by some type of substantive
intervention, as already outlined in the foregoing.
With the advent of the black-hole reality, however,
the stakes have been exponentially multiplied beyond
normal comprehension. Of necessity, we are once again
compelled to rely on a higher power, which most
certainly has everyone's interests at heart. How this
role is played out definitely open to question. From
my point of understanding, however, I foresee but two

1. We will continue to be sucked into the black hole,
which probably is the port of entry into the Photon
Belt. This represents eternal light and love, more
commonly known as the Golden Age, which portends
eternal love, light, peace and freedom from all
adversity, such as wars, famine, and lack of anything.
Following this scenario and in accordance with current
expectations, the black hole represents the final
judgment or the final execution of Jesus' parable: "I
shall separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat
from the tares." As already noted, entry into the
black hole could be preceded by three-to-five days of
absolute darkness. Should this happen, the separation
would most certainly occur. Current appraisals
estimate that at least two billion souls, or one-third
of the world's population, would merge safely into the
Light. The other two-thirds would be required to
repeat the10,500-year cycle again.
2. This alternative is based upon two facts, one as
stated in the studies of the Photon Belt, i.e., should
the solar sun enter the preliminaries of the cusp
between the Null Zone and the Photon Belt first, there
will not be three-to-five days of darkness. This would
suggest that the entire solar system would enter the
Photon Belt and the separation principle would be
negated, equally suggesting that there could be in the
making an across-the-board forgiveness. This divine
possibility was outlined in "The Way Home". I clearly
stated that planet Earth was an exceptional planet
wherein it played a most exceptional role and was a
vehicle for the Creator to experience, first-hand,
negativity and illusion, and having experienced it,
could master that negativity and illusion through us.

Having mastered such on all levels of comprehension
and experimentation, those of us who constituted the
vehicle of experimentation could then, regardless of
station, status, or offences, be summarily forgiven.
This then clearly states that the murderer, rapist,
professional killer such as the professional soldier,
could be exonerated and returned to their original
state of godliness. Should this come to pass, it would
truly indicate that the great and divine experiment is
over! The Creator, through us, has mastered negativity
and illusion, and can now bring to a close this
illusionary world, this artificial and make-believe
world (the worm of Alice in Wonderland) - this world
of contrivance, control, fears, and synthetic love.
Moreover, we individually can break and remove the
yoke of amnesia which has caused us to flounder in
ignorance and subjugation for so long, for truthfully,
we are Gods in amnesia, and it is time to remember our
divine origin and once again assume our rightful cloak
of Godship. Jesus referred to this great revelation in
the Bible (John 10:34) when addressing the Jews in
Solomon's temple. Clearly, he stated that the Father
(God) through Him (Jesus) declared in writing that
mankind is of divine origin: "Is it not written in
your law," I said, "Ye are Gods?"

Couched in this divine statement is the substance of
our future that predicates our divine and godly role
for the future. First must come the acceptance that
indeed we are Gods in partnership with our Creator,
and our abilities to create a future bright and secure
and for the betterment of all is not only at our
fingertips but is our divine responsibility in the
Now. Wake up, my fellow man, that time is upon us!

In summary, I see this new millennium as a wonderful
adventure, one filled with unlimited promises of
achievements which heretofore would have been
considered impossible. That is not to say, however,
that it will happen without our input.