Subj: Nostradamus as crap
Date: 7/31/00 2:57:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Actually, we changed our collective mind........decided we didn't need a
physical Apocalypse; that we could do it all in mental/emotional realms,
without having too much chaos spill over into the physical.

The fact is, we are not going to have any of this stuff predicted in the
near future either. These are all parallel realities collapsing into
the central reality that seems to indicate a universal/unconditional
"ascension" of both humanity and the earth as a unit.

No rapture, no wheat and chaff, no hugh meteroite crashes, etc. We
elected to take a technical approach to show off our creative power by
slowly gracefully moving up in vibration without all the messy
Apocalyptic stuff. Thus Nostradamus, Cayce, Scallion, and all the other
doomsayers keep coming up empty. They saw a reality that got cancelled
due to lack of interest......after all, Gaia is feminine - she is
entitled to change her mind. :-)

Love does wonders.

Admon kam Admon