Subj: A Modern Day Link to Apollonius?
Date: 7/28/00 10:58:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Here is another dot for your readers to connect and consider.

I've reviewed your new section regarding Apollonius. Quite an intriguing (and
potentially explosive) theory. However, I found the sections regarding his
visit to the wise masters of Indus sounding very familiar.

The ancient order of masters whom Apollonius apparently visited in India may
still be around today. A recently documented visit to an ancient, secretive
monastery high in the Tibetan mountains by Jon Peniel shares many striking
similarities to that of Apollonius' experience. Particularly in their
foreknowledge of Jon's entire life legacy, their philosophies, multi-lingualism
and ancient library. I've read the entire book and it is a fascinating read!

See: "The Lost Teachings of Atlantis of the Children of the Law of One", at:

(They might make a good sponsor for your web-site too)

Keep up the excellent fight for awareness,
A fellow sentinel,