Subj: Re: List of Asteroids
Date: 7/2/00 11:41:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have been an avid follower of your web-site for over a year now. I have never seen anything so chilling as the List Of The Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. The date of 20000913 seems to have so much debris of various size and location that I am very unnerved by it. What exactly does the date 9/13/2000 mean on the chart and what is the Epoch? Can you post some explanation on how to read the other variables? What site/discoverer is "704 Linear "? After the fatima events and the recent "white-washing" of the third secret revelation, the 13th day of any month makes me look twice..I'd really like to know about 9/13/2000.


Dick >>

I'm trying to figure these out too.

I have had some hopefully helpful correspondence:

Subj: objects with 0.000 AU distance
Date: 7/1/00 9:44:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Holger Isenberg)
To: (Kent Steadman)

So they maximal distance to Earth is predicted with at most
0.0005 AU. That is only 74799 kilometers! And this is only the maximum

The epoch-value is not the date of minical distance, it is only a date to
base your orbit-calculations on. The date of minimal distance is not given
explicit on the list, you have to calculate it. I'm no expert in Astronmy,
can just use astronomy software and will try out to find some dates...

Holger Isenberg

<< The Min.-Value in the table is NOT the min-distance to Earth.
It is only the minimal distance to Earth orbit. >>

Recap one more time for me. What are all these 9/13 events listed?

Obviously all these asteroids are of some concern, thus the list.


the 9/13/2000 date is the reference date for all astronomical orbit
calculations in a specific period. Mostly only the year is given, but with
exact date it is more precise. Nothing to concern about.
The 0.000 AU distance means, that the asteroid goes through Earth orbit,
but at a time the Earth is not there. However, somewhere in the future, it
could be that the asteroid hit Earth.

Holger Isenberg