Subj: Your Hallowe'en Rant
Date: 10/31/00 4:41:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

"Is there anybody out there, or up there, that just plain likes us and might just plain help without this either/or judgmental, institutional-ritualistic Fundy-preacher school-marm stuff--big Ego in the clouds--worship Me or perish stuff--eat veggies and worship trees stuff? Tried all of these fancy-dances, and it still seems like the world is plunging headfirst into..."

Into what? How about ... Self-Destruction. (Note: "Self")

Perhaps someone up there actually DOES like us and has tried (and still does) to help us, however, the problem lies in our own minds with the fact that we don't want to be helped. Perhaps it is not an issue of "worship Me and do what I say or else" for the sake of His own ego --- but for our own sakes.

Why does your mother tell you to look both ways before crossing the street? Is it for the sake of her own ego? If you run out in front of a car and get killed is she going to say, "You stupid idiot! That's what you get for not listening to me." No, I don''t think so. It is not for her sake, but for YOUR sake because she cares about you.

Unfortunately, this is a lesson that we must figure out all by ourselves or else we will never truly understand it. I believe that the kind of "help" that you refer to that we have historically received in the past has been proven to have been only a temporary solution - a bandaid. Ultimately we have reverted back to our former ways. Why? Because we never did really understand - and unfortunately we still do not. Where we are now is no one's fault but our own. The help is there right before our very eyes (as it has always been) but it is up to us to "see" it. Hopefully we will - before we take that last plunge ...