Subj: Prediction
Date: 10/30/00 5:21:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

OK Partner. Think maybe I'll take you up on your "Post Predictions Here"
offer, just ta prove you haven't cornered the market on "dour" and

I'm not a fatalist and I don't have much time for the Biblical Amageddon
"end of days" scenario. However, the events in the Middle East seem to
be lining up in disturbing ways. As well, I have a hunch you're right
about "agents provacateurs" stirrin' things up. 'Cept I think it's
likely big biz at work, with beholden governments doing the dirty work.

The Arabs are cranked up. (Easy to do really). Some recently talking
about "warring with the Jews". Israel is very much under siege (has it
ever NOT been really?) and is fighting for its very life. The IDF
(Zachal) can take on most comers and render a royal thumping, but if the
Arab states decide to get it together (tough to get Arabs to agree on
anything except their hatred for Israel) that's a whole different

Israel will have to resort to nukes. And they won't wait a "New York
Minute" to do so. No more of this BS about letting Iraqi scuds land in
Tel Aviv. Israel will play for keeps this time, since they will become
pariahs anyway after their "first use" of nukes, despite the fact that
it would be "do or die" for them.

The Arab world (all of it) will be nuked back to the Stone Age. Israel
will survive. And the US and the Brits, along with their big oil company
clients with will move in, having accomplished what this is really all
about: Oil and big business. That's who is rattling the cages in Israel
right now and exploiting the centuries-old institutionalized Muslim
hatred for Jews.

This will go nuclear very soon. Before Christmas I expect. Watch for it.
And it has nothing to do with the Biblical prophesy and everything to do
with the greatest evil to have fallen human-kind in all its
history...Big International Corporations.

Yours in gloom,