Subj: Fw: Chemtrails/Muttonbirds

Hey, Kent....This just came in here. Note what the person is saying...this
was sent through anonymous email, not traceable according to the link at the
bottom. I replied anyway, but may get bounced back, eh?
I'm reading between the lines on this this issue more than we are
being told? I'm not covering the story...I'll put a link on my page to
yours for it...........Love......Sis

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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 6:09 PM
Subject: Chemtrails/Muttonbirds

> Have you heard of the story about millions of muttonbirds dying in oz,i
heard something on tv about it the other night,just caught the end of
it,apparently its the immune system which is doing it,they are dropping out
of the sky,i tried a search but cannot find anything on the net,maybe they
realised their mistake and deleted the story,they tried to say that these
birds got in some oil slick and through grooming got sick and died,what a
joke,and the thing is,they showed pictures and none had oil on them,can you
please follow up and post something on this or at least alert all known
chemtrail groups that you know of,no one else has seen through this yet,i
too will alert others and try find the article,thankyou julie.