Subj: Mars Tunnels (tubes) and glowing man
Date: 10/25/00 8:48:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I investigated the Martian tubes when Hoagland's site originally posted
them many months ago.

1. The spacing between the "re-inforcing hoops is not uniform and the
hoops are not regular and uniform.

2. Reversing the color on the images will show most viewers that the
tubes are in fact channels.

3. Bernoulli's law: sand would have settled into the channels because
they are lower than the surrounding area. Winds would have whipped
through the channels at high speeds than the surrounding land due to the
funnel effect.

4. The above would create sand dunes (drifts) at irregular intervals,
spaced further apart where the channel in narrower, because Bernoulli
says the wind blows faster where the channel is constricted.

Wish they were artificial, but artificial would require regular
intervals and common sizing which is just not here.

However, the channels themselves are "way" smooth, so while the ridges
may be natural, the tubes may not be.

Glowing Man. When you first posted this as a link I looked at it. As
soon as I saw it I said out loud : Francois Mitterand! Ghost