Subj: Howdy from the hills.........
Date: 10/24/00 7:44:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hiya Kent and Wendy,

Hey, we're not blaming anybody for moving out here....but Brown
'Powerbait' and worms & marshmallows work best in the lakes out here if
you're fishing for the Big Rainbows, Kent :-)

We've been a great fan of your web site for quite some time now and want to
thank you for your insight and courage to be there for us to give us the
"truth" that others are either hiding from us or are too intimidated to
tell us.

As far as our "friends" go - they're climbing all over these hills over
here like flies on shit. Men in black uniforms with no insignias running
around in the forest coming apon hunters and hikers terrorizing them with
machine guns and telling them "they've trespassed on Gov'ment Property!!!!"
and to get out NOW!!.... These people are in the middle of "our" friggen'
National Forest for Christ's sake!! -and the underground bases that they're
building.... Too much to tell you on this e-mail......

Like to leave you with this true internet story and "our interperation" of
that story.....
Please feel free to post it on your web site but please don't give our
e-mail info out as we're already being "watched" by the powers that

A True Story

This is an actual account of what happened to some monkeys at a Zoo:

The keeper put five monkeys in a cage that had some stairs leading to a
bunch of bananas at the top. Before long, one of the monkeys started to
climb the stairs to get to the bananas. As soon as it started up the
stairs, the keeper sprayed all the monkeys with cold water. Soon another
monkey made an attempt for the bananas, and all the monkeys were again
sprayed with cold water. Later, as another monkey tried for the bananas,
the other monkeys attacked him, even though no water was sprayed on them.
The keepers then removed one of the monkeys and replaced it with a new one.
The new monkey sees the bananas and starts to climb the stairs. To his
horror he is immediately attacked by all the other monkeys. After another
attempt and attack, he stops trying for the bananas.
Next, a second of the original five is replaced with a new monkey. The
newcomer is attacked when it attempts to climb the stairs. The previous
newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm. Again, on of the
original monkeys is replaced with a new one. This monkey goes to the stairs
and is attacked as well. Now two of the four monkeys have no idea why they
are not permitted to climb the stairs, or why they are participating in the
beating of the newest monkey.
After replacing the fourth and fifth original monkeys in the same manner,
all the monkeys that had been sprayed with water are replaced.
Never-the-less, no monkey ever again tries to reach the bananas.

Why Not?


"Now in this Zoo we call Planet Earth the "Zoo Keepers" have controlled the
monkeys long enough !!

Its time the monkeys WAKE UP and question why they're afraid of us tasting
those bananas sitting on top of the stairs.

Do the bananas represent knowledge and waking up to who we really are and
what our connection to the divine really is?

The FEAR of being beaten by the other monkeys is the Zoo Keeper's biggest
adversary and the Monkey's biggest FOE.

What happens when certain monkeys are brave enough and strong enough to
make the climb up the stairs towards those bananas despite the beatings and
chastisement by their peers. When those brave monkeys reach the bananas and
in turn share them with the other monkeys then they'll wonder what kept
them from the bananas all along?

The only thing keeping the monkeys from the bananas all along was the Zoo
"Game of Control and Fear".

Feel like a banana? J

God Bless you both and feel free to contact us if you'd like to visit us
here and find out what's happening in your own "backyard"...we'd love to
meet you and Wendy....and take ya fishing.....for real :-)

Keep up the GREAT WORK,

White Wolf