Subj: Ideas, rant.
Date: 10/19/00 12:12:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Rezkid)

--Only an idea of what is happening, nothing to be believed... yet. A
rant, basically.--

It seems that all HELL is breaking loose, here and abroad, as well as in
the heavens above. I guess what is above is also below.

Disease cases, viruses, war, rumors of war and the weather changes,
which of course are cause by the Sun...

Perhaps not all is played out as natural occurence (PERHAPS?!) but
maybe, from what it looks like, someone or some GROUP is following a
script written long ago. And of course, the truth to the matter is seen
through the rituals, symbols and actions of "governmental" groups such
as NASA, JPL, and the elite groups of the world, that run the world.

Can we expect to see an impact event, my guess is no, but perhaps
something bright and shiny will be visible for a short while to the
masses to amuse and confuse.

If it is the bad end of things, which I have written and drawn at
Gravitywell in the End of the Day comic strip number 100, then we are in
for quite a show and then an end to the senselessness, we are in for a
huge wake up call.

But definitely, with people such as yourself and yes, RCH, boys at
ambilac, Surfing, and other sites and people who are spreading the
wealth to inform and keep the mind sharp to the world. We may just
surpass this series of events.

Inquisiting minds want to know.

Another hint at things, besides watching the Sun, is watch the Middle
East. With US troops packed up ready for combat overseas, where is our
defenses here? There was already one supposed "terrorist" attack on a
naval ship, but what about here when all our troops are gone?

Then again it sounds like Pearl Harbor all over again. We all know what
happened next.

D. Freeman
Gravitywell Productions
End of the Day comic strip 100 ; )

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