Subj: St Louis crash
Date: 10/18/00 1:56:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Howard middleton-jones)

Morning guys.
Out of "pure interest" (of course) and looking at the
common denominator of the rad rings over recent
crashes, I thought you may like to see a few quotes
from news sources that ring very familiar to us.
Also, one should ponder on these questions...where was
the governor going, what did he know and who did he
intend on telling etc..

1.Sources familiar with the crash investigation said
Tuesday that Roger Carnahan (the pilot) reported a
problem with the instruments used to control the
aircraft during bad weather.

2.Investigators said they don't yet know what caused
the crash but that the weather at the time of the
crash was rainy and foggy.

3.National Transportation Safety Board spokeswoman
Carol Carmody described a debris field full of tiny
pieces of wreckage scattered across rough terrain.
Assessing the crash site was so difficult, Carmody
said, that one investigator surveyed the area by
4.Capt. Ed Kemp of the Jefferson County Sheriff's
department said wreckage from the crashed twin-engine
Cessna was "in very small pieces because it's a
heavily wooded and rocky terrain and it's spread over
a large area."

Yes...difficult to get to allright..
5.Carnahan, who was locked in a very close U.S. Senate
race, was killed along with his son and senior
campaign adviser Chris Sifford

Hisa aims in brief
From preserving Social Security for future
generations, to provid- ing a quality education for
the children of Missouri, to giving Missourians
greater access to quality health care, to making
our streets and schoolyards safe, Mel Carnahan
has commit- ted his career to fighting for
working families. As our Senator he will continue
that fight.

Above From his website..

BTW..he was also a Deacon at his local church..


Howard Middleton-Jones