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Check out this town meeting to stop electromagnetic and covert weapons in
the NIMBY movement of the formerly silent AZ region.


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Subject: CHRC meeting report, "Climate and Advanced Electromagnetics"
paper presented

The first of three weekly Community Business Meeting in Tehachapi to explore
the Capital Hills Research Center project, proposed for the Capital Hills
Development to further the rapid development of new energy technologies to
replace nuclear and fossil fuel power (overview at ),
took place at the Denny's Restaurant meeting room at the Mill Street exit
of Hwy58 in Capital Hills last Wednesday evening October 11th at 7:30PM.

The next two such public meetings will take place at the same time and the
place on two more Wednesday evenings, October 18th and October 25th, to
acquaint community members with the status and potential of this project,
and to establish an exploratory committee to further the Research Center
development plans.

This first meeting was attended by four Tehachapi residents and two guests
from Los Angeles and San Jose, including Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr., who at age
82 considered this meeting of such importance that he took an arduous train
ride to Tehachapi to deliver his message about this new science and its
various applications -- along with copies of a 4-page abridged version
(abstracted below) of his 20pp paper "Climate and Advanced Electromagnetics"
that he prepared for the July 18-21, 2000,
International Society of Systems Sciences in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Wood explained that he had started college at UC Berkeley studying
sociology until he changed to electronics to help with the war efforts, to
stop Hitler from taking over the world, by developing rocket-targeting RADAR
systems that helped England deter the Nazi rocket bombardment. Wood went on
to have a long career with IBM in systems theory and electronics development
applying his doctorate of electrical engineering, and at the same time
lobbying the government and industry to take socially responsible actions
with scientific knowledge. For over 15 years now Dr. Wood has been deeply
studying the peaceful and potentially covert military applications of this n
ew science, especially as to the potential of advanced electromagnetic
weapons to influence global climate change factors detrimentally. He was a
featured presenter of this information at UCSB in 1997 during our briefing
for the science advisor to His Holiness Dalai Lama, and in 1999 at
during our Global Crisis Solutions Conference there

Capital Hills owner John Guthrie explained at last Wednesday's meeting the
history of the development of Capital Hills and about the Mello-Roos bond
calculation error made by a City Contractor that has plagued sale of Capital
Hills Phase One lots which due in part to this error are now subject to
foreclosure procedings. This initial small group committee meeting included
longtime local resident, and son of a former Tehachapi mayor, Gerald Valdez,
who has for years been promoting "grandiose" plans for Tehachapi and Capital
Hills developments. Local photographer and technologist Ed Delvers, former
research assistant to new-energy pioneer the late Bruce DePalma
(, was one of the attendees with the technical
background to understand Dr. Wood's message about how the complex original
"quaternion" version of the equations of electromagnetism developed by James
Clerk Maxwell over 150 years ago were "rounded off" and only "first root"
values have been employed in contemporary electronics by most researchers
until the past few decades when the work of Nikola Tesla has been reexamined
in light of the "second and third roots" of Maxwell's equations which
explore "scalar electromagnetics" especially as relates to advanced
electromagnetic weaponry developments being tested, and "biological systems
applications of electromagnetism" such as understanding the "fifth
dimension" (beyond our three "dimensions" of distance -- ie, length, area,
volume -- and our one "dimension" of time) that evidence indicates is in the
same realm as "spiritual" disciplines and the "bioenergetics" of such

Copies of Dr. Wood's paper summarized below may be obtained directly from
him at address shown.

He provided anecdotal evidence that many serious aircraft/spacecraft
accidents in recent years may have been caused by testing of advanced
electromagnetic weapons by countries hostile to the United States. He made
the point that with such strict secrecy restrictions on this knowledge by
the US authorities, it is impossible to know if such other countries are, as
he suspects, decades ahead of the US in development of these weapons whose
principles would be better applied to peaceful energy production
technologies to replace the dangers, costs, and pollutions of nuclear and
fossil fuel power.

Dr. Wood's talk included discussion of the overlooked second and third
"roots" of Maxwell's equations with evidence of their connections to
understanding both their biological implications (values in quantitative
analysis of biological systems) and their spiritual implications (uses of
the mathematical values of "imaginary" root of Maxwell's equations for
understanding the dynamics of "spiritual" and "ethical" systems).

He discussed various plane crashes and other evidence pointing to years of
covert experimentation with advanced electromagnetic weaponry, eg, TWA Flt
800, Egypt Air Flt 990, Challenger Shuttle disaster, China Airlines Flight
006 Taipei to LA 19Feb85. Also discussed was evidence that the mysterious
(nuclear or meteor-like) blast effecting a remote part of the Soviet Union
in the earlier part of the 20th century was a result of testing a Tesla
electromagnetic weapons application of this knowledge.

One of Dr. Wood's collaborator's, Army Lt. Col. (retired) Dr. Thomas Bearden
PhD, last week announced publication on a DOE website of his recent 69pp
paper evaluating a recent successful test of a solid state electromagnetic
device to produce such "overunity effects" in apparently extracting usable
electricity from the "Zero Point Energy" field produced by quantum vacuum
fluctuations in the same space in which matter resides. This paper goes in
to a detailed analysis of these overlooked implications of the original form
of the Maxwell Equations.

Several of the meeting participants, including Dr. Wood, will be forwarding
the Capital Hills Research Center proposal and business plan to various
potential funding sources with a target of implementing an interim facility
in Tehachapi by the end of this year.

CHRC research is already happening in disparate locations. We are
presently in preparations for verification experiments, by two independent
labs, on a recently released new energy device design and hope to have proof
or falsification report for next weekly meetings.

---begin abstraction of Dr. Wood's paper copied to CHRC meeting 11Oct---

4-page abridged version of 20-page paper opf Fred B. Wood, Sr.,
[University High School Class of 1936] with Andrea Bowe.
University High, Oakland Reunion, September 8, 2000
Little Hills Ranch, San Ramon CA

File No. A1960F Rev. 08/02/00
Prepared fopr the ISSS Conference in Toronto, Canada
D:\Scanner Files\USR\FRED\11960F.wpd July 18-21, 2000 AD

Climate and Advanced Electromagnetics

A Start of a Proto-Encyclopedia of Systems Theory
Concepts Needed for Relating Climate Cycles to the
Survival of Human Civilization

Fred B. Wood, Sr., M.S., Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)
Andrea Bowe, B.S. Liberal Studies (2Yr. Electrical Engineering,
1Yr. General Engineering, plus Yr. in Psych. and Nuclear Reactor Tech.)

Computer Social Impact Research Institute, Inc., (non-profit)
Earth Regeneration Society, Inc. (non-profit)
P.O. Box 5583, San Jose, CA 95150-5583

Twenty-eight systems-component areas of science, electrical engineering,
bio-science, and spirituality are listed which require research to
facilitate the solution of our civilizations's problems with the glacial
cycle being distorted by the CO/2 added to our atmosphere by the burning of
fossil fuels. A sampling of Fig. 1, Fig. 9A, Roots of Differential
Equations of Electricity and Magnetism, and Fig 11 are displayed below to
show the path of research used here.

Figure 1, Curves of Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and
Global Surface Temperatures During Last 140 years (Karl, 1999)

[Figure 5, The Green Cube -- Template -- for Library of Evolution
Sytems/Indexing grid for levels of data integration, design by Dr. Wood]

Figure 9A, Woodpecker Signals Focussed over North Amercia to/from
Interfereometer RADAR System

Figure 11, N-1 Homopolar Generator, Bruce DePalma

Roots: Mathematically real root for Physical Systems; Zero-Sum complex
root for Biological Systems and Human Healing; Pointer to mathematically
imaginary root for Ethical and Spiritual Systems (see Text & Figs. 13 thru
Fig. 28)

This report alsto constitutes a base of 28 component areas for monitoring
the uses of the energy available in the Quantum Vacuum for four purposes:

1) Developing an understanding of "Consciousness" related to the Quantum
Vauum Holofield,

2) Monitoring the Weapons being developed for World War III, to restrict
the STEALING of Quantum Vacuum Energy from the indigenous peoples healing
resources, and

3) To develop a dialog between the major political forces on our planet on
the proper uses of the three classes of electromagnetic waves for the
benefit of humankind and the planet, and

4) Establishing an unclassified Manhattan-type Project to design and
produce "over unity" electric generators so that every country in the world
could produce enough electricity for its own use, without having to go to
war for energy sources such as clear cutting of trees, coal mining, and
drilling for oil. Development of legal protection for trees that may be
the carrier devices (like telephone poles holding wires) for maintaining the
integrity of the holofield.

Hypothesis A: On Maxwell's Equations [see full 20pp report]

Hypothesis B: It is estimated that by about 1952 (48 years ago) Joseph
Stalin asked the top Soviet scientists to organize a project of the order of
magnitude of the American Manhattan Project of World War II to explore the
corrections needed to the textbook versions of Maxwell's Equations and the
weapons designs of Nikola Tesla (1904-1910) that would made the Soviet Union
invincible in World War III. There is evidence that the sectet Soviet
weapons developments have achieved considerable success. Breshnev,
Krushchev, and Gromyko each in turn made public appeals for the United
Nations to establish a committee to supervise the development of new
weapons of mass destruction. Our country, the United States, did not
cooperate, saying that we thought the Soviet proposals were a trick to get
us to reveal our future weapons. It is important that we at least
belatedly take the initiatvie in negotiating for discussions of the new
weapons. Futhermore, we are learning that part of our human being memory
system is outside the skull in the quantum vacuum holofield where both
American and Russian brains are sharing the same holofield with an
elementary security code provided by Galois field multiplier polynomials for

Hypothesis C: There is a severe problem with capitalist economic systems in
that they try to prevent their citizens from understanding how the economic
system works, so that members of the power-elite can manipulate energy
policies to conceal national policies. For example, overunity engines and
electric generators could be used to solve some energy problems. The
suppression of the development of overunity engines has greatly increased
the pollution of the environment, and led a growing population to think it
is necessary to go to war to protect our oil deposits. This means that, if
the United States supported the development of overunity engines, instead
of delaying it, people could get all the electric power they wanted, so
there would be no power drive for people to go to war for oil or their
energy deposits, because everyone could get the power he wanted. They could
get it by making use of overunity engines and generators which do not
the environment. The drive for more oil, gas, and coal may have stimulated
the drive for World War I and World War II, which led to 320,000 casualties
in WWI and 1, 078,000 casualties in WWII. The speedy development and
distribution of overunity electric motors and generators is the simplest way
to move toward peace.

---------end abstract of paper, omitting many figures/drawings----------

David Crockett Williams, CLU

Coordinator, Capital Hills Research Center project

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