Subj: RANT 22
Date: 10/16/00 11:50:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (James Cleland)

Old Friend;

It's good to talk with you again. And it's nice to see the 7,000 hits a day. You must be doing something right. As to the astute Ambilac critic, although I tend to agree, I long ago realized your wisdom in allowing all ideas to be aired in the "marketplace". I do think that it would be a good idea to put some sort of permanent"disclaimer" (I am, after all, a lawyer), gently indicating your philosophy, so as to allow the new "visitors" to get comfortable with some of the "interesting" concepts presented on Orbit.

As to discovering what is going on, I think we passed too soon on the article dealing with NASA's decision to buy the anti-gravity machine. My God, this is NASA! I don't think that they would risk the inevitable ridicule, unless there seemed to be something there. As you know, I've had my ear to the ground for a little while, and my guess is that what we are looking at has a lot to do with what is known as "quantum gravity", as well as "plasma flux". I think that the two are intertwined, and, because the biggest local source of both is Ol' Sol, the Sun is the best "usual suspect" we have. My intuition, coupled with a little knowledge (a dangerous thing, of course), tells me that, at least sporadically, a plasma flux tube or tubes is, or are, connecting with the Earth, as well as other matter. The infamous "WeirdOne", and similar tube-like Solar eminations have, to me, no other reasonable explanation.

Such flux tubes, if they indeed exist, would have the potential for doing a lot of what we are seeing. Because they would probably be energetic, and perhaps even have a gravitational effect, their potential for causing some "stress" in the cosmic situation could be substantial. As you know, I believe that whatever is happening has an identifiable periodicity, and seems to point to a period in time maybe 10,000 years or so ago. I believe that institutions with a lot more bucks than us, and a lot more people, long ago identified this periodicity, and have "feathered their nests" accordingly. Whether Solar activity causes an increase in the likeliehood of cometary or asteroid impact, or a change in the climate, or a magnetic polar shift, or a combination thereof, is less important, I believe, than "honing" in on the scientific basis for what is going on. God knows, the government is not going to tell us.

If NASA can shell out taxpayer dollars for an anti-gravity device, then I can speak boldly, and I will. The "Great Pyramid" is only ONE of dozens of huge, perfect, structures. They are either ALL repositories of Christian history, symbolic statements, astronomical observatories, landing beacons, etc., OR NONE OF THEM ARE. If anybody has a theory about this single pyramid, IT MUST INCLUDE ALL OF THE OTHERS, and, frankly I now demand to see how they fit the others in. To have it otherwise is a waste of people's time, and perhaps money. , of course, partially agree with other posters. The pyramids were (as would be obvious to any student of optics) devices...a shield if you will, but THEY AREN'T ANY MORE. Their optically polished calcite cladding is gone, and thus refraction would be impossible. The Egyptians build large functional structures only if they had to be large. As far as I can see, the only wavelength long enough to require such huge devices would be a "wavelength" of quantum gravity.

Trust me, if the pyramids were, indeed, optical devices working with quantum gravity, their "blueprints" most assuredly survived the burning of the Library of Alexandria, and would have formed most of the basis for any work that has been done with quantum gravity in the last few hundred years. I have given up trying to disseminate what little I know about anomalous contemporary monumental architecture, because (perhaps understandably) no one seems to care. But it is out there, sticks out like a sore thumb, and it would be nice to know that at least one of the Tribe cares as much for this possibility as they do for a particular denominational prophecy (as if the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Taoists, Shintoists, Animists, etc. were just kind of "bit players" in the Universe). Somehow I would have thought that we had come a bit further than that (I SAID I was going to be bold).

Kent, by all means, keep publishing the varying opinions, but, like the skeptic said, there comes a time when some people have cried "wolf" just a little too long.