Subj: Gamma Ray Bursts- REAL CAUSE!
Date: 9/30/00 11:13:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Astrophysicists and astronomers are still scratching their heads about
the mysterious GAMMA RAY BURSTS. They were originally thought to
originate from "neutron stars" in the disc of our galaxy. But the new
Gamma Ray Telescopes now in Earth orbit have been detecting them in all
directions uniformly, and their source locations in space do NOT
correspond to any known objects, (except for a few cases of directional

Gamma ray bursts are a NECESSARY CONSEQUENCE in the
GENERAL UNIFIED Theory of the Physical Universe developed by the late
Physicist Dewey B. Larson. According to page 386 of his book "THE
UNIVERSE OF MOTION", published in 1984,

The gamma ray bursts are coming from SUPERNOVA EXPLOSIONS in the ANTI
MATTER HALF of the Physical Universe, which Larson calls the "Cosmic
Sector". Because the antimatter universe exists in a RECIPROCAL
RELATION to our material universe, with the SPEED OF LIGHT as the
BOUNDARY between them, and has THREE dimensions of TIME, and ONLY ONE
dimension of space,

The gamma ray bursts can pop into our material half ANYWHERE in space,
seemingly at random.

I wonder how close to us in space a source location would have to be
for a gamma ray burst to kill all or most life on Earth ! There would
be NO WAY to predict one, NOR to stop it !

Perhaps some of the MASS EXTINCTIONS of the past, which
are now being blamed on impacts of comets and asteroids, were actually
caused by nearby GAMMA RAY BURSTS !

A WEALTH of information about the GENERAL UNIFIED Theory
of the Physical Universe, the "Reciprocal System", developed by the late
Physicist Dewey B. Larson, can be found at the
web site. .

B.S., Physics andAstronomy, UW-EC

P.S.: The 3-degree microwave background radiation, which is assumed to
be evidence for the "Big Bang" theory, is instead actually STAR LIGHT
from the ANTI MATTER HALF of the Physical Universe