Subj: The matrix must be destroyed.
Date: 9/25/00 9:51:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

The basis of chemtrails, mind-control, etc: Without
lowering our vibes, the Insects and other rulers above
could not enter us, since we are of higher vibration
than they.

As of May 2000, all our seven densities of bodies had
been tribulated into our physicals, while the four
lower bodies up to Logic were taken for rebirth. At
that time, the sheath or matrix of the earth should
have disappeared since it consisted of our subtle
bodies and awareness, and the earth should have opened
up to allow us to merge with source and simultaneous

Yet, we did not enter Source, for Upstairs is trying
to enter our bodies, and the only rea-son we now have
awareness, and all seems the same, is that Egghead-
and Insect-awareness is now ours, but using our
memories as they enter. Their awareness forms the
now-limited matrix. They know they have to assume our
memories as though us, to pre-serve a matrix, or the
earth would go into convulsions.

One of my last visions showed that the piling in of
their limited awareness was about to allow the lowest
of them to become a germ within our glands (an
Egghead), for later ex-pansion as we grow to new
heights … but we cannot expand and use a body/germ
that does not touch the blood with all the organs
corresponding to the physicals that took millenniums
to build.

We had been left with three original subtle bodies,
from the Manas of Cosmic love up to the Atma = three
germs now in our glands. Yet, the growth for the rest
has been de-scending as garlands - pieces of the Dream
in CUs, the basis for the building of bodies. Within
the garlands was seen the Heretics that opted out of

In other words, if there is no intervention by beings
from beyond our universe, in the form of a heavenly
body that interferes with the rotation of the earth,
those Insects and their like will become our germs for
expansion - and we shall be hybrids that cannot go to
freedom from the system. We shall stay, struggling
with those subtle bodies, until the next short harvest
forces them into our blood = the Trumpets.

The interferers we called gods are being tribulated to
earth …There is only one way they will fall to earth
to take the shapes they really are in physicality and
go through growth to human stage as we did = The
matrix must be destroyed now.