Phikent: Did you know that Howard Hughes once closed his biggest business deal by taking all the bidders out and seeing which one could pee the furthest, awarded contract on that.
FRIEND: oh my gosh , no i did not
Phikent: yup
Phikent: Hughes would also sneak off dressed as bum and hitchhike around
FRIEND: well now that would be a wee bit sexist , no??
Phikent: get a ride and leave a few thousand on the seat
Phikent: once rewrote his will and left everything to a mechanic-dude in Beaver, Utah
Phikent: because he gave him a ride after hours of thumbing
Phikent: Lawyers wouldn't allow the will
Phikent: after Hughes died
FRIEND: hmmm
Phikent: I still drop 20s on street people
Phikent: like to get a hundred bucks and go pass it out downtown
Phikent: City Council made bumming illegal, assholes
Phikent: bums were making more than them
FRIEND: how can you make something like that illegal
FRIEND: everything is illegal these days it seems
Phikent: they did
Phikent: didn't stop the pandering though
FRIEND: can i ask you something
FRIEND: does the world truly seem mad to you or is it just a perception
FRIEND: how can the world be so "mad" and it not be noticed
FRIEND: by anyone
FRIEND: or is it.....that no one knows what to do
Phikent: massive mind control
Phikent: not pretend mind control, the real thing
Phikent: scientists seem to have taken on the roll as mind control cops
Phikent: and media
FRIEND: to what end salty dog, ....
FRIEND: for what
FRIEND: is self destructive it seems to me
Phikent: simple
FRIEND: earth destructive
Phikent: bad guys covering their tracks
FRIEND: so what is the point
Phikent: also future shock element
Phikent: our technology is doubling every nine months
FRIEND: oh my gosh, if you can get it, get latest copy of discovery....magazine
FRIEND: geesum
Phikent: most folks are 50 years behind reality
FRIEND: insane
Phikent: if there is reality
FRIEND: you know, was talkin to someone the other day , and started talkin about technology
FRIEND: all this technology , and think about it most people do not have any need for it or know about it
FRIEND: so who is it for
FRIEND: most people only use technology in one format... being entertainment
Phikent: toys for power-trippers
FRIEND: i never seen such a thing, people need to be entertained all the time it seems
Phikent: YEA, hootchy kootchy dancers on every street corner says me
FRIEND: salty dog
Phikent: Winston Churchill said, the true empire is the empire of the mind
Phikent: Baron von Rothschild borrowed a pile of gold and put it in the bank. Then he went around financing everything in sight based on that borrowed pile of gold
Phikent: He finally admitted that wealth is made by creating the illusion of wealth.
FRIEND: energy into matter
FRIEND: sigh
FRIEND: must be why grandfather says, " no doubt, very important"
FRIEND: doubt is a tough one
FRIEND: am workin on that one ....really tryin.... no doubt
FRIEND: and you are right , requires surrender
FRIEND: also requires courage
FRIEND: no doubt/courage
FRIEND: same
Phikent: well in my case
Phikent: life just stuck it to me
Phikent: pretty easy to surrender when you go from prestige to livin in a tent in a week's time.
Phikent: prestige=perks, owning stuff, hotshot position
Phikent: most fun time of my life though
Phikent: not knowin what's gonna happen next
Phikent: so I still try to do that
Phikent: even though it's kinda fake
FRIEND: chuckle
Phikent: tain't fake when no food
Phikent: SURRENDER tyme
FRIEND: sigh....
Phikent: pray when I'm in baddass trouble, organic mannnn
Phikent: try to piss off god when things are okay
FRIEND: chuckle , could hear your accent on that one
Phikent: I guess pissing off god is prayer too. Can't spoil the old fart.
Phikent: might start thinkin he's...god
Phikent: god makes us up so we'll keep makin him up too.
Phikent: 50/50 deal.