Subj: strange reports
Date: 9/14/00 5:33:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Yeah, a couple here from Atlanta.
About a week ago, we had some really VIOLENT thunderstorms, not like any
I have ever seen in my 43 years. Excessive electricity in these, 2
separate consecutive days worth! Nonstop lightning (overlapping, in
fact) Very strange weather for here!! Very strange, indeed. I, of
course was out in it watching it because the lightning was branching out
like a web across the entire sky nonstop!

Another incident here about a month ago. What is now being termed a
"skyquake!" There was a seriously LOUD BOOM that shook this building so
hard, I thought it was off the foundation! Come to find out, it was
felt in a 200 mile radius of Atlanta! The gov't. tried to say it was an
F-15 on a trip from St. Louis to Robbins Air Force Base. I grew up in
the days of sonic boom testing, and I know that they can only be
heard/felt in the area directly under the jet and near areas. If the
jet was just breaking the sound barrier, which the gov't, themselves,
outlawed shortly after they learned how to break the sound barrier, why
was it felt in a 200 mile radius of Atlanta only(isolated to this
area)? Why not anywhere on the rest of its alleged flight path? And
400 miles is entirely too much distance for a regular sonic boom to be
felt!! Okay, so that leaves what has been called "skyquakes." So,
okay, what causes skyquakes? Gee, tough one!