Subj: Re: Black Triangle
Date: 9/14/00 3:25:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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> ANON writes:
> << The sad fact is that there ARE people out there who, rather than
> use
> scientific methods and seek out real evidence of anomalies, will fake
> evidence. Now, I know that there are those who would use this fact to
> charge that there is a government/NWO/ZOG/Reptilian/Pleadian/Burger
> King/G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip disinformation plot. >>
> Sadly science seems, in this UFO-search, to have failed us. I'm not
> sure that the old Newtonian reality-screen is valid in this
> investigation. The study of the "Fortean" is not the tract of science,
> best leave to the philosopher and the dreamer more civilized
> times. Science just does not...go there well. Science is a method
> based on observation of stuff, if there is really stuff.

Well, my friend (if I may make so bold...), just because scientists
have abandoned science and it's traditional embrace of the thought
that anything is possible and every new discovery is a lesson in how
little we really do know, and have instead embraced mammon and the
search for pre-ordained conclusions, it doesn't mean that scientific
protocols have gone in the shitter. They are a good way to keep
research honest, in the hopes of someday having said research more
widely accepted.

I will agree, wholeheartedly, with the need for a more zen-like
mindset on the part of investigators: "Suchness" recognized is a lot
more important to learning the truth through research than being lead
around by the ring in one's nose by one's illusions and agendas.

> The Newtonian, the probability theorists and the quantum heads are
> constantly duking it out amongst themselves. So where do us peasants
> turn for truth? I say publish it all, hell, render it to poetry if
> necessary, then shrink it down to a hypothesis later.

Sure, but most of academia has become a money-grubbing dogpile. They
aren't gonna publish research that hacks off their endowers and their
agendas. As you well and truly know, money people give to education
with a quid pro quo attached. The output of university research is
the result.

> Anymore, I'd give Aunt Maude in Kansas just as good of chance to
> discover the reality of ET craft as Mr. Astrophysicist, Ph.D..

I wonder if Mikey Angelo or Galileo had an Auntie Maude kicking them
in the glutes? ;')

> I've been in the Academic world--same street game as alley-craps--no
> longer a knight of the Ivory Tower.

Tenure, old-boy clusters and research fundage. Extrapolated baboon-
pack behaviour.