Subj: Re: Clouds in IOWA
Date: 9/14/00 9:29:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent

I live in the Quad Cities area, on the border of Iowa/Illinois, in the
northwestern part of Illinois. Last night we had a severe
thunderstorm. Strong winds, hail, rain and lots of lightning. I guess
this isn't very extraordinary, but we haven't had a lot of thunderstorms
this year.

During the summers of 98 and 99 I saw the strange strobe lightning, not
this year though. The first time it occurred, a relative of my
husband's that lives only a few blocks away called us and said, "Look
out towards the north, what is that flashing light?" Funny thing was
she has lived here all of her 70 years and hadn't seen it before.
Myself, I am transplanted from the west coast and find the midwest
weather quite dramatic.

It seems I had read someplace recently that UFO sightings are increasing
in southern Illinois. Can't recall the source right now.

Hope all is well with you. I love your colorful "shaman" figure.