Subj: Re: Triangular Craft
Date: 9/13/00 8:17:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent,
Thanks for the URLs. They did supply me with what I was seeking. Here's the 'facts' to the best of my recollection. Turns out my notes weren't as thorough as I thought.

On March 23, 2000 I was on my way to Alamosa for groceries when I decided to detour over to the Sand Dunes because of this massive contrail pattern that seemed to radiate out from a central point above Mt. Blanca.

I stopped to look through my binoculars at, what looked to be an airplane tower on the north side of the road. I hadn't noticed this before and I'm usually quite sensitive to aeronautic things, as my father taught air traffic control for the navy and later for the FAA, so I've spent my share of time around airports. As I was stopped, and not fully pulled off the road, I noticed a car behind me approaching at high speed and I started to move forward to accelerate. The car sped around me and it struck me as very unusual, as it was an older tan mid-size in perfect condition carrying two men in their early/mid-twenties with wrap around sun glasses.

I continued down the road and at 3:48, at a spot that I later clocked as 3.2 miles west of where the county road I was traveling on intersects 150, a black triangle whizzed right past my windshield (it was flying LOW) and disappeared over Mt. Taylor in little more time than I could count to '1000+1'! I pulled over, thinking I had just witnessed a major UFO sighting. I looked up and down the San Luis Valley, and to my amazement, another dark object was coming toward me from the north end of the valley. I started counting as soon as I saw it, and got to 1000+2 when it left my sight. About 5 seconds after, that 3 airplanes followed in their path. These I knew to be planes as they were silver, and had a visible tail and cabin. The black triangles were rounded on the edges and had no visible tail or cabin. It was VERY sleek and I remember wondering how anyone would fit in them?

At 4:15, as I was nearing the entrance to the visitor center I noticed a police light behind me. It was a white SUV type vehicle. Two men, dressed in similar street clothes approached the car and asked if they could check for "radioactive materials". I thought this was a wierd request, but still being in a kind of 'shock' state from what I saw, I got out of the car and another tan car pulled in front of my car and the two occupants got out and stood next to the car. I asked for identification and they showed me NSA badges. I did not mention what I had just seen, and they gave no explanation for their search. They did not scan me, just the car, which was a Plymouth mini-van.

They had a box that they carried with a cord that looked alot like a telephone cord (the squiggly one) with a 'wand' that had a styrofoam end on it- much like those temporary paint brushes.

They thanked me and left, but as I continued toward the visitor center I noticed two identical tan cars parked between the lst and 2nd cattle guards that were empty. This struck me as odd also because it is very flat and I wondered where the occupants would be that I wouldn't see them?

When I reached the center, it finally struck me as how exceptional the whole incident was. I haven't been in the 'best of health' since, and consider myself a VERY healthy person normally. Sometimes I rationalize that it's the adjustment to the altitude, and other times wonder what would make me go TOWARDs contrails?!

Footnote: Email query as to physical effects of such an encounter:


NOTE FROM INSIDER: She was Not Pulsed, The anti-matter "Bleed" from those things is IMMENSE

EXPERIENCER: Does this person know of any medical changes/problems from anti-matter 'bleed'? Like I said, I haven't been in the 'best of health'.