Subj: Stock your medicine chests??
Date: 9/10/00 5:57:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (ob1)

Hi-all, As I recall, there was MUCH talk in the last
three yrs. about a "comet" possibly striking our planet!
sometime in the NOT too distant future. So, I dug into my
library files and came up with the following JEWEL based
on NASA information and a comparison to what St. John (the
divine) had to say about our "possible" future as a
planet. You know: the bit about the 4 horsemen of the
apocalypse and what may happen when our entire world is
enveloped in the shrouds of the events of the "final
days"! The following may be an "eye-opener"????

Let's do some "chemistry" where a comet entering our
atmosphere is concerned. We assume a "water/ice"
variety...not like "Lucifer's Hammer" as HALE BOPP was!

A comet passing through our atmosphere would NOT burn would MELT...and thereby release "cyanogen gas"
that would, in turn, react with with the various gasses of
which our atmosphere is composed. These reactions would
produce several poisonous cyanogen compounds. One of these
compounds would be "hydro-cyanic acid".

The chemical mixing of 2HNC + 20H (hydrocyanic acid)
with water vapor in the Earth's hydrological cycle would
produce the following chemical reaction:

(CN)2 + 2H2O that "yields": ---> 2HNC = 20H
(Hydro-cyanic liquid).

The gradual mixing of cyanogen gas would continue to
cause hydro-cyanic acid to then precipitate out in the
form of "RAIN"-drops over a very large portion of the
Earth's surface, thereby also poisoning many local water
supply sources.

Now, the "Biblical part": (Revelations). Let us compare
the "properties" of hydrocyanic acid to "worm-wood"
mentioned as the substance that all "WATER" would
resemble. The following definitions come from the Chemists
Handbook as well as from OLD Biblical Dictionaries!


Hydro-cyanic acid (HNC)-"A colorless, water soluble
liquid that solidifies at - 15 degrees Celsius ("C") and
boils into a gaseous form at 25 degrees Celsius.
which is right at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (F). It is a VERY
poisonous, aromatic acid with a BITTER taste!

WORMWOOD: an aromatic herb of the Sunflower family. Oil
of wormwood also has a BITTER taste. It was used in John's
day to destroy intestinal worms and is NATIVE to ALL

For those who would still be alive after such an
incident, here is an ANTIDOTE for Hydro-cyanic poisoning:
Drink Hydrogen peroxide (3%?) internally with Distilled
water. (Hopefully everyone would be SMART enough to have
SPARE water in stock) Use artificial respiration,
breathing ammonia or Chlorine from Chlorinated Lime. The
use an aqueous solution of ferrous Sulfate (reducing
agent) followed by potassium Carbonate. (solution). Even
then, you still have to breathe...???? NOT a pleasant
adventure to say the least!

Cheers. ob1