Subj: Contrails
Date: 9/11/00 8:26:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have read so much about contrails, and that the government is spraying us. No, it's not the government, I saw one up close by accident last year.

I've been watching these contrails for many years, and one day I had my binoculars and I spotted one very close to me, it was very low at sunset. Behind it was the usual thick trail, but the head was a large slab of melting ice. It was flat on the top and bottom, but lumpy wet on the sides.

Every contrail I have seen, has no aircraft in front of it, just a rounded nose of ice that just slipped through our atmosphere, most likely left behind by a passing recent comet.

This is caused by mother nature, and not the government; yes, there could be harmful chemical in these contrails that make people sick.