Date: 9/9/00 9:58:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

There are "two varities" of this gold. One from land and the other from
the sea. I have been researching this with others and yes it does change
your body. It has kept a blood sample under a slide "alive" for 21
days. It encapsulates the blood cells. The "gold" itself if left in the
"dark" under the microscope "IS ALIVE". We are still researching this
effect. Normal life under a slip cover for human blood is about 2 hours.
This product and anyone researching it is under WATCH by various "three
letter agencies". We were approached by the Coast Guard on two seperate
occasions while we were "harvesting" and told that what we were doing
was "illegal". We said we were only cleaning the oceans. They told us to
cease immediately or face jail. Weapons were aimed at us. We stopped

Hudson is also part of a religious "cult" that feels if they take this
long enough they will become "GODS". Not many people know that Hudson
took so much of this stuff that it caused a heart attack. This happened
sometime last year. This kind from the land is really for "plants" and
because of the fact that humans have "plant material" in our blood that
is only seen under special built microscopes, this is why it "over
reacts" with the human systems.