Subj: NW Weather Mod Extravaganza Going Full Tilt--Orgone Technology Used
Date: 9/5/00 7:50:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

NW Weather Mod Extravaganza Going Full Tilt//
--Reichian "Orgone" Technology Used

A confidential source has revealed to NewsHawk that covert military
weather modification operations currently in full swing over the
northwestern U.S. have the objective of turning "summer into winter."

Our own intensive research and observations being carried out at present
support this scenario fully.

Chemical weather modification is being done by jets at higher altitudes
spraying chemtrails.

Additionally, we have observed seemingly endless squadrons of
twin-engine craft engaged in weather modifications at somewhat lower
altitudes; between 12-15,000 feet.

What's more: we have now observed remote-controlled, drone aircraft
doing concentrated, localized low-altitude (3-5000 feet) weather
modification along the California coast, approximately midway between
San Francisco and the Oregon border.

Videotape records have been made of ALL this activity.

Exclusive of the chemtrails, we have come to the tentative conclusion
that most if not ALL of these lower-altitude weather control operations
involve at least partially the deployment of certain EM/RF technologies
which generate what's called "orgone" energy.

So: WHAT is orgone energy?

In the 1940s and 1950s, renowned scientific genius Wilhelm Reich
researched a form of energy he termed "orgone energy." Reich's research
showed that this form of electromagnetic energy had a tremendous effect
upon the moods, mental states and emotional/psychological well-being of
human beings (AND other living organisms), as WELL as drastic effects
upon weather.

Reich discovered that there were two manifestations of this energy,
which have basically opposite effects. Based on his findings Reich in
fact developed weather modification equipment utilizing "positive" (in
its effects, not its electrical charge) orgone energy.

Reich's humanitarian aim in this regard was to use the technology to
diminish the intensity and ferocity of devastating storms.

Naively believing the U.S. government would only use the technology in
beneficial endeavors, Reich donated the results of all his research and
his technology to the feds.

However, orgone energy DOES occur in it's opposite, or "descending"
form, and this "negative" (again, in its effects, NOT its electrical
charge) orgone energy CAN be generated as well.

Reich's research proved that this downward form of orgone energy can
have notably deleterious effects upon living organisms (that includes
US, folks [I HOPE!]!) AND will severely worsen weather conditions.

It's our hypothesis, based upon several years of observations and
research, that the mid-altitude twin-engine craft AND the low-altitude
remote-controlled craft are doing extensive weather modification by
generating downward (also called DEAD) orgone energy in targeted areas.

It's significant as well that Reich's research PROVED that this orgone
energy has a MAJOR impact on states of mind and moods in human beings,
too. Thus, the generation of downward orgone energy over large areas
would also act as a form of mind/mood control as well.

NewsHawk® Inc.