Subj: Earth Changes TV/Article - Jim Berklands Site Is Down, Possible Foul Play
Date: 9/3/00 9:03:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Mitch Battros)
To: (Breaking News)

Jim Berklands Site Is Down, Possible Foul Play...09/03/00
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

I just got off the phone with Jim Berkland. It appears the USGS did not
like what he was doing. Jim states he is highly suspicious of his website
being hacked. Why they chose this event or time, no one knows. In our
conversation Jim indicated
this was not the first time he has had a run-in with the powers that be.
Many of you already know Jim has had a long history of heated battle with
his mainstream colleagues. Jim himself worked for the USGS as a geologist
as well as working for the state
of California governing agency related to geology and seismology.

It was when Jim Berkland began to break tradition and their "unwritten
law" and began research on prediction of earthquakes. It was then Jim was
cast out of the good ole boys network and hounded by his mainstream
colleagues ever since. Some of you may already know of Jim Berklands
method of predictions. One of his methods of predictions is moon cycles
and tide tables. More recently, Jim has also taken into consideration
solar cycles as well. Another method Jim uses, which is most likely the
one which sends his former peers climbing the wall, is none other
than...monitoring animal behavior. Jim will watch the classified adds in
the weekly newspaper. When he notices a sharp increase in missing pets, he
knows an earthquake is more than likely around the corner. Hmmm, can
anyone say...magnetic pulse and animal/human behavior!!!!

I have shared the podium with Jim at several conferences around the
nation. We have become friends and I believe him to be true to his nature
and profession. Jim is a true scientist and has weathered the trials of
choosing to step outside what once was his norm. For any of us who have
broke ranks with our more mainstream peers, know first hand what it is
like to be shunned by our once trusted confidants. Best to you Jim.

Here is Jim's email indicating yet another hit. I will have Jim on the
show very soon. Look for our announcement.

That was the strongest I have felt since returning to Glen Ellen. It was
only about 8 miles away, but must have not focussed in this direction. I
guessed it at only 4.5M, as my pendula only swayed a couple of inches and
it only lasted about 8 seconds here. We had nothing even knocked over. My
Top Window list showed that I expected a 3.5-5.5M between Aug 28-Sep 5th.

job (Jim O Berkland)

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

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